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Robinsons' Herald for June 2006

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This page supplies our most recent e·mail
version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald.

It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is two pages and 108k in length and should take less than one minute to download with a good 56k dialup connection.

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The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for April thru May 2006

We are thankful for recent rains that have filled our cistern to running over and making the grass turn green again. Others here are also thankful that they no longer need to haul water or pay trucks to carry it to their homes.

We are looking toward our upcoming furlough. We have the expected mixed emotions of wanting to see relatives and friends, but not looking forward to saying goodbye to our spiritual family here for about a year.

Bill and Ruth Stoll arrived last week. Thanks for praying! Our folks and the Stolls are already getting acquainted. Bill and Ruth are adjusting to the difference in culture, pace of life, and the rather warm weather. They also need more support so that they will not need to take more from their savings as they serve the Lord and help us here. We truly appreciate their sacrifice. Their contact information is at the end of this document. I ask that you would pray for them continually while they are on Carriacou working in our place.


News about Windward Bible Church


Our attendance has improved recently, even though we had seen a considerable drop off for the previous month or so. Some of our students had missed as they intensified their studies to prepare for year-end tests and examines. We encourage them to study all year long and be faithful in attendance all the time. I am sure their results would be much better if they would follow this counsel in their lives.

Some of the older ladies in our congregation attend services less and less. They suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes, along with other ailments. Please remember to pray for the health of Sister Williams, Sister Stafford, and Sister Gwenny.

Sadly, one young man that made a profession late last year has stopped coming. He will not tell me why and acts as though he does not have a real reason. Please pray for DB.

A lady and her children also stopped coming after they had begin coming the latter part of last year. She too would not give us a reason why. She had told us that she wanted to think about receiving Jesus Christ as her Savior after we had explained the Gospel to her in our home back in January. However, we recently discovered that she is expecting a baby. We were saddened to learn this, as she is not married. I now suspect this is why she had stopped coming. Perhaps she thought we would not want her to attend anymore once we realized she was pregnant out of wedlock. Nevertheless, we did invite her to attend services again, and she has stated that she will come this Wednesday. Pray for ES to see that Jesus has His arms open for her.

I spoke to our meeting place’s landlord a couple of week ago after we had received a lot of rain. She informed me that the rain had proved that the roof still has several leaks. She said she does not know what to do at this point. We do not have thousands of dollars to purchase roofing materials to repair the roof ourselves. I plan to meet with her in the next week or two and make a decision about what to do. Some of our folks have also expressed their feelings that it would not be wise to return to the building now, especially since we are now into the hurricane season once again.

We have passed out tracks and witnessed in the community of Windward several times since we moved our services there in 2000. We also had special meetings and several open-air meetings since 1992. In fact, we held street meetings for nearly every Sunday morning for nearly a year from July of 1992 to July of 1993. Several times, we canvassed the community with flyers and invitations to special meetings with special speakers and singing over the years. People often told us they would visit, but never have. There are two men and two women that have attended our services from there from time to time. There are also three children, from one family, that attend a couple of times each month from this village. However, all of these but two women still attend our services held in our home in Meldrum. In the past, the latter two would only visit a Sunday night service perhaps once a month. There were three other men, one drug addict and thief, and two alcoholics that would sometimes venture into services, but I would usually end up escorting them from the service because they would began making noises or speaking out in disruptive ways.

The Seventh Day Adventists (SDAs) recently held their second crusade here on Carriacou in two years. This time it was held half way between our home and the village of Windward in the village of Dover. It ran for four to five weeks and featured a woman evangelist. They brought in a large tent and about three hundred chairs to put under it. They had keyboards, musicians, and a very loud public address system that we could hear in our home a little over one half mile away from their location. They hired buses that transported people from all over the island to and from the services. I suspect that the SDA denomination poured tens of thousands of dollars into this venture. They also built another meeting place in Dover where their converts are now holding services. This is essentially what they did last year, and it also resulted in them building another SDA church between L’Esterre and Harvey Vale on the southern end of Carriacou. They have had a well established church in the town of Hillsborough for decades. Their crusades the last couple of years have had notable results that include some in the village of Windward.

For those who may not know, SDAs refer to the teachings of Ellen G. White as authoritative as if a prophetess of God. However, the Scripture singled out three spiritual gifts that would end when the word of God would be complete.

In 1 Corinthians 13:8-12, we are told that the three spiritual gifts of knowledge, the true gift of diverse tongues (not an unknown tongue), and the gift of prophecy would end when that which is perfect is come. The context uses a symbolism that relates to a person that looks through a “glass” (or mirror) darkly that was going to be replaced by something perfectly clear. This clear medium would be as though looking directly at something face to face as opposed to looking at a poor reflection.

There are two other places in the New Testament where the symbolism of a mirror or reflective medium is used, James 1:23 and 2 Corinthians 3:14-18. In both places, the mirror or glass represents the word of God. Thus, in 1 Corinthians 13:8-12, Paul’s speaking of a looking trough a glass darkly represented about the then present situation where the church of Jesus Christ did not have the finished and completely revealed Word of God (i.e., Bible). That’s why he stated that at that time they knew in part and prophesied in part. However, he went on to say that at some point in the future, the complete and perfect Word of God would come, and that which was still in part (through prophecy) would be done away.

Most Bible students, scholars, historians, and other experts agree that the Word of God was completed when the Apostle John set down his quill after penning the last verse of Revelation on the island of Patmos in the latter part of the first century. According to history, John was allowed to return to Ephesus and finally die of natural causes after the Roman emperor Domitian, who had banished him to Patmos for his faith, died in A.D. 96.[1]

Scholars believe the Book of Hebrews is the last book Paul penned before he was martyred for his faith. Most believe that it was written from A.D. 68 – 69, and that possibly the Book of Jude and surely the Book of Revelation were written afterward.

Significantly, the writer of Hebrews stated that in times past (before the Book of Hebrews was written) God had spoken in many parts and many manners to the old testament fathers through the prophets, but in these last days (from when the Book of Hebrews was written onward), he had spoken (past tense) through His Son.

Jesus, God’s Son, (God the Word made flesh, John 1:1, & 14) spoke to us directly as recorded in the Gospels and in a few places in Acts. He also spoke to us indirectly through His New Testament Apostles and prophets. Once John finished the Book of Revelation, that which was in part and dark was then completed and perfected, flawlessly revealing the nature of God, His plan, His purpose, and His will for His New Testament Church.

Thus, all who claim to have become prophets or prophetesses that were supposedly called after John finished The Book of Revelation are false prophets. That includes Ellen G. White, regardless of whether she made the claim of being a prophetess or merely allowed others to think of her in that position of authority. The same is true of those in Pentecostal and other Charismatic elements of Christendom today. Moreover, the Biblical period that defined when those three named gifts would cease also shows that the so-called gifts of knowledge (or word of knowledge) and the true gift of different or various tongues also ceased at the end of the first century. That means all supposed such gifts today are false and counterfeit. Consequently, all new revelations and claims made by such are either outright false or superfluous, (because God had already revealed them in His now complete and written word. It is no wonder that John warned in the sternest of terms again adding to or taking anything from the last book of the Bible. (Revelation. 22:18 – 19) Of course, this is not the only doctrinal error with SDAs. They essentially proclaim a gospel of works by keeping the law, not the gospel of grace. (Romans 6:14, and Galatians 1:6 – 9, 5:4)

In any case, reports are that a significant number of people from the Windward and Dover areas attended the meetings held by the women evangelist on behalf of the SDA.

Notably, those that attended, like many in churches around the world today, seem unaware that the Lord inspired Paul to write to the church in Corinth to say that women are commanded to be in silence in the church and are not permitted to speak, according to 1 Corinthians 14:34. The Lord inspired Paul to also state that women are not to be allowed to teach men in church in 1 Timothy 2:12. A woman whose faith and godliness are based upon God’s word would never allow herself to be put in a position where she would act contrary to it in any way. The same should be true of men who organize meetings or conduct services where they either put a woman in this situation or allow her to get into it.

I have said all the above to show that I am now facing the reality that it may be time to dust off our sandals and move to another location here on Carriacou. (Matthew 10:14) Paul did exactly that when the religious people of Antioch in Pisidia, rejected the Gospel of Grace. (Acts 13:14)

It seems that those in darkness are attracted to darkness, and often shy away from the light of the truth. Perhaps this is why the Lord has not saw fit to repair the roof in our meeting place in Windward for nearly a year. It is important for everyone to know that I do not believe the Lord is leading us to leave Carriacou, but I am open to His leading that He could be leading us to focus on another area of Carriacou. Thankfully, Carriacou and the nation of Grenada is part of the “Windward Islands” of the Southern Caribbean. Thus, Windward Bible Church could be located almost anywhere here and still hold its name without raising many questions. Please pray with us as we seek the Lord’s will concerning a meeting place as we continue to serve Him here on Carriacou. Pray that we will discern His will concerning the Village of Windward and the possibility of finding a new location.

With all the above going on, the core group of those that attend Windward Bible Church demonstrate a good spirit of fellowship. It seems more and more that they want to linger around after our services conclude just to talk and enjoy being with each other. Such times are warm and encouraging.

We are planning to hold vacation Bible School next week, July 4 – 7. It will only be the Robinsons and Stolls, one of the Stoll’s three sons, Will, who is scheduled to arrive on Sunday, July, 2, and perhaps a couple of adults and teenagers from our congregation that will be conducting it this year. We do not plan to advertise beyond those in our congregation as we did last years. Even then, some seventy very lively children attended on the last day of last years VBS. Please pray that the Lord will help us to finalize our plans and preparations. Pray for the children as we reach out to them to help them see the Lord’s smile and open arms ready to welcome them into His wonderful family. Pray for us to have wisdom, patience, and the needed stamina to keep up with them. Pray for the safety of all.

My health is better, even though I still have some discomfort from time to time, depending upon what I eat and what I do. I plan to get a check up once we make it stateside. Please pray for my ongoing health improvement and the health of Linda and the Stolls.


Robinsons Furlough Plans


We have much to do before we leave for furlough the middle of July. We had hoped to have our tickets by now, but we are still waiting on the Lord to provide the funds for us to purchase them.

As I explained in our last prayer letter update, our last furlough was six months long and was back in 1996. Since then we have spent time in the US recovering from a stroke, a severely broken leg, a couple of minor surgeries for me and one major surgery for Linda back in 1999. After going through two destructive hurricanes in eleven months in 2004 and last year that damaged our meeting place and home, I must admit that I am tired, and perhaps even a bit discouraged. We need some time off. We also need to broaden our prayer and financial support base, report to faithful supporters, be refreshed through rest and fellowship with our spiritual and natural families, and then return to Carriacou. I then hope to resume work with new vigor and new direction. We are also trusting the Lord to lead us to others that will commit to come to Carriacou and work permanently with us to help see Windward Bible Church become what the Lord desires it to be.

Please pray that the Lord will supply the support for the airline tickets and other yet unseen expenses that we will incur going on furlough. We also need a reliable and economical vehicle and a place to stay. We need to get everything done, including getting some needed rest, and return by June of next year. If we leave for the US by the end of July or the first part of August, we will have ten to eleven months. Thus, we need this prayer to be answered soon.

I have already begun making contacts and scheduling meetings. I have much more to do in days ahead. As explained in our previous update, our first priority is to report to our present supporters and schedule meeting to report to them. It is my hope that each one of them will be able to supply new contacts for us and they will recommend us to the same contacts. We desire to serve and minister as often and to as many as the Lord will lead.

If you know of a pastor that would possibly be interested in having us present our ministry and serve them in some way, please forward their contact information on to me. You can also inform them that they can find all the information about us they would need through our website at: Tell them to go to if they wish to learn more about our field of ministry. In the mean time, please ask the Lord to help us with our immediate needs.


Prayer Requests


Our list of ongoing prayer requests is still present on our website at




Thanks once more to all who faithfully pray and support us in the work here on Carriacou. We are looking forward to seeing you on furlough and thanking you in person!


Still looking up for Him,

(Signature omitted from online version for security reasons)

Walter Robinson II


[1] See Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5.30.3

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