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September to December 2001

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This page contains e·mail updates and e·mail versions of the Robinsons' Herald that covers September 5 to the end of 2001.

Sept 5, 2001
September thru December 2001


September 5 e·mail update,

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Robinsons,

We are thankful to report that we have had a good trip down south. I (Walter) also got a good report from a doctor of internal medicine who performed some last minute tests on me because of some stomach problems I have been having for a few weeks. He did an abdominal ultrasound and upper GI endoscope examine of the stomach with routine biopsies. I saw him earlier today (Wednesday, September 05, 2001) and he reported that everything came back clean and okay.

We finished packing and closing a crate later on today and have just about finished last minute packing of bags that we plan to carry on the plane and also check in.

We plan to leave the missionary apartment of Cross Lanes Bible Church at 5:00 AM and fly out of Yeager Airport [Charleston, WV) at 7:00 AM. We are scheduled to make three changes (Dulles International; Dallas, Texas; and San Juan, Puerto Rica L] and finally arrive at Point Salines International on the mainland of Grenada at 10:12 PM. Please pray for us during the entire duration of the flight and especially as we clear immigrations and customs at the end.

We will likely be out of e·mail contact for a few days until I get my overseas internet serviced reestablished. We will try to write as soon as possible. Thanks for your prayers ahead of time.

Still looking up,
Walter Robinson II

The Robinson’s Herald

December 12, 2001

(E·mail version revised
for posting on LCM)

September through December 2001

Greetings from ‘Next to Heaven’ in
Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies!

NOTE: Our praises and prayer requests are enumerated at the end of this letter. This letter is quite long, but it is designed to supply information for some that want to know “everything” that is happening. Those that are more interested in our praises and prayer requests can simply page down until you get to that section. Thanks.

We are getting into my favorite season for the southern Caribbean. The temperatures are milder, ranging from the upper 70s at night to the mid 80s in the day. The foliage is lush, green, and generally picturesque. Our cistern is running over and most of the island’s ponds are nearly full or full.

Most of you should have received an e·mail update shortly after we initially returned to Carriacou on September 7, 2001. This letter will provide more details and bring you up-to-date on what has happened since.

We were thankful to find our home and pets in fine shape just as we had left them in January of last year. We were pleasantly surprised at our first service at Windward Bible Church (WBC) with nearly thirty people coming out! I believe some of those came out of curiosity to see what was going on, but about twenty of them were the faithful ones we had been accustomed to seeing before the accident on Christmas Eve of last year. It was a blessing to see all, exchange hugs, and to get caught up on what had been happening in their lives over the last nine months.

We did, however, miss seeing one young lady since we have returned. She is in her early twenties and had traveled to England for job related activities. She had been saved early last year and showed much growth and zeal for the Lord Jesus. I had spoken with her about her need to be baptized, but before I could follow up further, I was injured in the accident and had to travel stateside for treatment. Thankfully, she did follow through and allowed another missionary lady here to spend a few weeks teaching and preparing her. She was baptized shortly before she left for England! It is truly a blessing to have believers take that step in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We are deeply thankful to other missionaries here for stepping in and filling the gap to carry on the work of Windward Bible Church in our absence. It took much work and sacrifice on their part to fill in for us. Thanks to them and their families for their help.

In addition, some of them—and several from the congregation of WBC—painted part of the sanctuary walls white! Years ago, I had met Jeff Dworsky, a man from Maine that was visiting Carriacou. We soon became good friends, and he periodically returns to visit. Jeff visited the island early this year, attended a service, and contributed money for the purchase of materials to paint the sanctuary. The walls really look nice now thanks to his contribution and the labor of those who did an excellent job painting. I hope to have our website updated with photos in the next couple of weeks. When I have done so I will e·mail the link to you so you can take a look if you desire to do so.

Another missionary family are currently working with us at Windward Bible Church. They have been transporting people to and from services, which is a tremendous help.

We have now expanded our Sunday School ministry, which is something that we have wanted to do for years. I am currently continuing to teach the adults and teens in Sunday School. Linda is teaching the children eight years old and younger.

We are currently preparing to visit the two nursing homes and the one hospital on the island on Christmas Eve as we have for several years. We will probably leave home about 9:00 AM. We plan to offer an abbreviated part of our Christmas program, present a brief evangelical message of hope to focus on the greatest gift ever given, and then offer each patron or patient a plate that contains fruit, some type of treat, and a Bible tract. It will probably end with our folks meeting at our house or the church where we will enjoy fellowship until about 6:00 pm.

The Christmas and New Years season is often filled with much revelry and partying for most of the island. Three of the worst days of this ungodliness are referred to as "Parang." Some have told me that this is also referred to as the “Bacchanal.” This is one of the “works of the flesh” that is mentioned in Galatians 5:21 as “revelings.” Strong's Exhaustive Concordance says the following about the original expression translated as such:

... a nocturnal and riotous procession of half drunken and frolicsome fellows who after supper parade through the streets with torches and music in honour of Bacchus or some other deity, and sing and play before houses of male and female friends; hence used generally of feasts and drinking parties that are protracted till late at night and indulge in revelry

Such is the behavior connected with the Parang holidays here on Carriacou. There will likely be much drunkenness and super loud worldly music going on if this year’s activities are like those of the past. At best, it is something that mature believers shun. Some of us will have to endure it if we happen to find ourselves living next to someone who wants to fill the neighborhoods with the music of their choice.

On a more positive note, we just finished a week of special meetings with Evangelist Glenn Mathews of Revival Times Crusades. The Harbour Light Radio Station hosted them as part of the station's 10 year broadcasting anniversary. The meetings were held in the rented community center in Hillsborough. Thursday night last week two teen girls went forward and professed faith in Christ. The meetings were very good and our family personally enjoyed having another West Virginian on the island. We also took the time to paint the floor of WBC! Some of the other missionaries here—and even the guest evangelist, Glenn Mathews—helped us put down two heavy coats. Linda, Jeshua, and some people from our congregation also helped. The floor looks very nice now, and we are very thankful. As mentioned above, I hope to post photos on our website in the near future. So stay tuned.

The Robinsons also had the privilege of gathering with other American missionary families at one of their homes for the American Thanksgiving celebration. There was plenty of good food, fellowship, and singing that lifted our spirits.

When we are not having services, special meetings, or engaging in other types of ministry, I have been working on some “projects” to repair some equipment that we depend upon and use frequently. For example, it took me until the middle of November to get our four-wheel drive 1987 Dodge Colt Vista back into service. It still needs to have an axle boot replaced and much rust to repair, but it is running good right now. The bus also has much rust that must be repaired soon. Both need painting to make them more presentable as vehicles that are used in ministry.

When we initially returned to Carriacou on September 7, our old stove had only three burners that still worked. A couple of weeks after we arrived, it developed a big gas leak in the pilot light supply tubing that resulted in a fire that could have been disastrous if we had not caught it quickly and got it shut off! About a week after that, another burner stopped working due to rust eating a hole in the supply manifold, which is what caused the other one to stop working about a year earlier. We were truly glad when our crate finally arrived a month ago that contained the replacement stove.

Short of a few scratches on the oven door handle (that I should be able to easily cover) it looked just fine. The next day I spent some three hours installing the liquid propane gas (LPG) conversion kit and hooking the stove up to the LPG supply and electricity. I am thrilled and happy to report that it works beautifully! The ignition is completely electronic, so we no longer need to use matches whenever we need to light a burner. In addition, since this stove does not have a pilot light for the oven, we hope to cut down on our LPG costs considerably. This is a blessing every way we look at it!

I also have two other items that I have not been able to repair yet. Our six year old electronic keyboard is giving us a lot of trouble right now. It is an Alesis QS-6 that is supposed to be a top notch and dependable instrument. However, it has had problems from the first year we got it and placed it into service. We now have to turn it off and on severable times to get it to work. I checked everything possible and it seems the motherboard (computer circuitry) is dying a slow death. Eventually I expect it to stop working altogether and we will have to replace it. I suspect that replacing the motherboard would cost more than a suitable replacement. This time I will likely seek to acquire a Yamaha keyboard, a brand that I have found to be not only much less in cost, but also much more dependable and durable.

Our seven or eight year old Minolta EP-5400 copier is still down, hence I can only send out mostly e·mail versions of our prayer letters. Like the keyboard, it has an electronic problem that I have not yet been able to pinpoint. I have even sent most of the circuit boards to a special facility in the states to have them diagnosed and repaired, but they found nothing wrong with them. I can only hope that the problem is a poor connection, an intermittent short, or a defective sensor of sorts. I have spoken to a Minolta technician via phone in the past, but he was not able to help either. We really do need a copier on a weekly—if not daily basis. The last time we had copies made in town at the secondary school, they cost about forty cents (US$) per side of each copy—and they could be made only when the copier was working, which was too often not the case.

On a more personal note, we are all doing okay health wise. Jeshua is still growing and is now noticeably taller than his mom. He is also getting on with his schoolwork. Linda is quite busy preparing the children for the Christmas program, home schooling Jeshua, and unpacking and putting away items that she had put in the crate.

I am still moving slowly and trying to be careful not to do anything to hurt my leg. In August, the surgeon that repaired my leg told me that it will take several more months for the fracture to fill in completely, thus I must go slow and not over do it. A few times my leg has gotten very stiff and even painful for reasons I do not yet understand. Sometimes the episodes are followed by cool rainy weather, but not always. I also still have to contend with the ongoing discomfort that is caused by the chronic prostatitis and lower intestinal problems. Yet, when compared to a few years back I believe I am getting better, however slowly. Lastly, and as I mentioned in passing above, about four weeks back I came down with a very bad cold that made me feel pretty bad for about two weeks. About three days into it, I broke a tooth while eating popcorn! I had had a root canal performed on it about ten years ago, and it has been filled two or three times. Six days after it broke, and I began to get over the cold and feel better, I caught the ferry over to the mainland to have the tooth extracted. The gum has mostly healed up and I am doing much better now.

Our current praises and prayer requests are listed as follows:


  • Crates and contents arrived safely
  • Provision and installation of replacement stove
  • Grenada Customs treating us reasonably when we imported our crate and goods into the country
  • Attendance at Windward Bible Church services is good
  • Finally getting our Vista station wagon back on the road
  • Painting the cement floor of our meeting place the first week of December


Robinson Family personal requests:

  • Walter’s continued strengthening and healing of leg.
  • More repairs that need to be made on our car and bus
  • Repair of our copy machine that I have not yet been able to diagnose properly.
  • The supplying of a much needed gas welding kit
  • Solving our piano problems

Windward Bible Church prayer requests:

  • A young lady that made a recent profession of faith in Christ. I have spoken to her about her need to be baptized, but she had not made a commitment to do so.
  • Same lady mentioned above and her boyfriend to make the commitment to marriage and make the necessary preparations.
  • Spiritual growth for another young lady, 18, who made a profession of faith in Christ a few weeks ago
  • Another woman and her two oldest children (boy, 15 and girl, 13) to commit to being baptized
  • Baptism preparation class for those committing to be baptized.
  • A young man, 18, and another young woman Wendy, 22, who have committed to be baptized and take the class
  • Upcoming services to the two nursing homes and the hospital on Carriacou on Christmas Eve.
  • Linda working with the children in preparing them for the Christmas program
  • Two older women in our congregation that have ongoing heath problems. One is recovering from cataract surgery, and the other is suffering from chronic high blood pressure.
  • A gentleman who is suffering with a severe cold or flue that has him staying in bed most of the time. His sugar is also somewhat elevated right now.

We give thanks to God, and to all our supporters and prayer partners. Your faithfulness has been a source of continual encouragement in ways that are difficult to express in words. Thanks again!

Still looking up for Him as your coworkers,
Walter Robinson II for the Robinson Family

Copyright © 2000 Last Chance Ministries. All rights reserved.
Revised: June 13, 2006.

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