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Special Services with Brother John Crabbe

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During March of 2002, we were blessed to have Brother John Crabbe to hold special services at Windward Bible Church. He is from Village Bible Church, Fonda, New York. He tirelessly challenged and exhorted us from Sunday morning through  Tuesday evening, from the 17th through the 19th. He taught Sunday School and delivered the messages for Sunday Morning, and for Sunday through Tuesday nights. On our best attended night we had a little over 50 in attendance.

On Wednesday, Windward Bible Church went over to Open Door Independent Baptist Church where Brother Crabbe delivered his last message on Carriacou. I estimate that a little over 60 attended there.

The following Thursday morning, Brother John caught the Osprey Sea Ferry to the mainland, where he presented the word of God at Providence Bible Church. Providence Bible Church is another independent church, in which Casimir Thomas serves as the pastor. (Pastor Thomas is a former communist, but was saved many years ago, attended the former Ambassador Bible Institute in Lamode, Grenada, and planted Providence Bible Church some five or six years ago.) 

Below are samples of some photos taken during Brother John's ministry at Windward Bible Church:


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Message for Sunday Night:
SalvationWhat's in it for ME?

Interacting with the congregation
with dialogue and questions

Impromptu Choir immediately
proceeding each message

Bringing it down to the children

The people listening
and taking notes

An invitation and appeal to receive the
greatest gift every offered, Jesus Christ

Brother John, as he prefers to be called, encouraged many and  challenged all that were blessed to hear his messages. At his desire, we traveled to the sister island of Petite Martinique (PM) where he was able to pray for the establishment of another church and the salvation of many of the ~1,000 residents. This has been a prayer of ours for many years.

You may contact John Crabbe through his home church, Village Bible Church, Fonda, New York, by e·mail at ", Attention Brother John Crabbe."

Revised: January 08, 2008

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