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Special Update for May 2006

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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

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Special Update for May, 2006
E·mail version for April thru May 2006

Preparations for
Furlough Now Underway


Dry Season Is In Full Swing And Causing Heartache For Many Here. Hurricane Season Is Just Around the Corner!


Greetings once again from Carriacou! It is now looking like the height of the “dry season” here. I am happy to report we still have plenty of water in our tank. However, many other folk here, and especially some in our congregation, either are running very low, or have run out. When they run out, they must carry water from neighbors, local community catchment systems, or wherever they can find it. Sometimes people will give them 500 to 1,000 gallons, but this usually cost about $40.00 to transfer it by pump and truck it to their home. Please pray that we will get rain right away.

Speaking of the season, the “rainy season” here officially begins the first of June. That is also when HURRICANE SEASON begins! If you recall, 2004 was the first time Grenada had been hit by a hurricane since 1955. Ivan damage or destroyed 90% of the homes in this country and killed nearly forty people. If the same percentage of the total population in the United States had died from such a catastrophe, some 130,000 would have died! Last year, 2005, only eleven months later, we were blasted by another hurricane. It did more damage to Carriacou than the one the year before!

Meteorological and scientific data and predictions have resulted in a forecast that is more severe than last year. (See: Please pray for the Lord to control the weather patterns to keep the storms away from us this year.


Thanks and Praise for
Many Answered Prayers


Those that have kept up with our previous updates know that we have seen many important prayers answered recently.


  • First, the Stolls were led to come to Carriacou and take over for us! What a tremendous answer from the Lord.

  • Our need of a replacement standby generator has been answered. A brand new 7,500 watt, long run LPG unit has been purchased for us! This is another tremendous need, especially with the worsening hurricane season. PTL!

  • Next, Linda’s court case was settled when she was found innocent of charges brought against her due to an accident back in November. Praise the Lord!

  • Lastly, a young lady in our congregation recently had a cat scan and saw doctors that gave her a clean bill of health after she was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly a year ago! This is awesome!


Thanks to each of you for your prayers as you stood with us doing these difficult and trying times. Join us in praising God and giving thanks to Him for such grace and mercy for each answer..


Robinsons’ Furlough Plans Underway


Bill and Ruth Stoll, residents of Hudson, Florida


We are scheduled to take furlough beginning the middle of July. The Lord has wonderfully led a gracious couple, Bill and Ruth Stoll, to come to Carriacou and take over for us for an entire year, Lord willing and providing! We have known the Stolls for several years.


The Stolls may be contacted using the following information:


William (Bill) and Ruth Stoll

13431 Hicks Road

Hudson, Florida  34669-3820

Tel: (727) 868-5799



Because to the amount of work that needs to be done, it would truly be good if there was another couple or individual that would come down and help them (one to work for the year or two that could work for six months each). It would be good even if someone could help for only a few months or even weeks.

If you know of someone else that is looking for an opportunity to do mission work, please put him or her in contact with us right away. Please pray for the Lord to supply additional helpers not only while we are on furlough, but also on a permanent basis.

The Stolls already have their plane tickets, and they are scheduled to arrive on June 14, 2006, a little over five weeks from now! They are looking to the Lord to supply their monthly support needs and other expenses. They have been sharing their plans and prayers with individuals and churches. A few have contributed or committed to support them. However, they still fall far short of their monthly support needs. I recently learned that they are still planning to come even if it means using their savings if needed. They are truly sacrificing to help the work here continue in our absence. Please pray with us for the Lord to lead individuals and churches to support this couple who is stepping out to serve the Lord and help us in faith.

Linda and I are looking at our date for departure with mixed emotions. As might be expected, we are eager to see family and friends, report to our supporters, and get to know new pastors and churches. Yet, the folks here are our friends and spiritual family. We see many as our spiritual children. As such, we do not look forward to our being separated from them for a year. Yet, the Lord is faithful in providing the Stolls to minister in our place. We believe our folks and the work here will be in good hands – the Lord’s – who in turn will be holding, helping, and guiding the Stolls’ hands.

We need to make airline reservations soon. Normally, the sooner we can make them the less the tickets should cost. We desire to depart Grenada between July 12 and July 16. In the past, airfare from here to Charleston, West Virginia has typically run from $800.00 to $1,000.00 per person. Thus, we anticipate that we are going to need about $2,000.00 for our airfare.

We will also need a trustworthy vehicle to use and a place to stay for one year. We hope to be able to stay in Charleston or Beckley, West Virginia, or perhaps even in Kingsport, Tennessee. Of course, we remain open to wherever the Lord leads and provides. Pray for the Lord to lead us to a place that we can afford in rent for the year we plan to be in the States. Pray also for the Lord to provide a dependable vehicle for us to use as well.

We plan to begin scheduling meetings in a week or so. We hope to schedule meetings to take place from August 2006 until the first week of July 2007. We wish to report to all of our supporters, and visit as many new churches as possible. We also hope to visit the central US and the West Coast since we have never seen that part of North America. Since I was just a child, I have dreamt of seeing that region of our home country, and hope to do so while visiting new churches and increasing our prayer support base on this furlough. I realize that this last part may seem somewhat selfish, but I also see these areas as new places to serve the Lord and minister to His flock. We also hope to make our need, of at least one other couple to work with us full time, known to as many as possible.

The massive increase in fuel costs the last two or three years has affected everyone. Unfortunately, among the hardest hit are churches and missionaries. During such times, some churches understandably focus on maintaining their current missionaries, and are hesitant to consider taking on new ones. Please ask the Lord to put us in contact with the right pastors and churches for upcoming meetings. Also, ask Him to prepare each pastor’s heart to be receptive to us in these increasingly busy and difficult times.


One More Pending and Immediate Need


Since I have begun listing our numerous prayer requests in each prayer letter, and posting them on our website, we have seen many specific prayers answers as enumerated already. (I have not included them here, but they are viewable online at:

Besides those we have mentioned already in this update, we have another immediate need. As mentioned earlier, the Lord has supplied a much needed new standby generator for us. It is in Florida, and has been checked out. It is brand new. The people that contributed this is also providing a five or six year old portable gas 5,500 watt unit. This will enable us to be powered by gasoline or LPG during extended emergency times. It will also provide a backup system for our meeting place, special church outings, and street meetings as needed. We now need to ship them and a few others items from Florida and get them to Carriacou in time enough for us to install them before we leave for furlough.

As best as I can determine, it is going to cost about $2,200.00 to ship those items to Grenada, pay customs’ importation fees, and then ship them to Carriacou and truck them to our home. Please pray with us as we look to the Lord to supply this immediate need.


NOTE: Any that may be led to contribute toward any of these specific needs should specify what their gift is for so that our mission board and we can make sure your gifts are used accordingly. Thanks very much ahead of time.


I am constantly aware of the importance and power of prayer. Thank you very much for praying for us and for supporting the Lord’s work of Windward Bible Church here on Carriacou. We are looking forward to seeing many of you on furlough!


Still looking up for Him,

(Signature omitted from online version for security reasons)

Walter Robinson II

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