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2005 Prayer Letters and Updates

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This page contains cumulative e·mail updates and e·mail
versions of the Robinsons' Herald for 2005.

NOTE: This page is available in one PDF document if you wish to download and read later. It is about 100k in size and should take less than a minute to download. Click here to open, or right click and select "Save As ..." to the location of your choice.

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You may click on the links below to take you specific dates and events. The most recent documents are  at the top.

NOTE: You may read our account of surviving through and recovering from Hurricane Emily in the updates for July.

Update December 25 - Last Update for 2005

Update December 24 - Travel Arrangements for Attending Funeral

The Robinsons' Herald for December 2005

The Robinsons’ Herald for October 2005

The Robinsons’ Herald for August 2005

Update on Hurricane Emily Aftermath

Update for March 29, 2005 - Thanks for Praying for Jeshua

Update for March 27, 2005 - Requesting Prayer for Jeshua
The Robinsons’ Herald for March 2005


Update December 25, 2006

Last Email from the Robinson Until I get my

laptop back or until we return to Carriacou


Thanks again for your prayers.


We had a good service this morning with good attendance. Everyone seems happy and most raised their hands to show that they will be attending services held by Pastor John McPherson at Open Door Independent Baptist in our absence. We are thankful for that response and thankful to Pastor John for his servant heart and desire to help.


Linda is doing well, but exhausted as I am. Her family members sound upbeat and strong as well. However, the difficult time will be on Thursday, the day of the funeral. The wake is scheduled for noon and the funeral will follow at 1:00 PM.


One of the sacrifices missionaries make is knowing they will not be able to be around close family while away on the field. We accept that and God provide sufficient grace. Yet, we also know it is just as difficult for us as anyone else when the separation occurs. This is true whether it is saying good-bye to children who are going away to further their education, or loved ones crossing through the final door into the afterlife. Thankfully, for those who know the Lord, is it usually not “good-bye” forever, but more like, “I’ll see ya later on a better day and in a better place.” PRAISE GOD for such a promise and comfort!


We are finally busy packing and trying to get everything in place so we can leave Carriacou. Please keep us in your prayers as we are scheduled to travel tomorrow (Monday, December 26), Lord willing. Our itinerary and contact information to reach us in the States were posted in our previous email.


This will likely be the last email you will get from us until I get my laptop back from HP. Lord willing, I am hoping to take it to FedX, early Tuesday morning. Pray that I will get it back by Friday. Normally, my extended 3-day express service agreement insures a three-day pickup, service, and return. However, because of the holidays I was informed that it could take seven to eight days or longer! I have been as proactive as I can by bringing my case before an HP Quality Care Manager. She seemed to be eager to help and assured me that she is going to watch it from the time FedX issues a tracking number for me. Now all we need is people praying for “all things to work together for good” in this case.


In any case, I plan to email everyone with another update as soon as I can. Thanks again for your prayers up until now, and thanks ahead of time for those of you that bring us and our needs before the throne of mercy and power in the days ahead.


All the best as we continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II


Update December 24, 2006

Travel arrangements for Funeral


Dear Friends,


Thanks very much for praying! I believe it is nothing less than a miracle that we could find open seats available to get us stateside in time for the funeral. I am equally amazed and thankful that the cost for the fare is about what we normally pay when we have weeks to months lead-time. Thanks for petitioning the merciful and gracious God of heaven on our behalf in this matter. I am sure these travel arrangements came about directly as a result of the prayers of many.


We would appreciate your prayers for each leg of our travel, which is enumerated as follows -We are scheduled to fly out of Carriacou to the mainland of Grenada between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, Monday, December 26, 2005 (20 minute flight). We are then scheduled to leave for Barbados at 10:55 AM and arrive 11:45 AM. Next, we are to depart Barbados at 4:00 PM and arrive in Charlotte, NC at 7:50 PM. Lastly, we are to leave Charlotte at 9:50 PM and arrive in Charleston at 10:55 PM. Of course, all of this is “Lord willing.”


Tabitha and her family are planning to meet us in Charleston and take us to my mother’s home in Beckley. The telephone number there is 304-252-1027. Jeshua’s Cell phone number is 304-222-2577. He has an old prepaid cell phone that belongs to us that I hope to use when we are there. That number is 304-541-5773.


A fellow missionary here, John McPherson, Pastor of Open Door Independent Baptist Church, has volunteered to pick up as many of our folks that are willing and take them to their services in our absence. I appreciate this very much. John is a friend, and a man I respect as a man of God. I believe he has the respect of the people here as well. Pray that our folks will be faithful in attending his services in our absence.


Since some have asked, I will share the following. Cross Lanes Bible Church (CLBC) was gracious enough to pay for the tickets over the phone. Holy Mount is going to advance the money to enable us to reimburse CLBC. We are looking to the Lord to supply the funds to cover the approximate $1,900.00 for our air travel expenses.


Right now, Linda’s mom is planning to schedule the funeral for Thursday of next week, December 29. She held up finalizing the plans until we could tell her when we would be arriving. Linda has eight brothers and sisters, with many nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts, and cousins that are already making their way to Beckley. Please pray for their safety as they travel -- especially as the roads could become dangerous due to snow or ice at any time.


In addition to attending the funeral and being with family, there are several other things we need to do while are stateside. We are hoping to see a doctor about our eyes, as both of us are having trouble seeing at times. Our eyeglass prescriptions likely need updating. In addition, we need to see a dentist for routine cleaning and filling replacement. Also, I must send my laptop in to HP to have it serviced. It has been needing service for several months, but I was waiting for furlough. It would be better to have it repaired now as I use it daily. Thankfully, it is under a service contract and is not supposed to cost me anything. Please pray that repairs will go quickly and I will get it back before we return on January 9, 2006.


We hope to see as many of you as possible while we are stateside. We look forward to the fellowship and getting caught up as we have time.


Thanks again for praying and all the best as ...


We continue to look up for Him,


The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for October thru Decemeber 2005
Click here to go to that page

This document is about four pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 107k and less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.


The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for August Thru Mid October 2005
Click here to go to that page

This document is about four pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 130k and less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for April Thru August 2005
Click here to go to that page

This document is about four pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 125k and less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

Update for July 15, 2005
The Robinsons are safe, but weary
after being blasted by Hurricane Emily

Dear Friends of the Robinsons on Carriacou,

Please forgive me for not corresponding until now, but we have been unbelievably busy for the last week or two.

If you have not heard by now, Carriacou was blasted by Hurricane Emily early on Wednesday morning. From our perspective, it was worse than Hurricane Ivan! We suffered more damage in our home and in many villages around Carriacou.

There was a team of fourteen teenagers and adults in our home when the storm struck. A college student, Matt Templeton, has also been here with us since the end of May to work with us as he does his internship. He is planning to enter his senior year at Bob Jones University this coming fall.

I am sorry that all of them were here to experience this difficult and very trying time. However, I am glad they were all here to help us get trough the night and began recovering. They were a Godsend!

We lost power about two A.M., and the wind was much worse that I had anticipated. Some of our windows were broken, and we lost some 14 or 15 pieces of our roofing material. The water poured into half of the top floor and seeped into the basement where most were hunkered down to ride out the storm. We were thankful to have part of the basement kept dry so that we all were also able to keep dry. Also, Windward Bible Church lost all the galvanize roofing that was installed back in October or November of last year! Half of our sanctuary has standing water in it. We will not be able to hold services there again until a new roof is installed.

We are safe, and with the help of the team, we have covered the holes and cleaned up most of the mess. We still have much to do.

We saw the team off today (Friday) as they left on the Osprey Sea Ferry, they are to stay in a motel on the mainland overnight, then fly out early Saturday morning back to Charleston, WV.

I will write more as I have time. Our power is still out, and I am trying to keep our old standby generator running 4 to 6 hours a day to keep our meat and other perishables from going bad. But, the worn out generator (made in the 1960s) is straining and the only gas station here can not pump gas because they do not have power (and they do not have a backup generator!).

Pray for our ongoing safety, for strength, for weariness, and for spiritual and emotional victories as we endure the stress that comes from going through and recovering from our second serious hurricane in less than a year.

Thanks for the notes and prayer from each of you, and I plan to respond personally to each one when I have the time and energy.

In addition to the obvious needs and struggles described above, I would like you to remember several team members and Matt who are suffering from sunburn. (Some blistered!) I would also like you to ask the Lord to give me grace and healing from back pain that has been nagging me for several weeks. We have also had to spend money we did not have to prepare for the storm and make repairs in its wake.

Lastly, we now have an internet phone system that makes it possible for us to make and receive call very economically. Incoming calls are unlimited and FREE to us, and also free for any one that is in the Charleston, WV calling area. If you phone us from an exchange outside the Charleston calling area, you will pay whatever you usually pay to phone long distance within the United States. It only cost us two cents (US) per minute to phone anywhere in the United States.

This system only works when I have our network turned on and connected into our broadband internet service, which is usually 10:00 AM to about 11:00 PM. If my network is off or not working, you will have a chance to leave a free voice mail for us, and we will in turn be notified by email, or when we turn on our network. The number is 304-513-4184. Call as often as you like. We would love to hear from you.

All the best and I keep looking up for Him,

Walter for all the Robinsons and Matt Templeton here on Carriacou

Update for March 29, 2005
Thanks for
Praying for Jeshua

Dear Friends of the Robinsons,

Thanks very much for praying. Jeshua began feeling better late Sunday night after service. Monday morning he still has some discomfort, but we gave him 400 mgs of ibuprofen every six hours as the doctor has prescribed, and it truly seemed to help. This Tuesday he says that he is now feeling fine and has no more discomfort or pain. He mentioned that his left arm still seems to feel just a bit weaker than his other right now. (Thus, please keep mentioning him in prayer.) We are convinced that he had somehow twisted his back and pinched a nerve or strained a muscle.

Thanks to those of you that phoned and wrote to encourage him by the assurance of your prayers. Thanks also for those that shared with him how you too had experienced the exact same symptoms when you had strained muscles or pinched nerves. I believe that helped him to "relax" more, which was something he truly needed to do to help him get through the worst of it and begin to recover.

I am reminded of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4:

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

From personal experience, I know that it is not pleasant when we are going to difficult times -- including frightening physical discomfort. Yet, it is good to know that the Lord will at times use such as a means to encourage and comfort others who are going through the same suffering in the future. Thanks again for taking the time to minister to Jeshua by praying and sharing your experiences to comfort him. I plan to respond to each that sent notes to me in the days ahead.

In hindsight, I believe our family was under an intense spiritual attack this past weekend. Let me explain.

Just as we had planned, we had special services this past Resurrection Sunday. We had to make two trips in our bus. It is the only vehicle we have to transport our folks to and from services right now. We had planned on beginning at 11:00 AM, but could not begin until noon. As I shared on Sunday, Jeshua had begun to feel so bad and had begun to have such alarming symptoms that I almost took him to the hospital before giving the message. However, trusted the Lord, prayed for Jeshua, and gave a message on the Need and Purpose of the Resurrection. It was a fairly short message as I had difficulty keeping my mind focused on the topic and materials. However, the Lord was merciful and gave grace.

After the service, we got our folks started on our Resurrection Fellowship meal. Some had prepared dishes and drinks so that we could have a special time of fellowship on that day. Once we got a couple of ladies from our congregation to begin preparing the plates for the meals, I took Jeshua and Linda with me to the hospital where the doctor could look Jeshua over as I explained on Sunday. Linda then returned to Windward Bible Church, and then transported our folks back home after the meal and fellowship was over. She then picked Jeshua and me up at the hospital and we all went back to the house and grabbed something to eat.

A couple of hours later we picked up our folks and returned to Windward Bible Church for our special Sunday night service. This was a special service because we showed the first in a series of movies we plan to show for the new few weeks. This past Sunday night we showed Mark IV's, "A Thief in the Night." I introduced it with a reading of scripture that deals specifically with the Lord's pre-tribulational "catching away" (or Rature) of the church and the second stage of the resurrection that began with Jesus' resurrection nearly two thousand years ago. I thought this would be appropriate for a resurrection Sunday.

After the movie, I recapped and talked some about new developments in global politics and new technology. Especially dealing with the latter, I shared information about the relatively new "VeriChip." ( This is an implantable device about the size of an uncooked grain of rice. It uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Beginning almost two years ago, it has already been implanted in increasing numbers of people. (For example see the following link if your do not have Adobe's Free reader installed.

"" (Link is between the quotes and should not be broken with line) This about a Harvard medical CIO who had the VeriChip Implanted.

This device allows people to become a walking check cards, credit cards, and digital database that enables them to make purchases and enter hospitals in scanner-equipped facilities without the need to produce cash, credit cards, or ID. I said that I do not believe this to be the mark of the beast spoken of in Revelation 13, but I had shared information about it to show how the technology is already developed and in use that would allow the literal fulfillment of that part of Revelation.

"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13:15-18)

In any case, I closed the service by sharing the gospel. There were four adults visiting, a young lady from the town Hillsborough, and a couple and a single lady from the village of Windward. Three of them raised their hands to show that they had prayed to receive the Lord Jesus that night! The other, the wife of the couple from Windward was also present, but had made a profession of faith in our home when we had visited her a couple of years back. We had visited them often over the last few weeks and prayed with and for them as they have both had some health problem. She had not been coming often, and even continues to visit the Catholic Church in Windward most of the time. However, this night she came and her husband came with her, and he was one of those that made a profession! I had shared the gospel with this man in his home two or three weeks back, but he had not seemed very interested at the time.

A lady from Windward present made a profession also. She had visited our services on the previous two Sunday nights as she had been attending a "Spiritual Baptist" church on Sunday mornings. Windward Bible Church is indeed spiritual and Baptist by tradition and organization, but we are nothing like the Spiritual Baptist Churches located here in the West Indies and in other places throughout the world. The other person is from the village of Hillsborough. She had attended several Sunday night over the last few weeks. She too made a profession! We are so thankful and were refreshed by such a difficult day. Pray with us as we visit each of these and follow up. It necessary to make sure they properly understood. Pray that each will have a desire to go on an follow the Lord as a disciple, beginning with water baptism to publicly identify with the death, burial, and resurrection of our soon coming Lord Jesus.

The above is why I am convinced that the devil did not want that service to take place and that movie to be shown. I am ashamed to admit it, but I almost cancelled the evening service. We were all so stressed and worn out from being at the hospital until nearly midnight the previous Saturday night. We were also stressed from being at the hospital again on Sunday and from Jeshua's alarming symptoms that even concerned the doctor. Jeshua was also still feeling very bad. I even wanted him to stay home, but he really wanted to go, which he did. Thus, I am thrilled and happy to report that the Lord got the victory through it all. After the service, I told Linda that it would not surprise me at all if Jeshua began to feel better that Sunday night, and he did!

So, those of you that prayed for us had entered into spiritual warfare with us as "fellow-soldiers" in the battle (Philippians 2:25 and Philemon 2:2). I don't know about you all as you prayed, but the battle here was almost palpable. Thanks again for praying and helping us in this battle.

Looking up for Him,

Walter for Linda and Jeshua on Carriacou.

Update for March 27, 2005
Requesting Prayer for Jeshua

Dear Friends of the Robinsons.

I am requesting prayer for my son, Jeshua. Yesterday (Saturday), about 6:00 PM, Jeshua was reaching upward and to the left when he suddenly felt a sharp pain radiating from his chest and around to his back. The pain increased until he was so uncomfortable that we took him to the hospital last night around 10:30 PM.

We told the doctor about his pain and explained how Jeshua had complained of off and on dizziness for the last two week. The doctor examined him and found that his blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature are fine. The doctor listened to his heart and said that it also sounded fine. They gave him two injections, one for pain, and an half and hour later they gave him another one as an anti-acid. About thirty after the anti-acid injection, he began feeling a little better and we took him home around 12:00 AM.

This morning on our way to church, he began looking bad and complained that his chest was hurting worse than last night. He also complained about his left arm hurting. Later, he mentioned that his left leg is also bothering him. Right after our special service, we took him back the doctor at the hospital, which examined him once more and gave him an ECG (Electrocardiogram). The ECG is perfectly normal. Praise the Lord!

The doctor believes he may have pulled a muscle. He prescribed more pain kilter (ibuprofen) and two anti-acids. He told us to try this for four days. If Jeshua has not improved by then, he wants us to take him to the mainland to get an X-Ray of his left chest.

I too tend to believe that Jeshua has likely pulled a muscle. But, his symptoms has alarmed him and us to varying degrees. Please pray for Jeshua to be able to put his health needs fully in the Lord's hands and not worry. Pray that he will also have peace as he goes through this difficult time. Of course, please pray that Jeshua will be made completely well soon.

Lastly, please pray for his mom and dad as we try to comfort and care for him. Pray also that we will be supplied with any necessary funds we would need to take Jeshua to the mainland to have further diagnostics done if the Lord sees fit to allow Jeshua to go through this difficult time beyond this coming Thursday.

Thanks ahead of time for your prayers.


Looking up for Him,

Walter for Linda and Jeshua on Carriacou

The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for March 2005
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This document is about four pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 100k and less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

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