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Robinsons' Herald for February 2007

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This page supplies our most recent e·mail
version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald.

It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is two pages and 90k in length and should take less than one minute to download with a good 56k dialup connection.

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The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for
February 2007

Greetings from the United States!

Thanks very much for praying for us! We are enjoying our stay in the US very much. Yet, we miss the temperatures in the low 80s back in the West Indies when we are enduring temperatures here that mostly range from below 0 to the mid twenties these days.

In October, our daughter, Tabitha, and her husband, Matt, treated Linda and I to a wonder vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This was the first real vacation we have had in over ten years! Boy, was it nice! We ate wonderful food, saw wonderful sights, and generally had a blast! We even took a very short helicopter ride that I enjoyed very much. It was also nice to spend time with the grandkids, Christopher and Amanda.

Our furlough is going good these days. I am writing this from Albany, Georgia, where the temperatures have been in the high 60s and even the low 70s this past few days!

We have visited several of our churches in West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. Lord willing, from Georgia we will be traveling to Florida, then back to Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. The churches have responded well and our visits to each have been very encouraging and refreshing. I hope to take our next furlough in three years or so and only be away from Carriacou for three to six months.

In addition to the opportunities I have had to preach in most of the churches we have visited, I have also been allowed to minister the word of God at Cross Lanes Bible Church in numerous special occasions. The Union Mission in Charleston had a distribution day for this past Thanksgiving weekend, and I was given the privilege to present the Gospel. Several responded afterwards and professed to have received the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord. After we gave our report and preached in another church in Virginia, one young lady received the Lord as her Savior. We are thrilled and excited to see what the Lord is still doing with His simple, but powerful gospel expressed through his Word.

Please remember to pray for us as we continue to travel and report and seek to schedule more meetings in new churches.

Thanks for praying for both of our mothers. Lois Holmes and Francis Carson are doing much better these days. Please remember to pray for their health as both are getting up in age. Mrs. Carson, Linda’s mom, still has not gotten her monthly check restored after it was cut off after her husband passed away about a year ago. Things are also tight for my mother, Mrs. Holmes. Please remember to pray for the Lord to help and provide for both of our mothers, and also to grant them ongoing good health.

Linda and I have had some illness since we have been in the US. Linda contacted something that made here very sick for a couple weeks. I have never seen her so sick with vomiting and diarrhea before. It took her about two weeks to get over it. She has also had a couple of colds, but is doing much better now.

I have had a couple of colds, sore throat, and repeated bouts with tonsillitis. In December, I went to an emergency room at a hospital in Beckley to have the pain in my lower left abdomen checked out. I was given a triple contrast cat-scan, and X-ray. I was thankful that they did not find anything wrong. They are not sure if the pain is caused by possible diverticulitis or a kidney stone. In January, my doctor prescribed further diagnostic testing with my check up. I had an upper and lower scope procedure done. The preparation for the latter procedure was fun, fun, fun! Thank to the Lord, the results from these also came back clean. In fact, the results were better than those I had gotten back in 2001! Praise the Lord. I am currently taking antibiotics hopefully to clear up a nagging case of tonsillitis.

Linda is scheduled to have a bump removed from her head on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 12:30 PM. It is a bump that developed after she cracked her head a couple of times a few years ago while going down our steps in our home on Carriacou. The overhang is a little low, and Linda forgot to duck until the second whack on her head. I learned after the first time I whacked mine, but Linda tends to be a little slower at learning in these matters sometimes. In any case, the doctor examined her last week and told her that it is not dangerous or cancerous, but since it continues to get a little bigger each year, he would be glad to remove it for her. Please remember Linda in prayer as she has this bump removed from her head on that date. Please remember to pray often for both of our health needs.

News about Windward Bible Church

We speak to the Stolls several times each month to see how things are going back on Carriacou. They report that most of our folks are remaining faithful and that things are going good, thanks to the Lord.

We have gotten some sad news the last week that I would like for you to remember in prayer. One of the charter members of Windward Bible Church, Sister Unita (u nee tah) Williams, went to be with the Lord last week. She was in her early eighties and had been in failing health over the last couple of years. Yet, she had remained faithful in attending services up until a few months back. We are sad to hear of her leaving us, but we are comforted by believing that she is now with the Lord and out of her suffering. Please remember the Williams and Cudjoe (kud jo) families in prayer. Unita was like the matriarch of her family. She was always asking us to pray for the salvation of her children and grandchildren.

In addition, you may remember that last year we requested prayer for a young lady in our congregation. She is twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about two years ago, but would not seek medical treatment, even thought we had urged her repeatedly to do so. Last year she got scared and finally asked us, and the church, to pray for her. She also became willing to see a specialist that we found for her to see. We then sent out an email update and asked everyone to pray for her concerning this need.

This lady did go to the mainland at that time, and had a cat scan done at a new facility there. She then saw the specialist, and was subsequently informed by them that her lump was gone, and the scan did not show anything wrong. The specialist told her that she appeared to be in good shape, but to have a follow-up checkup in three to six months. She sent us a text message yesterday, February 8, to inform us that the lump is back. She also told us that she had gone to Barbados two months back and had an examination and biopsy done. The result came back indicating that she had cancer.

The last month has been very difficult for her. She is now losing weight and is having trouble breathing. She had not told us about any of this until yesterday because she did not want to “worry” us. Linda and I both talked with her at length on the phone yesterday. I have advised her to see the same specialist that she saw last year. In my opinion, it does not look good for her right now. It seems that her goal right now is to enjoy life as much as she can for as long as she can. She also has a six year old daughter. Please bear down in prayer for this young mother, asking God to give her courage and wisdom to fight her condition. Also, ask the Lord to have mercy and heal her, if that is His will.  

Please remember the Stolls in your prayers as they continue to minister faithfully in our absence. Remember to pray daily for our folks on Carriacou to remain faithful, to grow, and to reach out to the lost around them.


We are deeply thankful to the Lord and all of His children that pray for and support us. We also appreciate the special gifts that have helped to meet real needs. God is always, and has always been faithful. We are looking forward to seeing more of you as we continue to report and travel. We are also looking forward to getting back “home” to Carriacou in June, Lord willing.


Still looking up for Him,

Signature omitted from Email Version for Security Reasons

Walter Robinson II



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