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A Scenario Involving UFOs and ETs that Fits with the Bible's Plain Sense Description of Last Days Events

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

The Final Empire
©Copyrighted 1994
ģAll Rights Reserved

It is my belief, that a major paradigm shift has taken place in the beliefs and thinking in the minds of many--if not most--humans in the last fifty to seventy-five years. It is also my belief that when the event described above occurs, mankind in general will respond from within their current paradigm and way of thinking.

The mental frame of reference for much of society today has been built largely by literature and the moving picture industry of our time. Both scientific and fictional theories and ideas about humanity involves a belief that humans evolved from some primeval sludge of enzymes and amino acids. Supposedly this repugnant mix of chemicals  was struck by lightening at just the right time and at the right place somewhere in this universe millions or billions of years ago. Some believe this spark of life began here on earth. Others belief it took place first on some other planet in space, and was then carried to earth on a comet or meteor. Others believe it was brought to earth in shiny space craft that was build by beings that evolved over millions of years and developed technology that enabled them to traverse the vastness of time and space--without breaking their necks in the process.

As the theory goes, since live evolved on earth life must have evolved elsewhere in the universe too. Thus, the search is on. Even governments have been or are currently involved. We develop chemically powered rockets to power crude space craft to break free of earth's atmosphere and gravity. We put satellites in orbit with sensors and telescopes. We send robotic travelers to other planets. As of a few months back, new agencies, including, the BBC, and CNN, pondered the idea that Voyager 1, launched in 1977, has finally reached the 'heliopause,' which is the boundary between our solar system and stellar space. Even as I write this, the United States and NASA are contemplating sending men back to the moon and even on Mars and beyond. Why? Why the effort? Why the time? Why the money?

To find life on other planets would seemly prove that life on earth also evolved. Thus, as the theory goes, there is no supernatural all powerful, all knowing, ever present eternal being affectionately and fearfully known as 'GOD.' Looking for life elsewhere in the universe is mankind's way of thumbing its pudgy nose at God. So, people need not worry about living as He has instructed. They are free to redefine right and wrong and what is acceptable.

Now, for the most part, MAN is man's god. Homosexuality is now the alternative gay way. Adultery and fornication are now affairs. Drunkenness and gluttony are now deemed to be disease, as is also shoplifting, gambling (or ill-gotten gain), sorcery (pharmakia translated 'sorcery' from the Greek New Testament). Killing babies is now birth control -- or the right of a women to control her own body. Flying airplanes into buildings and killing children and other people thousands of miles away that did nothing others is now considered casualties of a Holy War.

Such frame of reference predisposes much of humanity to react to the rapture described above in way that would have been very different event a hundred years ago. The following is what I believe could and perhaps even likely to happen:

Let's supposed that a space craft (or crafts) suddenly arrived openly on earth. Let say they landed at the United Nations or European Union headquarters (where ever that would be if there is such a thing). All the major news reporting agencies quickly got cameras on the scene to show what was going, while on a split screen they are showing hundreds of home movies clearly showing this thing or things coming down out of the sky.

Once the craft land, all cameras get into place and begin rolling. (Yes, I realize that most cameras are digital now and they do not 'roll' film. But, I like the sound of the phrase. So give me a break here.) After a few minutes of everyone holding their breath and a dramatic pause, a hatch is suddenly revealed. A few seconds later it opens -- and a being steps outs, accompanied by a few smaller and different looking beings. The larger being appears to be a leader. (The sounds of all this happening and what these things look like is reserved for my novel series that I am writing. )

The apparent leader immediately begins to communicate with all those watching and listening -- including those observing by TV or listening by radio. Others are keep abreast by internet video or radio.

The ET spokesman, no ... spokeswomen, no ... hum ... (where is Steven Spielberg when you need him?) ... I know,  spokesbeing!

The spokesbeing makes the following claims. (I only provide a narrative here. The actual dialogue is reserved for my novel. Nyet nyet nyet. Okay, okay, no more taunting.)

The alien would claim that their race had wanted to come openly before, but was asked not to do so by some key governments of the world. He would say that the governments had told them that their people needed to be properly conditioned and prepared before meeting advanced beings from another world. Coming before the people were prepared -- he would say the governments claimed -- would destroy the fabric of human society. It could then claim that after observing and restrictively interacting with our race since the mid forties, its race had concluded that the governments were primarily concerned about keeping the people under their control and making them remain loyal to their nations, their governments, and even their religions that helps keep the people in line. It would go on to say that they had waited as long as they could, but could delay their coming no longer due to the urgency of the hour. This would be more believable if millions of people had recently vanished off earth in a way that cannot be explained by our current knowledge of physics.

He could then claim that they had come to help mankind prepare defenses so that they could resist and fight off another and powerful extraterrestrial that was in route to earth at that very moment with a large host or army.  This other ET, the leader would claim, is a cruel, deceptive, and enslaving rogue. A despot who is planning to arrive in mass in about seven years. He may also claim that the earlier disappearance of millions of humans was the result of an early vanguard of this other extraterrestrial. He would state succinctly that the vanguard had merely taken a sample from among the weaker minded of earth. To make matters worse, he could claim that the taken ones are currently being altered and forcefully enlisted into the forces of the other ET, which is preparing to come en mass to conquer and enslave humanity, and take control of the natural resources of earth.

Lastly, the alien would claim that this coming evil being is assuming the identity of one called Jesus Christ to make people more likely to receive Him with little or no resistant. It could also assert that the real Jesus was an evolutionary advanced human/alien hybrid that had been genetically created by them using their and human DNA. But, they would insist, jealous humans put Him to death because they were loosing adherents to their religion who were beginning to follow Him. The aliens could also say that the simple minded followers that had been with Jesus during his time of teaching on earth had misunderstood him and mistook him for a god. As a result, his followers began a religion that was built upon misunderstandings of his true teaching. In time, small groups of humans realized that they could make many multitudes of people do their bidding, give them their wealth, and fight wars if they perpetuated the religion and altered it over time as needed.

However, the alien would assure the world, they had preserved some DNA samples from the the true Jesus, and they had waited for mankind to reach the spiritual and intellectual maturity when it could understand and would accept the real Jesus if they cloned him and presented him to the world again. That time had come, they would say, and they would likely point single out some man already on earth that may or may not already be in the publics eye.

This secretly and genetically created man could have already been recognized by many on earth for displaying seeming psychic powers, diplomatic prowess, and great intellectual insight, He could also be known for demonstrating healing powers, Solomon-like discernment and problem solving, or even astute and unparalleled peace making abilities. Shoot, he could have all the above going on for him -- and even more.

When the people of earth take a good hard look at the special 'man' of the hour, they could even see that he does indeed appear to be different from all other humans in some notable ways, perhaps having traits that some thought were genetic anomalies. Yet, the alien would claim that this person is the most evolved human on the face of the earth, and an example of what all humans can become.

I believe if events unfolded in a way similar to above, much of humanity would not believe that this alien race, which had been reportedly interacting with mankind for good for thousands of years, is the enemy. Many would likely believe that they would be saviors instead.

Contrariwise, most mankind would likely, and unfortunately, believe that the enemies of the average person on earth are the governments of the world. I say this because of the way the ETs have made it very difficult to impossible for the governments in the know to publicly acknowledge the existence and presence of so-called extraterrestrials from space. After all, if the so-called ETs traveling in high tech vehicles (UFOs) that people have been seeing for millenniums have mankind's good in mind, why have they not simply landed openly at the United Nations, or Washington DC, or London, or Moscow, etc, and then stated their intentions?

As far as I know, in every situation where humans have seen or been involved with aliens or UFOs, there is an ever present factor that I have labeled 'the factor of the absurd.' I mean that each time the supposed aliens appear, they do something or present them self in a way that most people would question the relayed account. More importantly, each time there has been a major government involvement with them, the circumstances made it impossible for the government officials to reveal it to the general public -- as I believe was the incident at Roswell in July of 1947.

For the most part, I do not believe the governments (particularly the US) have been the bad guy here. At times some in government have been bumbling, inapt, and sometimes overbearing. However, Orson Wells' radio drama, War of the Worlds, which aired on Halloween of 1938, proved what could happen if the average person of earth believed that evil aliens had come to earth in scientifically advanced space craft with equally advance weapons. Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and UFO researcher, put it very appropriately in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries that aired on September 20, 1989. In a rather matter of fact tone, he stated;

I think the reasons for the initial cover-up were pretty straightforward when you think about it.

Remember, this is two years after the worse war the planet had ever seen. You didnít think in terms of nice guys here to say hello -- kind of thing.

They didnít know how to deal with them.

What could you tell the public?

It would have been totally irresponsible to say, ďBy the way, we thought youíd like to know -- that there are alien visitors to planet Earth; that we canít do a . . . thing to prevent them from flying over the country; we donít know what they want or where they are from -- but we thought youíd like to know --Ē

For this group of people at that time to do that, would have been totally irresponsible . . . .

Mr. Freidman was right on target in his synopsis.

Yet, mankind being peeved with their government lends itself to all kinds of scenarios. However, people would, I believe, would also be very concerned about the so-called rogue extraterrestrial that is supposedly on the way to earth with his own force and unimaginable weaponry. They would truly believe that this is a an enemy with which they must reckon when he arrives. They would also believe they need all the help they could get, realizing that the government cannot do it alone.

I believe this scenario would result in the vast majority of humanity uniting together under the guidance of the aliens and their leader. Most humans -- who do not take the Bible at its plain sense -- would give total loyalty to the special genetically created man, the aliens, and their leader or 'Master.' To sweeten the pot, they could also promise that that after they defeat the coming evil one with the help of the humans, they will help humans set up a new Utopian like society.

But more importantly, the aliens could also claim to have the knowledge and genetic technology to enable those on earth traverse their next evolutionary step. The new society would be a truly new and different type. They could say that this was why they had secretly been abducting some humans and performing experiments and taking tissue samples on and from our species. But the experiments are over, and their science tailored for human genetics is now complete.

The next evolutionary step for mankind, they would say, would not be a gradual one of slow change over generations. Instead it would be a quantum and instantaneous change -- once the power of human consciousness reaches a certain state of maturity and readiness, and a their genetic makeup has been sufficient altered with the help of prepared virus that is to be injected into each one.

This virus would would be said to release hidden racial genetic alleles would begin to transform humanity into something wonderful beyond imagination. It would also tag them with a trait that would make them instantly recognizable by others that had completed the process. Just as each human has a navel, this trait could result in some kind of characteristic that would be distinctive for every human being, yet of the same type for all. This would be much like the lines, ridges, and loops that are found on human hands and feet -- and that which makes up the finger prints. But unlike finger prints, these would show up in small places on the back on the hand of most, while on the foreheads of some. Alternatively, it could be an implantable chip that uses RFID (radio Frequency Idenfication).

The aliens would also claim that this alteration is necessary because it is the only way humanity can develop the psychic powers that will will be needed to defeat the coming rogue and his forces.

The aliens would also claim that this next evolutionary step would enable each human to reach the state in their evolution where they would have unimaginable abilities and powers. For all intents and purposes -- humans that achieve this advanced state would be like 'gods.' However, the ETs would say that humans will be able to achieve this step only if they completely embraced and follow their instructions on how to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually. The genetically created Jesus would serve as the example and guide for all humanity.

Lastly, the alien could claim that once the people of earth have helped him defeat this coming false god that will also claim to be Jesus, that he and the people of earth will retake a special and very rare fruit that makes people (or any species for that matter) immortal when they eat it. They could claim that the tree that bears this fruit is found on only one planet in a far away solar system, but is carried to other planets by their race to help others fully evolve.

According to them, a small scientific expedition, that still had a few of these trees remaining aboard their craft, had discovered earth thousands of years ago. After years of research and interaction with the primitive life here, they were able to develop the virus that would help humans through the quantum evolutionary step. Their plan was to first inject all the humans that were ready with the virus, and then share the special fruit with them. Thus, they planted one tree and waited for it to grow to the point that it could bear fruit from the earth. When the tree finally produced fruit that was mature, they began to carry out their plan. But unbeknownst to them, the extraterrestrial named Jesus and his host had stumbled upon the earth, and had been waiting and watching from afar because they wanted the fruit for themselves. After they had injected only two humans (a couple) with the virus, the false Jesus attacked and overpowered them, and then took the rest of the virus and all the fruit. He also took the tree before any humans got a bite.

As their story would go, the false god took the fruit for himself and others that serve Him, but will not allow anyone else to eat it to keep them dependant upon Him. The could claim that this is from where the legends of the 'tree of life' and the 'fountain of youth' came. They could also claim that the false god also took the virus to prevent humans from completing their evolution, because it would make it difficult to impossible for Him to over power and enslave them. This, the aliens would say, was the true metaphor known as the tree of  knowledge of good and evil.

Nuts, huh? What is it that people say? "Truth is often stranger than fiction." Read on to see what I mean...

Walter Robinson II
Webmaster of LCM

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