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ETs And UFOs, Matters Of Faith and Religion

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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

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ETs And UFOs,
Matters Of Faith and Religion

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

The Final Empire
©Copyrighted 1994
®All Rights Reserved

Because of my visit at Green Bank, and also because of what the 3M tech I met in St. Paul had told me about a strange place somewhere in the desert of Nevada or California, my interests in ETs and UFOs continued to increase well into the mid seventies.

One day, when I happened to be looking through some of the UFO literature I had gathered, I was first introduced to the silliest notion I had ever encountered. Could God actually have been an astronaut from an advanced civilization? I also noticed another weird notion presented in some of the same literature. The notion was -- could UFO’s actually be angels or vehicles that carry angels?

These notions did indeed seem silly -- at first. But when I got past the laughing stage, I began to take a good hard look at the logic and arguments. You know what? They began to make sense. I agreed with the reasoning that said that if evolutionary advanced beings from another world had visited the Earth a few thousand years ago, they  probably would have seemed "godlike" to an unsophisticated early Homo sapiens.

To my surprise some of the people that were proposing these radical ideas were learned people in scientific circles. Some even sported Ph.D’s and Masters degrees in different fields such as physics and science.

Some of these people had much more to lose than gain by making these bold new concepts public. Yes, some of the people were also considered crackpots and lunatics, but that did not deter me. I thought about my history lessons that showed how some who had previously dared to consider the radical and had made great discoveries as a result. Many of them were also often thought to be weird.

There were those who first considered such things as the world being round instead of flat, the possibility of traveling to the moon, or even the possibility of man being able to fly in heavier-than-air vehicles. I also thought about the first person who dared to claim that the Earth was not the center of our solar system, but the sun was instead. These people often not only put their reputations on the line, but in some cases they lost their lives. The ones who suffered the most seemed to be the ones labeled as heretics by the "church."

These admittedly strange new ideas were only considered as possibilities by me initially. But eventually I began to look for evidence to prove these notions were true. Consequently, my search broadened and ventured into other closets of the strange.

Psychokinesis, mental telepathy, and other aspects of ESP began to capture my interest. These subjects seemed to naturally fit with the new ideas and notions which were beginning to change my old ways of thinking. I was undergoing a complete paradigm shift in my thinking and concepts concerning the origin, purpose, and nature of human-kind. This also precipitated my old concepts about God and spirituality.

In most, if not all, of the UFO magazines, I found ads for books and literature dealing with various things I now call the "occult." Back in the seventies such material was often expressed in more benign and scientifically acceptable terms of the 'paranormal.' It was this type of literature that first introduced me to another potent notion; that within every human being lay powerful latent psychic powers that were just waiting to be unleashed. It was also claimed that any human could develop these inherent powers simply by increasing mental awareness and practice.

There were also concepts put forth about a certain extraterrestrial group that was known as the 'Space Brothers.' It was claimed that this benevolent and caring group was sending messages to certain types of human individuals by mental telepathy. Their 'channeled messages' consistently warned about supposedly upcoming cataclysmic changes that were going to come upon the Earth. But the channelers would quickly offer the hope that the 'Space Brothers' were soon going to come en masse in their flying saucers to take ready humans from off the Earth while 'She' (the earth) went through a cleansing cycle. Even I considered most of this 'far out' -- no pun intended -- but in the back of my mind I wondered.

During this time of enlightenment in my thinking I went to see a movie entitled Chariots of the Gods, which was based upon the book by the same title by Eric Von Däniken. It reminded me of some of the previous literature I had read which postulated how Jesus Christ had probably been an astronaut from another world. It was beginning to "click" for me -- so it seemed. In effect, I was developing a new religion.

In the early seventies I had requested and began to receive monthly newsletters from NICAP (the National Investigative Committee on Ariel Phenomenon). I had discovered this organization's name by seeing it repeatedly in some of the more 'respectable' UFO literature. During the mid seventies I ventured to write NICAP to inform them of my sincere interest in UFOs.

My letter to them contained a somewhat glorified résumé of my past training, expertise, and background with the 3M Company and Montgomery Wards. To my amazement, a few weeks later I received a package from NICAP which had been sent from their Maryland headquarters. The letter said they had appointed me as an official investigator -- with West Virginia as my assigned territory! As was the case with all of NICAP's field investigators, I was to serve on a volunteer basis.

I received official investigation forms and guidelines in the package I received from NICAP. There was also an official NICAP identification card having a space to affix my photograph. By the time I finished it -- complete with lamination -- even Scully and Moulder would have been impressed!

In weeks and months that followed I investigated several sightings in West Virginia and duly filed reports. I was also able to speak officially to a numerous individuals about the top of UFOs. I was surprised to find a significant percentage of the people that I encountered in everyday life that admitted to having seen at least one UFO. Usually, these people would open up and talk only after I showed them my NICAP I.D. card -- and only after they were convinced that I was not going to laugh at their accounts.

After acting as an official representative for NICAP for a couple of years, I began to become increasingly disillusioned. Even though I filed several reports with NICAP I never received any type of feed-back. After a while, I began to wonder if there was really anybody at their headquarters.

But that was not the only reason I was becoming disillusioned. It seemed that no matter how close I looked, and no matter how much I searched, meaningful satisfaction and real purpose was just around the next corner -- but always just out of reach.

I longed for something obtainable, and something that would provide what I needed. I needed to know who I was. I wanted to know my purpose for existence. I wanted to know what destinies awaited me. I wanted to understand the order and operation of the cosmos.

To make a long story short, I finally found everything for which I was looking, and much much more! Keep reading to see what I discovered.

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