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The following taken largely from my
first non-fiction book, The Final Empire,
(C) Copyright 1994, by Walter Robinson II

The Final Empire

The coming of the one world economic system,
one world government, and a one world religion.
Could this be the Last Empire of human history?

© Copyright 1994 by Walter T. Robinson II

Induction into the Unknown

Those moderately familiar with the New Age know the theory of evolution lies at the central core of this ever expanding philosophy. Many level headed people, who would laugh at certain aspects of the New Age, are staunch adherents to evolution. Yet, many of these would be surprised to realize they themselves are New Agers—to a certain degree—simply because they are adherents to evolution.

As with most people in my age group (around forty) and younger, my first involvement with the New Age started with me being taught evolution in the public school system. This so-called "theory" has often been taught as accepted fact in the public school system for the last three or four decades or so. Therefore, I will put my finger on the rewind button and take you back to this turbulent time in my life.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been intrigued with the enigmatic bogeyman; glittering stars and planets against a mysteriously cool black velvet sky; fleeting ghosts; creaking haunted houses; God; outer space; science fiction, flying saucers and men from Mars; and judgment day. Personally, I do not think I was so unique in my mental ramblings. If honest, most would admit to having dwelt upon a few of these thoughts as a child, teen, or adult—even if it was in passing. A few have even had enough spunk to pursue their strange wonders openly. However, many prefer to keep their unorthodox pursuits hidden from those who live in "the real world." They do this to preserve their outward appearance of being rational and normal human beings with nominal thinking patterns.

Admittedly, either of the previously mentioned groups can go to the extreme. So it is probably safe to say both groups have their good and bad virtues. Think of the people who have made great contributions to mankind by daring to consider ideas which lie outside the realm of the normal. There was Copernicus who did not believe the Earth was the center of the cosmos and Christopher Columbus who did not believe the world was flat. They too were at times thought to be eccentric or living in a dream world as opposed to reality. One may wonder what great ideas and inventions mankind has missed out on because somebody gave in and conformed to the so called "norms of sociological reason." However, when I was in elementary school in the mid 1960s even the norms of society were traveling upon turbulent seas of variance.

As a child it was no problem for me to believe in Santa Klaus—or that God created the world. But when I was in elementary school I ran head-first into a wall of confusing uncertainties.

The first bit of confusion encountered was when my science book and teacher began telling me about the "Big Bang Theory" and the "Theory of Evolution." This was confusing to me because my mother had told me God created the world and mankind, but the state educational system was now telling me science had somehow determined an explosion and natural selection did the creating. I believed my mother would not lie to me but I began to wonder rather or not if the old book of accepted truth which gave her such information could in fact be in error. This opened one enormous can of worms for me.

The worms which crawled out of this can led me to wonder from where the world had come and rather or not if mankind had evolved from apes as scientists were proposing. These questions carried a lot of weight with me because I held scientists in the highest regard. It seemed they were always the hope for solving the great problems facing mankind. Whenever something great was discovered, scientist were those who discovered it. Looking back, I have to say I had put scientists on the same pedestal with God. They had become my idols.

To add to the confusion which began to flood me, I discovered Santa Klaus was a hoax. Man, if Santa Klaus was not real, what about God? Could God be a hoax as well? If there was a God, was He just as the Christian Bible said He was—or was God just some misunderstood myth? Or was God something simple which had been misunderstood all together?

During this same period of my life I was shocked one Sunday morning by a newspaper headline heralding, "GOD IS DEAD." This only confounded my worries and wonders about everything in life.

I wondered how somebody could positively say God was dead. If He was really dead, did this not mean He really existed at one time? Did this mean someone had found His grave? Did someone actually see Him die? If He did die, what did that mean for the world He had created? Lastly, was someone going to replace Him? All these questions where a natural consequence of such an assertion concerning the so-called demise of God.

All this took place in the mid to late sixties. Admittedly, some of my confusing "worms" became licenses of convenience. I reasoned if God turned out to be an archaic hoax then the Bible itself could not be true as well. If the Bible was not true then certain concepts contained in the Bible were not true also. To be specific, I hoped hell and judgment day were possibly myths.

Now, if I lied, cheated, or stole for a good cause—i.e. my cause—there was no longer a God who was going to punish me. Being sneaky and not getting caught was a part of life I found challenging anyway. I was beginning to enjoy this new found "freedom" from being held accountable by an all-knowing God.

However, there was another side to this new found freedom. I could no longer count on God to help me in those impossible situations. I started counting on "luck" as a helper to fall back on in emergencies. Thus, I no longer saw any need to thank an ethereal and intangible God for helping me to accomplish something considered worthy of praise. Thus, I became quite good at patting myself on the back.

Due to my continually inflating "inner-self," I began to consider my thoughts, ideas, and theories to be just as good as anybody else’s. I specifically considered any concepts about God I came up with to be as plausible as anyone’s. At this point, my basic rule of thumb in life was to keep an open mind while giving secret preference to my own yet unsubstantiated concepts.

As most others my age, I soon found myself traveling through junior high and high school life dealing with the wonders and complications of adolescence. Some people my age even began having "deep philosophical discussions" about such things as sports, current events, the future and—occasionally religion.

In my schools it seemed if one was not into sports you had better have some pretty deep or mature ideas and opinions about something. I say this because those not into sports could possibly be looked upon by others as wimps or persons who had been given heads just to have a place to rest a hat. However, if you were good with the books you were excused, especially if you helped some of those who were participating in sports. I will not say how you helped, but I will say some of the "macho" into the sports scene were not hip to being tutored. You figure out the rest.

During high school I began to get active in religion, and I do mean active in—but not interested in religion itself. It seemed a lot of good looking and decent girls went to church. They were the kind of girls most level headed guys would have been proud to have as a steady. I figured I was a natural for the religious scene since I was afraid of cancer sticks and booze, did not care to use profanity, and prided myself on treating young ladies with respect. It seemed all I had to do was keep my nose clean and I would fit right in.

What ever I was doing seemed to be working. I was elected president of my church’s Baptist Youth Fellowship chapter. I called it my church because it was were I had "joined" and been "baptized" at age twelve.

Baptism was something very serious with me for two reasons. First, I was afraid of drowning in any amount of water. Every time I rinsed my hair after shampooing I could have sworn I was smothering to death when the water drained down across my nose and mouth. This was not an exaggeration. Secondly and foremost, baptism seemed to be the only thing I heard I could do to earn favor with a God who may exist.

At age twelve my visualization of God was of a shrouded old man setting on an old Victorian styled throne while looking down at me from a cloudy, gray heaven with a furrowed brow. I thought He was always ready to punish me for something bad I was either doing, thinking, had done, or was getting ready to do—which for me seemed to be a constant state of affairs.

It was this concept of God I feared more than drowning, because this Character could send me to a fiery Hell if I didn’t get baptized—at least I understood it as such.

"Have you been baptized? When are you going to be baptized? You need to be baptized! You better get baptized!" These were all very familiar and frightening questions and statements I remembered hearing which encouraged me to get baptized.

One thing was for sure. Even though I had braced the theory of evolution, I still was not sure there was not a God. Being the type of person who liked to play things the safe way and never took dares, I figured on covering all bases—just in case.

Furthermore, if there was a God, I figured my being baptized would entitle me to some fringe benefits. To be specific, I thought any God who could create the world in six days could surely find one good looking girl who would find me attractive. And if that request was beyond God’s scope of power I would settle for a car. I could have explained to God how a car could be used to get me and my friends to church in rough weather. That was the type of reasoning I could use with God—so I thought.

It seemed whatever my concept of God was, I somehow thought I could outwit Him. I thought I was smarter than He and I could manipulate Him for my own benefit—much like some brat of a child trying to get his senile but wealthy grandparent to grant him some of the inheritance ahead of time.

In either case, I enrolled in technical education during this time in my life. This happened when a school counselor told me about a new program where I could take the necessary classes to graduate with a college preparatory diploma. In this program I could simultaneously take a skill at the county vo-tech school which would equip me with a usable skill upon graduation. Since I was not sure I was going to want to go to college when I finished high school, I thought it sounded like a step in the right direction. This way I would be able to get a job with some meaning—and hopefully money—instead of having to work as a bag boy at some grocery store if I decided to give the school scene a rest for a year or so after graduation.

School for me was generally something I was enduring till I finished "paying my dues," as some put it. The idea of committing myself to another institution of learning—at my expense no less—was not my idea of post high school life and new found freedom. Yet, I figured I might as well milk the system for all it was worth while it was free and I was locked into going.

Therefore, in the fall of 1969, I not only enrolled in high school, but also in a three year curriculum in Electronic Technology. Those last three years were choked full of academics. I had advanced biology, physics, and I think chemistry. I enjoyed all of these subjects except chemistry which I found very difficult. These special courses were taken along with the regular ones most students took. For half a day I was at the Woodrow Wilson High School preparing to go to college by taking the curriculum described above, the rest of the day was spent at the Raleigh County Vocational Technical Center. At the technical school I spent half of my time in geometry, trigonometry, technical drafting, computer programming, and etc. The rest of the day at the technical school was spent in electronic theory and lab. Most of the time I really enjoyed my classes at both the vo-tech and high school. They were interesting and I felt they had real meaning for my life. Generally speaking, I had very good teachers who knew how to get me interested in what I was supposed to learn.

My high school physics teacher and English teachers really knew how to get me to apply myself. My electronics theory teacher had a knack for good jokes on top of communicating the academics well. My other vo-tech teacher was equally good. However, there was something different about him.

He was a very respectable father type. I do not ever remember him telling off-color jokes and he would not tolerate a student cursing in his presence. Yet, he seemed to display a real concern for his students which went beyond that of most teachers. Once in a while he even talked about things he said were in the Bible. I think he even told our class he taught Sunday school in his church. I remember him one day talking about things the Bible said were going to happen before the end of the world. Even though I found what he said interesting, it frightened me for some reason. It seemed to me this teacher had a lot more to say. Yet, he seemed to hold back a lot, perhaps because of the public school system being bound to keep church and state separate. In either case, looking back on it now I believe this man was possibly a born-again Christian. I also recall that I never remember him saying anything that promoted the theory of evolution as a viable belief system.

In either case, there were a number of good and exciting things which happened during my high school years. Late in 1970 I was elected president of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, known also as VICA. Early in 1971 I went to the state convention and ran for one of the three vice president positions. For a reason I am not sure of even to this day, I was elected state president!

In April of 1971 I was appointed, along with another student, to represent my high school at the Junior Executive Conference held at West Virginia University. It was quite an honor as my school had around 1500 students and I am sure there were some who had better grades who should have gone instead of me.

In June I got to go to Indianapolis and I ran for the National President of VICA. Out of some ten to twenty vying for this office, I was one of three nominated to run. However, I did not win. Well, you can’t win them all and—so was life.

However, in late October I went to Washington D.C. to attend a National Leadership Conference sponsored by VICA. I got to meet most of my state’s representatives, including Senator Robert Byrd, who would later serve as senate majority leader from 1977 to 1981 and minority leader from 1981 on for quite a few years. A photo was taken of this event and it appeared in my hometown newspaper. Later in the year the Honorable Jennings Randolph, U.S. Senator, sent me a copy of the Congressional Record for December 2, 1971, page E 12917. I found my name in the record where Senator Randolph had addressed the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, concerning vocational education. To say I felt honored is an understatement. I don’t think I will quickly forget the special year of 1971. If only every young person could have such a year.

It was also during this time I landed a part time job at WSWP-TV, a public television station in my hometown of Beckley, West Virginia. Actually I did not really land the job, but I got it because a friend and classmate of mine got busted up in a motorcycle accident and I happened to be next in line for being recommended.

I worked as a production assistant, which was a fancy title for laborer and gopher. It paid minimum wage, but I learned much about responsibility. I truly enjoyed the job most of the time. I especially enjoyed it when I got to go with the production crew to Green Bank, West Virginia to make a documentary video production. It was entitled, A Voice From Olympus, and it dealt with the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent, and our search for it. This experience helped to deepen my belief in evolution. This venture is explained in depth elsewhere on this website in my background.

The experience at Green Bank was unforgettable for other reasons as well. About one week before I left Beckley to go to Green Bank with the production crew from WSWP, on my eighteenth birthday, I went on my first date with Linda, who is now my wife.

As it turned out, the first date led to another after I returned from the filming of A Voice From Olympus. That date led to another, and then another. On our second date I informed Linda I was going to marry her. About three months later, after I asked her to marry me, we became secretly engaged. It was a secret but I had an idea a few of my friends and relatives suspected we would someday tie the knot.

Shortly after our secret engagement began, I reluctantly left to attend West Virginia University in Morgantown. I shall explain why I said I reluctantly left.

As I previously explained, when I graduated from high school I received a college preparatory diploma. I also received a three-year electronic technology diploma from the vo-tech school I had attended during my last three years in high school. This was to enable me to be qualified as a skilled technician in electronics as well as to be prepared to enter college if I decided to do so. The former would allow me to possibly get a job if I chose not to go on to college at the time.

Up until the time I met Linda, I had very much wanted to go to college. This was not entirely due to my noble aspiration to further my learning, but mostly because I wanted to get out on my own. As it happened, I also won a small college scholarship during my senior year at high school.

It looked like I did not have much choice but to stay with the school scene for a little while longer. I really had the best intentions of doing the best I could, but when Linda came into my lonely life I no longer gave great credence to what others wanted. And what I wanted was to get a job in electronics utilizing my training so we could get married and settle down.

Yet, with all things considered I had no desire to purposely hurt or alienate anyone nor, was I absolutely sure college was something I did not need. In addition, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. But I still did not like being separated from Linda or waiting to find a job so we could get married.

After two weeks at WVU, I had my first spiritual revelation—so to speak. I thought I had finally figured out the answer to all my problems as well as what to do with my life. I decided to become a pastor of a large church. I mean after all, I had made it in the religious circle back home so why not make it my vocation.

Consequently, two weeks into my first semester I changed my curriculum from an electrical engineering major to a theological major. This action gained quick smiles of approval from everyone back home. Everyone—except Linda that is.

Linda found the prospects of becoming a "minister’s wife" frightening—her words at the time. Nevertheless she said she loved me and would stick by me.

Shortly after I got into my theological studies, I found the curriculum to be down right boring. Eventually I had another revelation later in the semester, and I no longer wanted to be a minister. My theological studies were not only boring, but college altogether was beginning to become a first class drag.

I was first exposed to an eastern religion without realizing it while I attended WVU. I took a ‘beginning’ swimmer class that I figured was a sure shoe-in because I had already learned swimming basics under the Red Cross a few years earlier. However, the instructor began the first session by having everyone to jump in the large pool and swim the full length of it. So much for the shoe-in!

The instructor also began each session by making us practice yoga stretching and breathing in preparation for swimming. I considered myself pretty open-minded, but learning to become a human rubber band was not one of my highest aspirations.

The last six weeks or so of that semester, while literally buying time, I changed my major one more time. This time I majored in "Pool 101" with a specialty in Reverse English. I minored in "Pinball 110" with a specialty in "TILT." My professor was a rather nondescript looking follow who went by the name of ‘St. John.’ But I assure you, even though he was full of revelations, a "saint" he most assuredly ain’t, or at least he wasn’t at that time. He was notorious for finding out he did not have his share of money for rental on the pool table after we had played a few hours. But I did get some satisfaction by beating him my fair share of the time.

I also had another professor called Pepper. Now Pepper was a different story. He always paid his share, but playing a game of nine-ball with him consisted of chalking your cue tip while he repeatedly ran the table in a flawless manner. I later discovered he was reportedly ninth in the nation in nine ball at the time. At least a master had thumped me.

The next semester I enrolled in West Virginia Institute of Technology. This school was within commuting distance of my parents’ home, which worked out real good. The tuition and books were economical enough to allow me to purchase a 1964 Mustang convertible. This enabled me to see Linda every day, drive forty miles to school, sleep in my uncle’s dorm room on campus, and then drive another forty miles back to Beckley. Again, I was literally buying time to look for a job so Linda and I could get hitched.

Early in 1973, I got a job with a Montgomery Ward’s store in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The job was to begin in March and I was to be employed as a TV and stereo bench technician. It paid three bucks an hour, which was good money at the time—at least to me anyway.

It was at this time, in January or February, Linda and I made our plans of matrimony public. In March of 1973, I started working on a new job that was 150 miles from Beckley. I found an apartment across the Ohio River in Belpre, Ohio.

Commuting back and forth to Beckley most weekends got old pretty quick. But two weeks before making my wedding vows, I left my job as a TV and stereo tech for a better job offer with the 3M Company. My new occupational title was customer service representative—a fancy way of saying technician. There was a marked increase in my salary plus the use of a company car. Linda and I were married on July 28, 1973.

However, I soon discovered some unexpected dark clouds coming in between me and this new sunny opportunity. Before I accepted the new job my perspective manager had told me I would have to travel to St. Paul, Minnesota from time to time for training. But, he assured me he would space the training sessions out over a period of time due to my immediate nuptial plans.

But guess what. Four days after we got married I was on my way to "sunny" St. Paul. The best I can remember, one morning on my way to class, I saw it spitting snow—in the early part of August! Oh well. I figured this would take care of my training excursions for awhile. But, I had figured wrong.

That first session lasted around ten days. After returning to West Virginia I discovered I would be home for ten more days and then it was back to Minnesota again for ten more. At the conclusion of my last training session, I again flew back to West Virginia. This time the manager seemed to greet me with a sarcastic grin of torture as he informed me I was going back to Minnesota for training on Microfilm. I was to leave after being home for fourteen days, which was good. But this time I was going to be gone for three weeks. That did it!

Now you must bear in mind I was only nineteen years old and one very frustrated newlywed. If you don’t take this into consideration, my actions are going to seem like an over-reaction.

The announcement of a three-week training session sounded like three centuries of hard labor as a monk in a monastery. Now, I had no intentions of becoming a monk, but I figured three more weeks so soon again in St. Paul would probably make me start swinging from trees like a monk-ey.

I contacted my manager from my previous job as a TV and stereo technician and asked for my old job back. To my surprise he not only offered my old job back, but he also offered me a generous raise over my previous salary. I accepted with appreciative excitement. I was to start just as soon as I could get relocated, which turned out to be the next couple of days.

The next morning the manager with the sadistic grin who seemed to get a charge out of sending me to St. Paul was surprised—to put it mildly—when I resigned. He tried to convince me to change my mine about leaving, but Mr. Sadistic would have to find another yo-yo to string back and forth between St. Paul and West Virginia, because this one had cut the string.

However on one of those trips to St. Paul I had a strange encounter of my own that reminded me of my previous experience at Green Bank with the WSWP crew. I have to say that I cannot remember exactly when this occurred because it has been at least twenty-five years ago and maybe even longer. Yet, I strongly believe this happened either in the summer of 1973 or 1975.

In either case, on one occasion while I was in St. Paul for training I roomed with another technician from another part of the country that happened to be a retired armed services man. Some how the topic of UFOs came up while we were engaged in general conversation. He suddenly became very solemn and related a story of his accidentally stumbling upon an area that I now believe is known by the infamous title of ‘Area 51.’ The full account of this story is found elsewhere on this website about my encounter with this man.

In either case, Linda and I moved to Torch, Ohio the day I resigned from the 3M Company. This was the first of September of 1973. A couple of weeks later we moved to Belpre, Ohio.

Shortly after moving to Belpre the national news started reporting how in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson had supposedly been abducted by aliens in a UFO. This was reported to have happened on October 11, 1973. I believe it was the news coverage of this incident that got me looking seriously at UFOs. As I said earlier, I had been somewhat interested in the topic ever since my visit to Green Bank one-year earlier in 1972.

I began going to the library and checking out any books I could find on the topic. Even though we were on an extremely tight budget, I would purchase any magazines that had any material relating to the unexplained. UFOs, pyramids, or the Bermuda Triangle were topics that warranted a sacrifice in the Robinsons’ budget of $98.00 take home pay per week.

The literature promoted the idea that extraterrestrial life existed and that evolution was real. It also led me to believe that mankind’s concept of God or gods, and supernatural claims made in many religions had actually come about due to evolutionary advanced extraterrestrials interaction with early man. Much of this literature postulated that early humans had misunderstood the aliens’ advanced technology and inherent psychic abilities as divine and advanced spirituality.

Initially, I only considered these strange new ideas as possibilities, but I began to look for evidence to prove that they were indeed true. My search began to broaden and venture into other closets of the strange as a result, and my faith in evolution and extraterrestrials began to grow by leaps and bounds.

Psychokinesis, mental telepathy, and other aspects of ESP began to capture my interest also. They seemed to fit naturally in with the new ideas and notions that were beginning to effect a complete paradigm shift in my thinking and concepts about mankind and myself. In most—if not all—of the UFO magazines I found ads for books and literature that dealt with topics and concepts I now call the "occult." Back then they were labeled under the more scientifically acceptable term of the paranormal. I repeatedly bombarded with idea that within every human being lay latent psychic powers that were waiting to be unleashed merely by reading the advertisements of this literature.

I also remember reading some ads that claimed that some extraterrestrials, known as "Space Brothers," were sending messages to certain types of individuals by mental telepathy. The messages warned about upcoming cataclysmic changes that were coming upon the Earth. They also claimed that the "Space Brothers" were soon going to come en masse in technologically advanced flying saucers to rescue certain prepared individuals who would receive them. At that time even I considered this "far out"—no pun intended.

During this time there were more than enough supposedly ‘controlled experiments’ and documented experiences with psychics presented on TV and other media to keep me interested in my new belief system. There had even been some programs on television that dealt with this topic that left me believing there was indeed something to unknown powers being inherent in each human being.

I eventually began my own private experiments with psychokinesis and mental telepathy. But unlike many others that ventured to travel the roads of the unknown during this time, I did not use drugs to help kick-start my latent abilities. The thought of putting any chemicals in my body was scary to me. To this very day I am glad I never purchased a ticket for one of those trips—which often turned into one-way excursions from which too many never found a way back.

Like many of you reading this book, I did not consider something valid unless it was tangible to my mind after personal examination. At that time in my life the Christian Bible was an old book about old dead people, and it dealt with past events in which no eyewitnesses were alive to give me a first hand account of what really happened. Nor was I given the privilege to question them to determine their reliability and credibility. On the other hand, the reported experiments and experiences that dealt with the paranormal seemingly supplied that element of personal examination and validation.

During this time I began to encounter some mild paranormal activity in our living quarters. I did not draw a correlation between these occurrences and my strange activities at the time. I now believe these events were connected. I also believe these occurrences were not merely paranormal psychic activity, but something else—something much more organized and deliberate.

I will relate one incident that occurred as follows.

I remember having become somewhat fascinated with what made flying saucers able to fly as they did. Reportedly, they had been tracked by radar going up to 30,000 miles per hour. They could stop on a dime or accelerate to this speed and even higher almost instantaneously. At these speeds they could make right hand turns or even reverse direction instantaneously—without slowing down. I reasoned that to figure out how this was done would be tantamount to making the biggest discovery of the century and maybe even the millennium. I also figured a scientific discovery in this area would change all of life on Earth for the better.

One I was meditating on some material I had read about the electromagnetic spectrum. I had also read material about wave, vibration, and particle theory. Suddenly, my mind seemed to kick into a gear I had never experienced before. It literally seemed to be working independent of my own desires and controls. It was like someone had turned on a television behind my eyeballs. I was deluged with a unified theory that showed the relationships between vibration, wave, gravity, and mass. The theory that began to develop not only seemed to explain how gravity worked, but also the fundamentals of how to control it.

Initially I was intrigued and surprised by what was happening. But after several intense hours of this I literally became worn out. I decided I had better stop the train of thought and get some sleep because I had to go to work in a few hours. To my utter surprise—and dismay—I could not stop what was happening!

My intrigue was gradually replaced by fear with that realization. I was literally terrified because I did not understand what was happening. Not only were the thoughts and paradigms not stopping so I could sleep—they seemed to be intensifying. I resisted to the point beyond exhaustion.

As far as I can remember, Linda had never seen me cry out of fear—until that night. Even at the writing of this manuscript, I do not clearly remember how this frightening experience ended. I know I was more desperate than I had ever been in my life. In my desperation I believe I may have muttered a prayer to a God that I was not sure was there.

As a result of this experience, I put away everything dealing with UFOs—for a while. But as "fate" seemed to have it, my interest was kicked into high gear again when something else occurred. Some good friends, and young couple, that lived in Belpre came by our apartment late one evening. They were all ‘bug-eyed’ and excitedly talked about a big bright ball of light they had just seen in the sky. They said it that appeared bigger and brighter than the moon in perspective. They also said they watched as the object descended behind a mountain range that was located just south of the Ohio River around Blennerhassett Island.

After extensive questioning and their drawing sketches, I concluded they had seen a UFO. This incident piqued my interest again, and I became determined to get to the bottom of the unexplained phenomenon of UFOs. My faith in evolution and ETs rose back up to the forefront of my thinking once more.

During the fall of 1974, the failing national economy forced me to make a survivalist move in my occupation. I was "led" to go into management training because I knew when things got bad managers were usually the last to get laid off. The management-training program was conducted at the same location where I worked as a TV and stereo technician. The training lasted for sixteen grueling weeks. At the end of the training period, I was assigned to manage a service department located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

In January of 1975, Linda and I said good-by to our friends in Belpre and reluctantly traveled north east to a town we had never heard of till two weeks before. I soon settled into my new job as the service manager, and the real school began!

While in Beaver Falls I located new sources for UFO magazines and like material. I also found this part of Pennsylvania had previously had a high rate of reported UFO activity. Some of our new friends had even witnessed a UFO following the Beaver River and hovering in one spot for a short time. Thus, I continued to investigate and probe for answers hoping to confirm my faith that had began to form while living in Belpre.

Due to the bad economy of that time, and also because of rumors that were circulating among employees, I feared that the Montgomery Wards store in Beaver Falls was going to close soon. I traveled to Charleston, West Virginia to see a man who was the new service manager with 3M Company. I talked with him about returning to my old job and he told me that he would get back to me to let me know if anything opened up. A little while later I received a letter from him that informed me that an opening was available for a tech in the Charleston area. I took the new job offer—and sure enough—the store in Beaver Falls closed a short time after I left.

When we returned to West Virginia, a great uncle of mine, Walter Ferguson, invited us to move in with him. He had a big house in Charleston, and he was up in age, widowed, and alone. We were thankful for the offer and soon moved. We helped him with the house and paid a token rent amount.

This uncle was special me. He was working as Aid to the governor of West Virginia. He had filled this position and had been so for some twenty years under several different governors. He had carried the prestige and respect of the position well, and some had even referred to him as the ‘Lieutenant Governor’ of West Virginia. When I was in my early teens he once took my mother, my brother, and myself on a personal tour of Charleston’s Capitol, and he had even let us sit in the governor’s chair in the governor’s office! Needless to say, I had been impressed with him. My father and I had been given his first and middle name. Even though his last name was Ferguson, not Robinson, I had dropped Junior and added ‘The Second’ to the end of my name to continue the name.

My uncle remarried (he wasn’t as old as some thought he was!) about a year after we moved in with him. Linda and I began to look for someplace else to live. We finally located a small apartment in Institute, West Virginia that was within rock throwing distance of West Virginia State College. It was now June of 1976. This is when things really began happening.

Linda went with me to see a movie entitled Chariots of the Gods, based upon the book by Eric Von Däniken. Talk about a kick in the old pants! This movie got my interest in the weird stuck in overdrive. It reminded me of some of the previous literature I had read which postulated how Jesus Christ had probably been an astronaut from another world. It had really began to "click" for me—so it seemed.

During this time I also became an official investigator for NICAP, i.e., the National Investigative Committee on Arial Phenomenon. West Virginia was my assigned territory. I was fixed up with an official ID and forms. I was ready, I was eager, and my new faith was really flourishing. More is said elsewhere on this website about my appointment with NICAP.

Society also seemed to be undergoing a complete paradigm shift concerning values and morality. It appeared a new society was emerging where ‘do your own thing’ reigned supreme. I was looking forward to this change with great expectation.

Technology also seemed to be making quantum leaps in advancement. Hand held calculators were now doing the same tasks older room sized computers found difficult. A wristwatch now not only gave the time in digits, but they also had alarms and stopwatches built in. There was even rumored talk about watches with calculators built in. Satellite communications were shrinking the world for TV, radio, and even telephone. The new breed of computers were becoming incomprehensible, utilizing solid state microprocessors and becoming awesome in ability and speed. The discoveries of new cosmological entities such as quasars, black holes, and new galaxies by both improved electronic telescopes and unmanned space probes, were tantalizing the minds and imaginations of modern mankind. Even a consistent effort toward searching for extraterrestrial life seemed to be gaining momentum by different government and scientific organizations.

In addition, television and movie theaters seemed to be slanting more and more toward science fiction and occult topics. There were:

  • Lost in Space, about a futuristic Robinson family traveling in an Earth made flying saucer

  • My Favorite Martian, about a friendly human-looking alien with antennae and psychic abilities

  •  Bewitched, which was about the struggles of a "good" witch married to a not so smart human

  •  The Invaders, which was about not so human-looking nor friendly aliens who could take human form in their bid to take over Earth; and of course the all time classic which would later gain a cult-like following

  •  Star Trek, about a star ship and intergalactic crew going where no man had ever gone before.

As time progressed the material began to get consistently more serious in nature. Examples of these type were:

  • Rosemary’s Baby, about the Devil conceiving a child with an human woman;

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey, about an advanced computer programmed with AI [artificial intelligence], running amuck while guiding an Earth made space ship to the stars

  • The Exorcist, a so-called true story of demonic possession and deliverance by Roman Catholic Priests; and another classic

  • Interrupted Journey, the factual dramatization of Barney and Betty Hill who had allegedly been abducted by aliens and had experiments performed on them. Well into the seventies, and even up till the writing of this manuscript, the television and movie industry continues to gain momentum with their depiction of the paranormal.

Many common people were now wondering if some of the things depicted by the entertainment industry could possibly be true. This new train of thought was being helped along during this time by the publicity the media was giving to events such as psychics aiding the police in solving crimes and the nationally covered report of the abduction of Travis Walton on November 5, 1975. In addition, the Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, was bending spoons all across the nation while on national television, and he had attributed his power to forces not of Earth. There was even the government’s formal recognition of a Church of Satan in California. Talk about a rut!

Some pretty strange rumors had began surfacing also; such as the U.S. federal government supposedly having a secret warehouse somewhere where they were storing the preserved remains of extraterrestrial beings and their crashed flying saucers. Due to the ‘Watergate’ scandal Americans were beginning to believe their government was hopelessly corrupted and capable of anything—including a galactic cover-up.

Some were even pointing to the non-conclusion of Project Blue Book as a basis for their assertions. I am not saying these conclusions were right. I am only saying that there were a significant number of people who were thinking along these lines.

During the mid seventies West Virginia had a small UFO flap and I got the chance to do some official investigating. It seemed that nearly everywhere I looked, and all segments of society was undergoing a shift in thinking. It also seemed that it was going in the same direction that I was traveling. The theory of evolution and belief in intelligent extraterrestrial life was gaining more and more ground and acceptance, with the world, and with me. But I was really struggling in many other areas of my life, and my faith did not help me, but only made matters worse in time. It was only after I came to Jesus Christ by grace through faith that those struggles ended and I truly found for what I had been looking for much of my life. That event is described elsewhere on this website at how I was set free.


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