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December 2000

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Robinson’s Herald for December 29, 2000

(E·mail Version)

28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)



Walter Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident On Christmas Eve!

Dear Praying Friends and Supporters of the Robinsons,

On Sunday, December 24, 2000, Christmas Eve, we transported the people of Windward Bible Church to the two nursing homes and the one hospital on Carriacou. We used our mini-bus and Vista for the transportation.

At each place we sang Christmas Carols, presented an abbreviated version of our Children’s Christmas program, and gave a brief message about the Divine gift of everlasting life. We then presented them with plates that contained fruits and other special treats, including a tract for which the people were very thankful. (Linda and one young lady from our church did a beautiful job preparing the plates!) To top it off, at least one older lady prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior at the conclusion of one visit! PTL.

Our people were thrilled and blessed, and also a bit weary and hungry after the last visit was over. Linda and I then took everyone to our home in Meldrum for fellowship and a meal. While Linda and a couple of the Ladies were preparing the food, Linda discovered that she did not have enough fruit drink. I got on my motorcycle and left for Windward to get some. I was taking my time and being thankful for the good services the Lord had given us.

As I remember it, about seven tenths of a mile from home a large cow suddenly bolted out from behind some brush and stopped right in front of me! I braked hard, but I hit it broadside near its rear going somewhere between twenty-five and thirty miles an hour! The impact threw the bike and me forcefully to the ground and we (the bike and I) skidded some thirty feet before I finally came to a painful halt. I had the air thoroughly knocked out of me and was very frightened and asked the Lord to help me.

The bike was no longer running, but the ignition was on, gasoline was dripping out of the tank, and exposed wires were hanging where the headlight had been! That made me really want to get away from it, but I soon discovered that I was pinned under it, with one engine cylinder resting on my left knee. I kicked and pushed the bike as hard as I could until I got myself free and began to crawl away, but shooting pains and a quick look indicated that I had likely broken my collarbone, my shoulder, or dislocated my left arm. After I gave the rest of my body a quick looking over I did not see anything else damaged except for a large abrasion on my left forearm. I managed to sit up and slowly drew my knees up in front of me to catch my breath. Both legs initially looked okay—until I tried to straighten them back out. The right leg worked perfectly, but it was obvious that something on the left one was not right. It looked as though it was broken right below the knee. That is when I realized that I was getting dizzy and feeling very faint. I lay back down and continued to pray. After a minute or two different ones arrived and phoned Linda and the hospital which immediately dispatched an ambulance.

In the hospital the pain really set in. I was evaluated, my leg was placed in a temporary cast, and my arm in a sling. I was also told that I was going to have to go to the Grenada mainland for x-rays, but could do so until Wednesday—three days later—because nothing was running until then due to the holidays.

I was then allowed to go home, told to take ibuprofen, and rest (Like I was going to do something else. But if I could I would have gotten in our car and looked for that cow to have a rematch!). The ambulance took me back home and several men carried me in and helped me to my bed where I groaned and prayed mostly until Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning several men carried me back out to the ambulance, which took me to the main jetty in Hillsborough, Carriacou’s only town business hub. After being carried onto the Osprey, a nice sea ferry, the Lord then blessed Linda, Jeshua, and I with an unusually smooth ride for this time of the year. Seventy-five minutes later we arrived in St. Georges on the mainland of Grenada at 7:15 AM. I was then carried off the Osprey and placed in another ambulance with Linda and Jeshua.

Amazingly, and by God’s grace I believe, before they closed the hatch a man stuck his head and hand into the ambulance and I recognized him right away. He was a friend that I had met on Carriacou several years ago. He lives and works in Minnesota, but built a home on Carriacou and comes here a few times a year, particular when it gets cold (which can be from August to May in Minnesota!) Now get this. When in Minnesota this man works as an orthopedic surgeon, AND he specializes in KNEE REPAIR, and has been doing so for some 30 YEARS! (Doesn’t God just beat all!)

After greeting me he hastily told me to phone him on Carriacou where he would be for two weeks. While on Carriacou he would also be providing orthopedic diagnosis and treatment to the residents of Carriacou. He is a gracious and kind man who loves Carriacou and the people here even more.

I thanked him and the ambulance took us to St. Augustine Medical Center, a private hospital in St. Pauls’. A bone specialist immediately introduced himself and scheduled me for x-rays, which were taken a few minutes later. I saw the x-rays myself, and my broken collarbone was apparent, but it looked like it was back in place. However, I became troubled when I saw the one taken of my knee. It looked like it was going to take some screws and surgery to correct (once an electro/mechanical technician, always one). I had been hoping for a simple and clean fracture that would only take a cast and time to repair. Also, there is no Cat-scan or MRI equipment in the country that enabled him to check out my ligaments and tendons, that he also suspects has been damaged.

Later that day the surgeon came and confirmed my suspicions. My knee was going to require some serious treatment to repair. Even though the surgeon was convinced he could make the orthopedic repairs right in Grenada, he told me that going someplace that could deal with possible complications was the best way to go. He told me to think it over.

A little later, as we waited for the time to leave for the sea shuttle, and after a period of silent weeping, I phoned the knee specialist on Carriacou (from Minnesota mentioned above). He told me to bring all my x-rays with me when we returned back to Carriacou. He also told me that he would pay me a HOUSE CALL, look me over, and give me his evaluation! God is wonderful beyond imagination!

The next morning, Thursday, the surgeon in Grenada put a more stable and permanent cast on my leg, that evening we took a harrowing ride in the ambulance (that is another story in itself) back to the Osprey. About 7:45 PM, Thursday night we were all back home and seeking the Lord’s will and direction.

The next morning the surgeon from Minnesota came by just as he had said that he would. He looked at the x-rays and examined me. He then told me that my collarbone was a particularly bad break, but it looked like it would probably be fine. The knee; however, he said was only for a surgeon with experience that takes a special interest in my type of injury. It is going to take intense work to fix, and perhaps even a bone graph.

He then examined my left hip after I pointed out a sub surface bruise that had begun to show up the morning before. I had pointed it out to the surgeon in Grenada who took a look and said that it was nothing to be concerned about. But after this surgeon’s examination revealed certain tender spots he promptly frowned, and pointed to it saying, "You have a broken bone there also!" He quickly added that it needed to be x-rayed, but because I had good range of motion without pain it appeared to be only a small crack that would heal with no problem.

In conclusion, he said the knee must be cat-scanned, that I will require open surgery two weeks (optimum) to three weeks (max) from the time of the accident. Repairs likely include installing a plate, several screws, and possible ligament repair. I will also likely require intense pain management for four to five days, my leg being in a cast for six weeks and therapy for six weeks. At that point I should be at the point of putting my weight back on my leg and walking without crutches. This will require a stay in the US of three months minimum before we can return to Carriacou.

We are currently hoping to travel stateside sometime between the 3rd or 5th of January. I also hope to have the surgery done by no later than the following week.

Linda and Jeshua have been very strong and ministering to me beyond measure during this time. Linda has waited on me literally day and night to the point of even bathing me, which I cannot do for myself in my current state. She has not complained even once, though she almost feel on me once when she nearly feel asleep on her feet. J Please pray for them both, especially for Linda, as this is also very hard for them.

Please pray for us in the following:

  1. Finalizing our plans to travel stateside ASAP.
  2. Financial provision for travel and medical treatment. (Our health coverage group will only cover up to $5,000.00 for each illness or incident.)
  3. My enduring the trip to the US. (Currently I can set up for only a matter of minutes before the pain becomes often intense to unbearable. (The 75-minute trip on the Osprey back to Carriacou almost made me pass out at one point.) Please pray that my tissue damage will heal to the point that that the pain would be minimal and need no pain medication during the trip.
  4. Housing and transportation arrangements close to the facilities that will treat me.
  5. The right orthopedic surgeon and facilities to put me back together.
  6. For Linda and Jeshua as they literally wait on me hand and foot during this period of time.
  7. For the folks of Windward Bible Church as they continue on in our absence. Pray that they will not become disillusioned, discouraged, or doubting God because of what is happening.
  8. For God to glorify Himself and have His perfect will with us as we trust Him through this time.


Still looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II

Copyright © 2000 Last Chance Ministries. All rights reserved.
Revised: June 13, 2006.

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