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Robinsons' Herald for March 2006

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This page supplies our most recent e·mail
version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald.

It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is four pages and 135k in length and should take about one minute to download with a good 56k dialup connection.

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The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for January thru March 2006

Greetings from ‘Next to Heaven’ in
Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies!

Greetings from sunny Carriacou. It is the height of the “dry season,” and I am happy to report that our tank is running over. Sunday before last, we prayed for rain. A number of our folks were running low on water in their tanks. The next day we began to get rain of the likes that we have never seen for this time of the year! It was marvelous to see such answered prayer. It was a boost for the faith of many in our congregation.

Thanks to all who had prayed and given to help us during the death of Linda’s father back in December. It was refreshing seeing family and friends for two weeks, though the occasion for the trip was sad. We still need about $900.00 dollars to repay the advance that Holy Mount provided so that we could make the trip. Thanks for your prayers concerning this ahead of time.

Thanks also for praying for my mother, Mrs. Holmes. She had the surgery and is doing much, much better these days.


Upcoming Court Case


As mentioned in our previously, in November of last year, Linda was involved in an accident with our old bus while she was picking up her route for Sunday morning service. That matter is going before the court tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21. We were advised by the court last month to get a lawyer, which we have retained. He believes we have a good chance of winning, but we desire your prayers. We do not have money for a lawyer on hand.

Unlike in the US, here the police look hard at where vehicles come to rest after the accident, and they do not take photos of the scene. Thus, in some cases, such as ours, the police report does not often reflect the accurate cause of the accident. In our case, a man came from around a blind corner uphill on Linda’s side of the road. Linda already had her feet on the brakes because she was heading down a steep hill on rain slick road. When she saw the other driver coming directly toward her, she locked up the brakes and slid into the side of his vehicle. The length of her skid marks shows that from the time she first saw him until the time she hit him, took only three seconds or less. She did not have a chance to avoid the collision. The other driver had mostly gotten back to his side of the rode before the collision, and after the collision, he was completely back onto his side of the road. Thus, the vehicles came to rest in positions that make it look as though Linda caused the accident by losing control and sliding onto his side of the road in the turn.

If we lose in court, our insurance premium will almost double and Linda will have a record here with the police.

Please pray earnestly for the Lord to resolve this matter in our favor tomorrow. Also, pray for Linda as she deals with the stress of going through this.


News about Windward Bible Church


This past Christmas eve we visited the nursing homes and the hospital here. We sang Christmas carols and some of our children did their recitations from our Christmas program. We also shared a gospel message, and gave each patient and patron a nicely prepared plate of fruits, snacks, and a gospel tract. It was a blessing for them and us. Thanks for praying.

We are still holding services in the basement of our home due to the hurricane damage done back in July of last year. The landlord is getting the work done by those who work whenever they have time and free of charge or at a very low cost for labor. Though most leaks are reportedly stopped, just today our landlord informed me that there is still one leak and she is waiting for her nephew to come and fix it -- hopefully this week.

After our previous prayer letter, the attendance in our services had increased considerably, I believe because of people who had been praying for this need. The attendance has been down a bit for the last few weeks. We are still seeing numbers ranging mostly from the low twenties to nearly thirty. Right now, we have many folks suffering from colds or flu. It keeps some people sick for three weeks or longer! It has affected some of our most faithful and kept some out this past Sunday.

Nevertheless, we still see a good spirit of fellowship and cooperation among our people. After each service, many like to just sit around and talk and enjoy each other’s company. It is sweet and as it should be.

As we mentioned in our interim updates, a couple of months back I had to spend a couple of days in the hospital due to severe pain in my lower left abdomen. I spent another three to four weeks of lying low to recuperate, per my doctor’s advice. There were two weeks that I could not conduct services, but I had Linda to take our folks to another church here that is led by another missionary friend of ours. We are now getting back into full swing and things are getting better.

Occasionally, I still experience some discomfort in the same area. I am not sure if it is due to something I may be eating, or something else. So far, it has not been really bad, but mostly an annoying discomfort. I experienced something like this two years ago, and it finally faded completely away after several months. Lord willing, I plan to have a full check up while on furlough.

I am concerned about the young man I referred to as “DB” in our previous prayer letter. He is not being faithful to services and he is not growing much spiritually. I am not comfortable baptizing him at this point.

Please pray for a young lady that Linda and I witnessed to a few months back. During a personal visit, we asked her if anyone had ever explained the gospel to her in simple terms. She replied no, and indicated that she wanted us to do so. After we did, she said she now understood. We then asked her if she wanted to put her faith in the Lord Jesus at that time. She said, “I want to think about it some more.” She has not been in services many times since. Pray for “ES.” She is a young widow with three young children. From time to time, the children will attend, but even their attendance has been dropping off here recently. On the flip side, ES’s younger sister (“SM”) and mother (“VM”) have been attending services off and on for several months.

There is a young lady in our congregation that has an apparent serious medical problem. She is twenty-seven years old and has been diagnosed of having breast cancer. A visit to a doctor last month revealed that it could be in both breasts. Wendy is dealing with it fairly well, at times. She is hoping to travel to the US soon for treatment. She is now trying to get her documents in order, which she says must be done this week. Wendy has a daughter that is five or six years old.

Two other men have recently begun to attend services. They are both professing believers, but both have had ongoing issues that have held them back in their walk with the Lord over the past years. Right now, both are being fairly faithful in attendance to all services and Bible Studies right. 

Please remember to pray for “DB,” to have a desire to grow in the Lord. Also pray for the Lord to open the hearts and understanding of “ES,” “VM,” and “SM,” so that they may come to know the Lord Jesus as Savior and master of their lives. Pray for the Lord to provide, lead, and help Wendy through this very difficult and trying time in life. Lastly, pray for the Lord to work in the lives of MB and JM. Pray for the Lord to help the two men to remain faithful and grow in their walk with the Lord Jesus.


Robinsons Furlough Plans


Plans are firming us for us to take furlough beginning the middle of July. The Lord has wonderfully provided a gracious couple to come to Carriacou and take over for us for an entire year, Lord willing and providing!


Bill and Ruth Stoll, residents of Hudson, Florida


We came to know the Stolls several years ago. They have been on Carriacou and visited with us back in 2000. They even ministered to our folks at Windward Bible Church then.

After they read about our need in our Robinsons’ Heralds last year, they prayed and subsequently contacted us to let us know they were praying. In November, they came to Carriacou once more to meet with us and see what all is involved in the work here. They returned to the US with the promise that they would continue to pray for the Lord’s will to be made known to them about taking over for us while we are on furlough. In January, they told us that they were convinced that the Lord wanted them to take over for us. They have met with the head of our mission board, Pastor Jerry Musick, of Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps of Holy Mount Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. The meeting went well and all is go for them to come down and take over for us. We praise the Lord for this tremendous need being answered!

Our last furlough was six months long and was back in 1996. Lord willing, by the time we leave on furlough the middle of this coming July, we will have been working here one month short of fifteen years (We first arrived here on August 21, 1991). Since 1996 we have spent time in the US only for medical or family emergencies; One month for me in 1998 to see a doctor about health problems. Twelve months from April 1999 to April 2000 to recover from a stroke. Eight months from January 2001 to August of 2001 to have surgery and recover from a broken leg. One month from May to June of 2002 to have a procedure done in Puerto Rico to close up a hole in my heart to prevent another stroke (However, a hospital administrator backed out and did not allow the procedure to be done at the last minute). One month from July to August of 2003 to have the CardioSeal procedure done in Detroit, Michigan. Three months in 2004 from April to July for me to have two surgeries to correct a hernia and hemorrhoids. This is 26 months for me and 22 months for Linda for the last ten years.

It is customary for many missionaries to take a one-year furlough every three to four years to report to supporters and get into new churches to keep their support level up or increase it as needed. Thus, our periods of being off the field are on the low end of what is considered normal over the last ten years. Though we did report to nearly all of our supporters during the trips mentioned above, we did not get into many new churches on any of the trips. As a result, our actual support level is about 30% below our current set and needed level.

Over the last few years, I have learned just how much we need at least one other couple to work with us. There is so much more that we could accomplish, especial among the young if we had someone that had the love, burden, patience, and health to work with them beyond church services and visits. Thus, our furlough is not merely to increase our level of support (which is truly needed), but it is also to share the work here with as many as possible so that people will begin to pray about the Lord having them to come and work with us full time. I only wish that I saw this need earlier.

The Stolls are a couple that is familiar with mission work around the world, as they have taken many short-termed trips with teams. Earlier in their lives, they thought the Lord had been leading them to do church planting work in the Caribbean, but the Lord led otherwise at that time.

They are not wealthy people. Ruth has been working as a private schoolteacher, and Bill is a technician that has his own business of small engine repair. They are leaving their jobs and income behind for the year and are currently looking to the Lord to raise up support so that they will be able to take over for us in July. They plan to arrive in the middle of June so that we can work with them for one month before we leave. As it stands right now, Ruth should be able to return to her teaching job when she returns from the field. Bill plans to resume his business when he gets back as well. Bill and Ruth are college trained and Bill is an ordained minister. Both are currently serving in a doctrinally sound independent Baptist church.

The Stolls may be contacted using the following information:


William (Bill) and Ruth Stoll

13431 Hicks Road

Hudson, Florida  34669-3820

Tel: (727) 868-5799



You may contact me if you have any specific questions not addressed here. Please pray with us for the Lord to lead many individuals and churches to support this couple who is stepping out to serve the Lord and help us in faith.

Due to the amount of work that needs to be done, it would still be good if there was another couple or individual that could come down and work with them (one to work for the year or two that could work for six months each). It would be good even if someone could help for only a few months or even weeks.

If you know of someone else that is looking for an opportunity to do mission work, please put him or her in contact with us right away. Please pray for the Lord to supply additional helpers not only while we are on furlough, but also on a permanent basis.


Help Us Plan Meetings and Meet New Churches


We need to begin scheduling meetings right away. Our first priority is to report to our present supporters, and we plan to begin contacting them in April. Next, we desire to share our ministry with as many new churches as possible. We prefer to visit churches that are looking for new missionaries to support, but this is not a prerequisite. We want to share our work here on Carriacou with as many as possible so that more will join with us in praying for the salvation and growth of the precious people here. We desire to serve and minister as often and to as many as the Lord will lead.

Perhaps some of you also know of a church or pastor that is looking for, or is open to taking on the support of new missionaries – even if it is only temporary – until we complete our next furlough. If so, please send me their contact information. Even better, you could put in a good word and recommend us to them. They can find all the information about us they would need through our website at: (Click on the link, “Windward Bible Church” in the left border) In the mean time, please pray for the Lord to lead new churches, individuals, and groups of like faith to support us to help meet our current needs.


Prayer Requests and Praise for Answered Prayer


We still have a list of ongoing prayer requests. Most have remained the same as stated in the previous Robinsons’ Herald, but a few have been revised. I have appended it to the end of this Herald. You may also see it on our website at: “ ” (You may cut and paste everything between the quotes into your browser’s URL address window and go directly that page of our website.) Please send me an email if you would prefer the list to be emailed directly to you as a separate page.




Thanks to all who pray and give faithfully to support us in this work. All good that has been accomplished is due to your faithfulness and the Lord’s grace. We are looking for to seeing you on furlough!


Still looking up for Him,

(Signature omitted from online version for security reasons)

Walter Robinson II

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