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Robinsons' Herald for June thru July 2007

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This page supplies our most recent e·mail
version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald.

It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is two pages and 233k in length and includes photos that can be printed out.

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The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for
June thru July 2007

Greetings from Carriacou Once More!

Thanks to all who have prayed for and continue to pray for us. We arrived back on Carriacou on Wednesday, June 6, 2007.

Out Trip Home

Due to a problem with US Airways, our trip from the US was delayed by one day! They didn’t bother to tell us until I went by the airport the night before we were due to leave! However, overall our trip on Wednesday was relatively good. Our planes ran mostly on time. The only other difficulty we had was changing planes in Jamaica. This was due to Expedia and US Airways apparently not knowing that US Airways does not have a baggage agreement with Air Jamaica. When we checked our bags at Charleston’s Yeager Airport, the US Airways officials told us our bags would be checked all the way through to Grenada. We had to pay $240.00 US for three extra bags beyond what we were allowed. This was much more economical than shipping the same bulk and weight through the US Postal Service. We had a number of items and literature that we needed to have with us on Carriacou right away.

When we arrived at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, we learned that it was necessary for us go through immigrations, then reclaim our bags, then check in at Air Jamaica, then recheck our bags, then go through security once more! We also learned that our flight was closing out 15 minutes after we reached immigrations there! Thankfully, the gracious and kind Air Jamaica and Jamaican immigrations and customs officials all helped us immensely to get through the process in time. Air Jamaica also did not charge us for the three extra bags. We were thankful for much.

We arrived on time at the Point Salines International Airport in Grenada, and we were very happy and thankful to see that all of our bags had arrived intact with us. The Lord also blessed as we went through immigrations and customs there without any problems. The Grenadian government officials were also patient and gracious.

We had planned to stay overnight on the mainland of Grenada because we did not think we would arrive in time to catch the ferry going to Carriacou that same day. However, we were thankful to clear the airport in time to get to the Osprey Sea Ferry before it left for Carriacou, which was normally at 6:00 PM. We saw a few people from Carriacou at the jetty and many even hugged us, including one policeman!

The Osprey finally left around 7:00 PM, and it was the smaller ferry. The larger ferry normally makes the trip in about 75 minutes on relatively calm seas. The smaller one can take twice that long. The sea was not that bad, and I have been on much rougher rides. However, I got sick and “fed the fish” two or three times on our trip to Carriacou. I normally do not eat anything for several hours before I get on the Osprey. However, Air Jamaica gave us a nice snack on the way to Grenada. Apparently, the food on my stomach with the much longer ride got to me after about two hours on the sea. However, I was fine after that, and glad to arrive finally at “home.”

We were surprised and thankful to be met at the jetty by Brother John McPherson, pastor of Open Door Independent Baptist Church, of Beausejour, Carriacou. He transported Linda and I, and all of our twelve pieces of luggage to our home in Meldrum. We were met there by our happy and healthy four-footed pooch, Shadow. It was good to see him! We were also met by Franklyn Scott, Windward Bible Church’s young and faithful gentle giant. He had been watching our home and taking care of our pets since the Stolls had left a weak earlier. He had even prepared a special rice and chicken treat that Linda and I enjoyed very much. We got a good night sleep that night.

We thank and praise the Lord for the good trip and for all our possessions arriving safely!

Getting Back into the Work

The next day, Thursday, we drove the bus into town to buy groceries because our cupboards were bare. However, after we got there we learned that it was a Grenadian holiday and that all stores, shops, and the gas station were closed! We then remembered that the night before we left the US, the family that had supplied us with a vehicle to use on furlough had given us a gift and specifically asked us to use it to get “something to eat.” The amount was just what we needed! We went to the Silver Beach Resort beside the beach and got a nice meal and enjoyed being back in the Caribbean.

That Friday, we went to town to get groceries since all the stores were open by then. We also had to take care of several business matters. While we were running around, we discovered that the radiator on our 1999 Toyota HiAce bus was leaking. It has a plastic radiator and will have to be replaced. Right now, we carry water with us and top it off often whenever we drive it. Please pray with us for this need to be met soon. It is the only vehicle we have for both personal use, and for transporting our people back and forth to services.

In any case, it truly is nice to be back on Carriacou. It is heart warming to pass people on the streets and have several tell us that it is nice to see us back! We hardly knew some of them and were surprised that they had even noticed that we were gone. Please pray for the Lord to open many hearts as we endeavor to reach them with the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have been getting back into the work by God’s grace. I am getting re-accustomed to preaching and teaching three times a week. I have also been “fine tuning” a few things around the house. Linda is working at playing the piano for three services a week and teaching the small children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

We are slowly being re-acclimated to the constantly hot and humid weather. The temperatures have been in the high 80s during the day and in the low 80s at night. The humidity runs 65 to 75% in the day and 80 to 90 % at night. We have been receiving periodic rain shows and quite blustery wind the last week or so. As I recall, it has been unusually windy for this time of the year. I am truly thankful that we had a couple of weeks of very warm weather in the US right before we left. My office bedroom is air-conditioned, which helps us to sleep better.

As you may recall, we sold our old 1987 Dodge Colt Vista station-wagon before we left. The Stolls had purchased the car and used it for a work vehicle as they cleaned off their lot here. We were also able to sell the older 1991 Toyota HiAce bus while we were stateside in October last year. A bus driver here purchased the old bus for parts. That bus had over 350,000 miles on the chassis and body and needed many repairs that would have cost more that it was worth to make it safe and presentable for the ministry here. We used the money from the sell of both vehicles to help us with our travel and other expenses for furlough.

Earlier this year the Stolls had wanted to sell the car before they left for the states. However, even though they advertised it, they did not get any true offers for several months. A couple of weeks before they left and we returned, they phoned to let us know that they believed the Lord had led them to give it back to us to use and sell if we could. They desired that any money we get for selling it would be used toward purchasing another bus that we truly need. We are thankful for the Stolls gracious and sacrificial gift and appreciate it very much.

 Last week Linda was going to town in the car to shop, and it stopped and we could not get it started again. We had it towed home. I suspect that the starter is worn out. I don’t understand it! It is only twenty years old and has about 150,000 miles on it! I hope to check it out later this week when I pull the radiator out of the bus. Fun, fun, fun!

The car looks very rough inside and out, and I am hesitant to spend more money on it. It will likely continue to be hard to sell to anyone. I would prefer to be able to buy another bus outright and then give the car to someone who may be able to get some service out of it before retiring it permanently. I fear that if I sell it to someone, it could hurt our testimony if it breaks down or falls apart right after the sell. In such cases, here, the purchaser could demand their money back or ask us to stand behind it for a month or so, which we cannot afford to do. Please ask the Lord to help me and give me wisdom and strength to get these jobs done, and the deposition of our old car.

 We were pleased to find our home clean and in very good shape when we returned. The Stolls took care of it well. In fact, Bill made a number of improvements for which I am very thankful. He and Frankly Scott made a cement ramp along side the hard road in front of our home. This will make it much easier for us to get on the road and better for the tires and suspension for the bus. Bill also screened-in the basement. That has truly cut down on mosquitoes and other vermin getting into the house. The Stolls also painted that part of the our basement, which is still the meeting place for Windward Bible Church. It looks very good. There are numerous other things they did around the house and with the bus that has helped us tremendously. We are thankful for their help in these areas.

News about Windward Bible Church

It is good to see that many of those that were here when we left are still here at Windward Bible Church (WBC). There seems to be some kind of virus going around that has been making people sick for about a week. It is has been making its way through our congregation as well. Overall, attendance has been good. The first Sunday morning we were back we had about 27 present. That night we had about 23 present -- which was amazing since it was the first Sunday night service held at WBC in over seven or eight months. Bill had previously informed me that he had stopped the Sunday night services because driving the bus that much in one day was causing problems with one of his legs. So I was encouraged to see that many on our first Sunday night. Notwithstanding, school has recently let out and some of the children that normally attend here have traveled to the mainland for the summer.

In addition, one of our elder charter members and a dear sister (Sister Williams) went to be with the Lord while we were gone. Another other sister (Sister Gweny) left for England a day or two before we arrived. She needs medical attention and she has children there that can help take care of her.

Many of you have prayed for a young lady in our congregation that was diagnosed with breast cancer two or three years ago. She had the cancerous lump removed in May, and two or weeks ago, she receive the biopsy report that indicates that they got all the cancerous growth and she needs no additional treatment. We are rejoicing with Wendy and it was truly a privilege to hear her testimony in a Sunday night service. Thanks to all who prayed and praise the Lord with us for this answer to prayer.

Sadly, one of our middle-aged men relapsed into not being faithful, as has been the case with him for years. Yet, two of our young adults now have good jobs, but sometimes the jobs require them to miss services. To their credit and the Lord’s mercy, so far they have not missed very many services. This is encouraging to me very much. A family that attends WBC is building a home on the road above us. The husband and wife have been working hard on it most evenings after they each get off from their daily jobs. They also work most Saturdays. Their two strong teenage sons usually work with them. This family need to get their house up and finished quickly because they need to move from their current rented place as soon as possible. The wife, and the four children they have here, are usually in each of the services, unless the older daughter has to work. (She is one of the young adults I mentioned above.) This past Sunday morning the entire family (three adults, two teens, and one small child) were absent because they were working to erect the walls of the house. Many of their fiends had agreed to help only on that day. Please pray for the Lord to provide for and make it possible for all of our folks to be faithful in each of the services.

Our Crate is Waiting to Be Shipped

A week before we left to return to Carriacou, we built and packed up a crate to ship to Carriacou. It has some personal items in it, but it is filled predominately with items we need for the work here, including literature, special occasion gift items for those that attend WBC, etc. The crate is 4’ X 4’ X 4.5’ and weighs just under a thousand pounds. We left it with a friend who has a business just outside of Cross Lanes, West Virginia. He told me that he would ship it to Miami for me. He will hold on to the crate until we are sure we have enough money on hand to receive it on our end here. We will need to pay for the crate to be shipped from Miami, Florida to Grenada. We will then need to pay for government handling fees, trucks and shipping fees from Grenada to Carriacou, plus customs, etc. I am hoping and praying that we will soon have the funds to allow the crate to be shipped.

We ran into several unexpected expenses the day before our trip and during our trip. We also experienced some unplanned expenses that we encountered right after we arrived. Thus, we really must wait on the Lord to meet the need of getting our crate to us. Please pray for this need to be met soon.

Linda and Walter’s Health

We are thankful to report that our health has been relatively good. Linda did have some pain in one of her legs that slowed her down for two to three weeks after we got here. Thankfully, she is better now. About two weeks before we left the US for Carriacou, I had an echocardiogram done to check on my heart and the aortic valve that was replaced back in 1990. A week or so after we got back to Carriacou, my doctor phoned to tell me that he saw nothing that concerned or alarmed him. I am so thankful for this. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday this past June 16. It is marvelous to see each day and have more opportunities to serve the God of heaven. Please remember to pray for our health often.  


I have several personal notes of thanks to specific individuals and churches that should be sent out very soon. However, I realize that there are many that pray faithfully and regularly for us based upon the things shared in our prayer letters. To all of you I sent my sincere and deep thanks for laboring with us in your prayers. Thanks also for the gifts and notes of encouragement.

16Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 17Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. 18And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.

Still looking up for Him,

Signature omitted from Email Version for Security Reasons

Walter Robinson II



 The Vista Exterior is faded, dented, and patched all over for rust. I have not looked under the bottom recently, but I will get a look when I


crawl under it to check out the starter to determine why it is not working. The shifter does not like to go in and out of reverse properly as well.


 (Left) The Vista interior is cracking and falling apart.



(Right) The ramp beside the road is truly good to have, and our 1999 Toyota HiAce bus seems to be in good shape, except for the leaking radiator.


 (Left) The meeting place in our basement is brighter and truly looks good with a new coat of paint.


(Right) Here are some of the folks that came for our second Sunday morning service.



hey all seem to be happy


and enjoying the fellowship!


I am happy to be home and to see what the Lord is doing in the lives of our folks.


Even Shadows seems to smile quite a bit and be upbeat these days.


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