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2003 Prayer Letters and Updates

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This page contains cumulative e·mail updates and e·mail
versions of the Robinsons' Herald for 2003.

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  1. The Robinsons' Herald for December 2003

  2. The Robinsons' Herald for October 2003

  3. September 5, 2003 - Robinsons Arrive Back on Carriacou!

  4. August 7, 2003 - CardioSeal Procedure Has Been Done!

  5. August 4, 2003 - Stateside & Preparing to Leave for Detroit

  6. August 1, 2003 - Robinsons In Route to the US

  7. July 19, 2003 - Travel Plans are Finalized

  8. July 15, 2003 - Finalizing Travel Plans

  9. June 17, 2003 - Walter Planning to undergo CardioSeal procedure

  10. The Robinsons' Herald for June 2003

  11. February 19, 2003 - Good News on Health Problem

  12. February 18, 2003 - Good Trip to Grenada

  13. February 17, 2003 - Emergency Health Problem

The Robinsons’ Herald
e·mail version for December 2003
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This document is about pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page. It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view)

The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for October 2003
Click here to go to that page

This document is about three pages in length, which includes one page of photos. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page. It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view)

Update for September 5, 2003
Robinsons Arrive Back on Carriacou

Dear Friends of the Robinsons back on Carriacou

Thanks for your prayers as we packed, made final preparations, and traveled back to Carriacou this past August 28. As expected, our time in the states went by in a blur. We met some new friends and were able to report to one of our supporting churches that we had not visited since 1996. Moreover, we were thrilled to be back in our sending church, Cross Lanes Bible Church, and especially thankful to get to meet and know the new pastor there, Pastor Dave Buckley. There is a new life and spiritual vigor at Cross Lanes that is contagious! We are truly thankful for the Lord watching over our home 'Jerusalem' and 'Antioch.' We also spent time with our families in the Beckley area which was truly a blessing in many ways. Lastly, we were also able to acquire some items that we needed on Carriacou, but are not available here.

Though we were blessed and enjoyed our trip very much, we were practically exhausted by the time we arrived on Carriacou. That probably contributed somewhat to some illness that a couple of us have experienced since we returned, which is why I had not written before now. I have not felt like doing much of anything since we arrived on Carriacou last Friday.

Our return trip was rather pleasant with no delays or bad surprises. In fact, it went smoother than anticipated in that we only had to suffer the rigors of undergoing an intense security check only once. In San Juan, we merely had to find our way from the US Airways terminal to that of American Eagle’s (a contractor for American Airlines) without leaving the secured areas. Once we reached our American Eagle’s gate, the attendant was very helpful in locating our e-tickets in the system and printing out our boarding passes. It was smooth sailing (or flying) from there.

The Monday before we left West Virginia, I (Walter) begin to develop a lot of drainage and a subsequently severe sore throat. When we boarded our plane to return to the Caribbean at 6:30 AM Thursday morning, I was feeling very rough and sick. I continued to feel worse and developed a dry and painful cough as we traveled. But by the time we landed in Grenada at 7:40 PM, I had begun to feel a little better and hoped that I had seen the worse of it.

The Lord gave us a smooth and rather pleasant boat ride to Carriacou Friday morning from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. We were met at the jetty by some missionaries that helped us gather our luggage and put them in the truck. We were at home by 11:00 AM. We were all thankful to be home and began to unpack a few items.

As soon as we arrived back on Carriacou we noticed that it was abnormally hot and humid as there was absolutely no breeze. It seems that hurricane Fabian had killed the trade winds that normally help keep it quite comfortable here. Thankfully, the hurricane posed not threat to us at anytime. Yet, it was hard to tell if I was beginning to feel worse again, of if I was simply miserable because of the heat.

(By the way. Please remember to pray for us as we enter the peak hurricane season. The Weather Channel presents a tropical update most each hour at ten minutes before the top of the hour. If you here them mention the Windward Islands or the Lesser Antilles, please pay attention so that you will know how to pray for us. We went through one tropical storm last year, and that was enough to last me a lifetime.)

That night it soon became apparent that I had not been through the worse of my cold. I was now becoming convinced that I either had a very bad virus or the flu. I ran a temperature and my throat felt like someone had skated around my tonsils while wearing red hot skates. I got into bed and mostly remained there until Monday midday. I still felt rough, but was able to move around more and more without feeling wiped out. By Wednesday, the Lord gave me enough strength and health that I was able to preach and see our folks for the first time in nearly a month. It was truly a blessing to see all.

I continued to take it easy during the day on Thursday, but by that night Jeshua was complaining of not feeling well and a sore throat. By 2:00 AM he was running a temperature that was approaching 102. We gave him some Tylenol and had him drink a couple of glasses of water as we monitored his temperature. It appeared to level off at just under 103. But by 9:00 AM (Friday) we were alarmed when his temperature spiked at 104! He has also been suffering severe diarrhea and vomiting to the point that he got so weak that he fell as he was leaving the bathroom.

We have been giving him ibuprofen and lots of liquids since, and his temperature has finally settled down to 98.6 to just under 100 for the last seven hours.

From what we have gathered, it seems that some of the other children here have been suffering from a similar ailment over the last month or two. We are hoping that Jeshua has seen the worse of it by now. Nevertheless, we do covet your prayers for us and especially Jeshua as we continue to recover.

By God's grace, I (Walter) have not had any problems since the CardioSeal Procedure that was conducted a little over four weeks back. Please remember to pray for me as the heart tissue continues to grow over the device and completely close off the hole, which will likely take another two to four weeks. Only then will the risk of stroke from this congenital defect be eliminated.

We still have many thank-you notes to write and I am hoping to get them out in the next week.

Thanks to all for your prayers and gifts that made our trip and the CardioSeal procedure for me possible.

I hope to put out another update in a week or so.
Still looking up for Him,

Update for August 7, 2003
CardioSeal Procedure Has Been Done!

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks very much for praying! I am thrilled and thankful to report that the doctor and his staff began the CardioSeal procedure at around 3:30 PM and was finished around 4:15 PM yesterday (Wednesday). In a word, it went off without a hitch. Furthermore, the follow-up echocardiogram and EKG performed earlier this morning shows that my heart and replacement aortic valve are in very good shape. As far as I am concerned, everything could not have gone better. The doctors and other staff of the Children's Hospital of Michigan (a part of the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University) were very helpful, reassuring, and kind along every step. We are especially thankful for Dr. Thomas Forbes who took a personal interest in us and would not give up until it was possible for me to undergo the procedure. Truly, the Lord is merciful, gracious, and good to His children, and we are ultimately thankful to Him for everything that made this possible. Hallelujah!

They Lord also provided a gracious couple here in Troy to put us up in their lovely home for the three nights that we needed to stay in Michigan. They are a very nice Chaldean (Iraqi) couple (the Shallals) that came to the US decades ago. They are believers that attend a good church here in Troy, the First Baptist Church of Troy. It was this church that contacted this couple on our behalf. When we arrived on Tuesday, we had the privilege to attend Family Vacation Bible Time at the church. It is practically identical to the one we attended at Cross Lanes Bible Church while on furlough in 1996, and we enjoyed it very much. We also laughed a lot because of the western theme (complete with costumes and western 'lingo') and other funny things they did. The service and the people are very nice and truly made us welcome. We are thankful to both the church and the Shallals.

We finished the follow-up work this morning a little after 10:00 AM, and were prepared to drive back to West Virginia today. But Brother Ben Shallal expressed his desire that we stay overnight so that we could leave refreshed tomorrow morning (Friday). We agreed--and it was a good thing we did. I went up stairs about 12:00 noon, laid down on the bed, and slept for nearly four hours! I am sure I would have had a difficult time staying awake on the road if we had left for West Virginia today.

We are planning to attend their service tonight (the last one), get a good night's sleep, and leave early the following morning (Friday). We would appreciate your prayers as we travel most of the day on Friday. I would also appreciate your ongoing prayers for the complete and speedy healing of the catheterization site in my upper right leg, which is coming along quite well.

Once we get back to West Virginia, we have a few things to look into. I am already looking forward to getting back to Carriacou. We have e-Tickets to return on August 28th.

Thanks again to all who have been approaching the throne of graces in prayer on our behalf.

Looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II for all the Robinsons

Update for August 4, 2003 - Now Stateside and Preparing to Leave for Detroit

Dear Praying Friends,

We had a rather 'eventful' trip to West Virginia. To make a long story short (and I am leaving MUCH out), we arrived at Charleston's Yeager airport on Saturday at around 12:00 noon, some 15 hours late! US Airways cancelled two planes that were supposed to take us from Charlotte, NC to Charleston, WV on Friday! All six of our bags also failed to make it, and we did not receive the last of them until 7:30 PM Sunday night.

We are scheduled to leave Charleston for Detroit by car tomorrow morning (Tuesday, August 5) between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. We anticipate a six to seven hour trip. I am then scheduled to report to the hospital at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, August 6. I am to remain in the hospital for about four hours after the procedure is over. Lord willing, and everything going according to plan, I am then to be released from the hospital that evening to stay somewhere in Detroit overnight. The next day, Friday, August 7, I am to go back to the hospital to have a couple of follow-up tests performed, and then be release to drive back to West Virginia.

As you may imagine, we truly covet your prayers during this entire time of traveling and undergoing the procedure. We will endeavor to keep you posted along the way.

Also, please remember to pray for our folks back on Carriacou and those that that carry on in our absence.

Still looking up,
Walter Robinson II

August 1, 2003
Robinsons In Route to the US

Thanks for your prayers,

We are about to leave for the airport and are due to arrive into Charleston, WV at 7:10 PM. Please be in prayer for us. Thanks.

Still looking up,

Update For July 19, 2003
Travel Plans are Finalized

Thanks for Praying.

Yesterday, and to my pleasant surprise, I was informed that the need for Linda and Jeshua's airline travel is covered! I say I was surprised because I had mostly reserved myself to the likely hood that the Lord wanted me to go up alone for some reason. In either case, it gets even better.

The agent making the reservations was able to book them on the exact same flights with me! She even got us a better departure time out of Grenada on August 1. I was previously scheduled to fly out at 6:00 AM, now all three of us are scheduled to fly out at 8:30 AM!

I wanted to send this update last night, but we got in late at 11:30 PM. By the time I had gotten some other things taken care of that needed attention, it was all I could do to walk and see straight.

Since Wednesday, Windward Bible Church has been attending special meetings being held in town at the Hillsborough Community Center. The meetings are being hosted by Open Door Independent Baptist Church, John McPherson, missionary pastor. They have a team from Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church, Baldwin, Maryland, conducting the services.

Last night Brother John showed the excellent film, "The Printing." It dealt with many issues that believers face in countries that are not favorable to Biblical Christianity. I believe it challenged many believers about leaving their 'comfort zone' to serve the Lord without hesitation or reservation. It also confronted us all about serving the Lord in a quiet secretive manner, as opposed to the Biblical open and without shame way.

I believe many lost also saw that there is a clear distinction between merely being religious, going to church, and truly knowing the Biblical Jesus Christ. Lord willing, we are joining Open Door again tomorrow, both Sunday morning and night. We would appreciate your prayers for the salvation of the lost and consecration and challenging of the believers to holiness and serving the Lord.

Thanks again for praying, and Lord willing, I will update you in the days ahead.

Still looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II

Update for July 15, 2003
Finalizing Plans for Walter to Travel Stateside for Procedure

Dear Friends of the Robinsons on Carriacou,

Thanks for your prayers and thinking of us as we have sought the Lord on making plans to travel to the US for my upcoming CardioSeal procedure. I have waited as long as possible, but it is now necessary for me go ahead and make travel arraignments for me (Walter) to make the trip alone. This is due to the Lord providing enough finances to nearly cover one airline ticket.

We all had hoped that we would be able to travel as a family, and I had hoped to have Linda and Jeshua with me when I undergo the procedure. But as of right now the Lord's leading and provision dictates that I go alone the end of this month (July).

It is typical for our support to be down considerably from June through August for some reason--perhaps due to many going on vacation and so on. I thought about asking the doctor if I could push the procedure back to September or October to allow us more time to get our funds together, but did not have peace with doing so. Right now I am convinced that August 6, is the date the Lord has chosen. The doctor, staff, and hospital are all ready to go on that date.

I am supposed to finalize my ticket and pay for it by no later than this Thursday, July 17. Lord willing, I am scheduled to fly out of Grenada at 6:00 AM on Friday, August 1, 2003, and I am scheduled to return on Thursday, August 28, 2003.

Please be in prayer for us as I make final arraignments. Linda and Jeshua are concerned about me traveling and going through the procedure without them being with me. This procedure is obviously much simpler than and not as risky as open heart surgery. Yet, it is still a very invasive procedure with its risks. Along the same line, I am a little concerned about leaving them here as this region of the world (the Caribbean) approaches the peak hurricane season. Last year we went though our first tropical storm, and all I can say is that I hope we never have to go through a full BLOWN hurricane (pun intended). Notwithstanding, we are all trusting that the Lord is making all things work together for good for those who love Him ... (Romans 8:28)

Also be in prayer for the folks of Windward Bible Church as they faithfully carry on in my absence.

Thanks again for your prayers as we look forward to having the procedure done, getting back, and getting on with serving the Lord in the work to which He has called us.

Still looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II

Update for June 17, 2003
Walter to Finally Undergo the CardioSeal Procedure

Dear friends of the Robinsons on Carriacou,

Greetings from Carriacou! I hope you got my e·mail prayer letter a week or so back. If you did not, please e·mail me to that effect and I will resend it.

First, thanks to all for praying! WE HAVE GOTTEN SIGNIFICANT RAIN SINCE I SENT OUT OUR LAST PRAYER LETTER. The water level in our cistern is now back up to 50% (was down to 30%), and our beautiful island is beginning to turn green again.

We are also thankful for another prayer that is being answered. As mentioned in our last prayer letter, a gracious doctor in Detroit has been working on our behalf to enable me to undergo the CardioSeal procedure. This much needed procedure is needed to close up the PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale, a hole in the upper chambers of my heart). Doctors believe that this congenital defect have been the source of the serious stroke that I experienced in 1999, and the other less severe event that occurred early last year. This procedure would also drastically cut back or eliminate my need of taking aspirin to keep my blood thinned.

As you may recall, I had a pretty bad bleeding problem earlier this year. After a specialist on the mainland of Grenada scoped me from both ends, he concluded that the blood had come mostly from a hemorrhoid and some possibly from the stomach. I have cut back on my aspirin, but the risk of another stroke is still there. Thus, I truly need this procedure.

THE DATE FOR THE CARDIOSEAL PROCEDURE HAS BEEN SET FOR WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6. I hope to arrive in West Virginia between August 1 and August 3, and then drive to Detroit for the procedure. We will need to stay overnight the day we arrive, undergo the procedure the next day, and stay overnight again. The next day the doctor will take another look at me and release us to drive back to West Virginia.

It is my plan to remain stateside for four to six weeks after the procedure before we return overseas. I want to do this to allow time for my heart tissue to grow over the device—if not completely—nearly completely. (It is supposed to be complete in six weeks). Thus, I am hoping to return to Carriacou sometime between September 6 and 13.

WE COVET YOUR PRAYERS AS WE SEEK TO FINALIZE OUR PLANS. We need to make airline reservations—preferably thirty days BEFORE we actually need to travel to get the best prices. We also need a vehicle to use while we are stateside. WE ARE TRUSTING THE LORD TO SUPPLY THE FUNDS TO COVER OUR EXPENSES.

While in the States, we hope to spend some time with our family (especially with Tabitha) in Beckley, and also with our church family in Charleston at Cross Lanes Bible Church.

NOTE: IT WOULD ALSO BE GOOD IF WE COULD PRESENT OUR MINISTRY IN A FEW NEW CHURCHES WHILE WE ARE IN THE STATES. If we have never been in your church, or if your church is currently not one of our supporters, or if you simply know a pastor that would be interesting in having us come, please e·mail as soon as possible so that we can try to make plans accordingly.

Thanks ahead of time for prayers.

Still looking up,
Walter Robinson II

The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for June 2003
Click here to go to that page

This document is about four pages in length, which includes about two pages of photos. Thus I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page. It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view)

Update from the Robinsons on Carriacou
February 19, 2003

(Prayer Request are in red)

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks again for praying. My trips to the restroom stopped around 10:30 PM last night, and I got the first good night's sleep since this past Sunday. I also noticed that there was no more detectible blood in my stool after 10:00 PM last night. (We are on Atlantic Standard Time which is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.)

We got to the doctor's office a little before 11:00 EST this morning, and the doctor and his nurse performed the actual procedure from about 12:15 until 12:50.

We are thankful that all seems to be pretty good. I tolerated the procedure quite well, and in fact I did not mind it that much at all. Unlike the previous time when I underwent them, on this occasion I remained completely aware the entire time, though the nurse and doctor told me that I was legally drunk from the narcotic.

My stomach seemed pretty good, though the doctor said that the lining was somewhat irritated. Thankfully, no ulcers and readily recognizable areas of large bleeding were present. However, and as I recall, he did say that some areas showed hemorrhagic gastritis, which means that perhaps some light bleeding had occurred in the past or could occur if it got worse. He gave me Nexium (the "Little Blue Pill) to take for eight weeks to see if he can clear up the condition. The good news is that he did not believe the bulk of the bleeding (if any) came from the stomach. He believes it came from an inflamed hemorrhoid just inside my bottom. More about that below (you may take the pun if you wish).

The colonoscopy also went well. My colon looked relatively good. Though I had several small hemorrhoids, only one larger was inflamed and looked as though it had been bleeding. As I understood him, this is where he suspected that most of the bleeding had occurred. He did not mention a need for surgery at this time, but gave me "Preparation H" (non-steroidal) to see if he could clear this problem up.

We are going to remain on the mainland for another day to see how my system acts after I resumed taking in solid food. This was not my doctor's recommendation, but my preference. Lord willing, we are hoping to travel back to Carriacou on the Osprey Sea Ferry at about 6:00 PM our time (5:00 PM EST) tomorrow (Thursday).

Please pray that I will not encounter any more bleeding, and that I will tolerate solid food with no problems. Also, please be in prayer for us as we travel back to Carriacou tomorrow at the times specified. We truly appreciate the prayers, the notes, and the phone calls we have received to encourage us. Again, I plan to answer each letter personally over the next few days.

Still looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II

Update from the Robinsons on Carriacou
February 18, 2003

(Prayer Request are in red)

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks very much to all for praying! We had an absolutely calm boat ride earlier today! Most rides this year have been fairly rough due to unusually high winds. Thus, the Lord was very gracious and merciful by giving us a smooth safe ride.

Thanks to all who have sent words of encouragement and advice. (And by the way for those who want to know, I have been using coated enteric aspirin all along.) I especially appreciate those who have written to say that they are praying. I plan to write all back personally just as soon as I have more time and I am feeling better.

We are currently staying at the Grand View Inn, in Grand Anse on the mainland of Grenada. If you would like to phone us, the number is (473) 444-4984 (Room 23). This nice facility is located about a mile down the road from my doctor. We were also able to rent a vehicle from them and have gotten very good rates even though we are in the peak of the tourist season. PTL! Lord willing, we should be here until at least 10:30 am tomorrow. Please pray with us as we look to the Lord to help us met these special financial needs. We have some extra cash on hand that we are using, but this has been committed to other needs that really must be taken care of soon.

This morning I saw the doctor who gave me a brief preliminary examination. So far he believes the bleeding is likely from a hemorrhoid, but he is planning to scope my stomach and the other 'end' just to make sure. We are supposed to report to his office at 11:00 AM AST or 10:00 AM EST tomorrow, Wednesday. Please pray especially for me and our family during this time. The doctor told me that he will sedate me, but not put me to sleep, and he added that he will probably take about thirty minutes tops to due both procedures. He also said that I should be free to leave about thirty minute after the procedure, depending upon what he finds.

Right now, ~6:00 PM, Eastern Time, Tuesday, February 18, I have been going through the dreaded purging stage. (OUCH, WHEW and P U big time!) So far I have been to the bathroom over a dozen times, and I feel like I have been sliding bottom first on wet 30 grit sandpaper and trying to dry off by using an acetylene welding torch! I am not trying to be crude or unnecessarily frank, but this really hurts. I suspect that babies with a severe case of diaper rash can better relate to my current plight. In any case, I really need your prayers for this real need as I still yet have to get through the night.

Thanks again for praying and I plan to send another update out sometime tomorrow, the Lord willing.

Still looking up,
Walter Robinson II

Update from the Robinsons on Carriacou
February 17, 2003

(Prayer Request are in red)

2:00 PM, Monday, February 17, 2003.

Dear Friends of the Robinsons,

Thanks for your continued prayer on our behalf.

The Lord gave us a good service yesterday with good attendance. We had five visitors from Grenada that attended and one gentleman informed me that he enjoyed the service.

Now, the reason I am writing this note. After the service, and shortly after I got home, I felt a sudden urge to use the bathroom. I went to the toilet and subsequently passed a noticeable amount of blood. Though I had no pain or cramps', seeing the blood was disturbing. For several days prior I had been having rectal discomfort that I experience from time to time when some hemorrhoids flare up, thus I suspect that the blood may have come from that. Some twenty to twenty five years ago I had bleeding like this that was indeed due to a bleeding hemorrhoid.

In either case, another man in our congregation graciously took over the service for me yesterday as I stayed home and rested in bed.

At almost the exact same time last year, the same thing happened about three days after I experience the last TIA (transient ischemic attack, or mild stroke). After I suffered the TIA last year, I have been taking two full size aspirin about every six to eight hours to thin my blood. Thus, when the bleeding occurred back then I suspected that a hemorrhoid had flared up and bleed more than normal because of the aspirin I had in my system. But after three days or so, and for the next year, I have seen absolutely no bleeding from the rectum. I had also been taking two full strength aspirins per day, one at night and one during the day.

Yet, because of the way my stool has looked since the bleeding yesterday (which is the same as last year), I contacted a gastroenterologist specialist (Dr. Bradford Noel) on the mainland of Grenada. After relating my account to him, he is concerned that the blood could be coming from my stomach. He suspects this because of the daily regimen of aspirin (one full strength dose in the morning and one at night) that I take to keep my blood thinned to hopefully ward off another stroke.

Consequently, the specialist wants us to travel to Grenada right away, and then come to his office at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning to get purging materials to clean out my intestines, then undergo testing on Wednesday. Thus we are planning to leave Carriacou for the Grenada mainland tomorrow morning (Tuesday, February 17, 2003) by the Osprey Sea Ferry at 6:00 AM.

I have had these same tests done fairly recently in the States over the last few years. I had a colonoscopy in the middle of 1999 and my esophagus and stomach scoped late in 2001, and all was okay. I am somewhat anxious about having this done here for a number of reasons. But I do not know of anything else to do at this point. I really need to know if the blood came from a hemorrhoid or my stomach or someplace else. The doctor told me that if it is coming from the stomach it could be quite serious and I need to do something right away. The doctor also stated that if the blood was coming from my stomach, I would be in a Catch-22 situation. I do need the aspirin to guard against another stroke, but the aspirin could cause further irritation and bleeding of the stomach that can also be dangerous if I am currently having bleeding from there.

As many of you may recall, we traveled to Puerto Rico last June expecting to have the defect in my heart repaired using a relatively simple catheterization process, but a new hospital administrator reneged on his promise, and did not allow the procedure to be done. As you can see, I really need to have the procedure done because the ongoing intake of aspirin is causing problems for me. Even if the bleeding is from a hemorrhoid, I bleed more than normal when it flares up because of the aspirin or any other anticoagulation therapy I would be taking.

Please be in prayer for us. I am truly sorry to write with this kind of news. I had hoped that 2003 would be a year that we would be relatively free from health problems. Please pray specifically for the following:

  1. Please help us to learn what the Lord's will is for us.
  2. Pray for the provision of expected expenses that will we incur to deal with this matter.
  3. A smooth boat ride to and from the mainland. (The rides have been unusually rough recently.
  4. Our financial situation due to our support being down right now from the previous three years. Our medical coverage only covers the first $5,000.00 for each medical need.
  5. For me (Walter) to remain stroke free.
  6. That I will tolerate the tests well.
  7. That the tests will come back with a good report.
  8. That I will soon be able to have the CardioSeal procedure done to correct my heart problem.

Lord willing, I will write if anything changes or just as soon as I have more information to share.

Thanks ahead of time for your prayers.

Still looking up,

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