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Hurricane Ivan Does Damage to Carriacou, Grenada

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Learn more about Carriacou, Grenada, including the current
time and weather


Liming by the sea

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Tourist Information
About Carriacou, Grenada

Sunny beaches on Carriacou


The Current state of affairs of Carriacou, Grenada concerning tourism in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan

(Updated January 10, 2008)

In July 2005, Carriacou was hit by Hurricane Emily, some 11 months after being hit by Ivan in 2004. (Read on below for more information about these events.) Much more damage was done to Carriacou by Emily, but the people worked hard and steady to restore Carriacou to it beautiful status and ready to receive tourist from all over the world.

Two and one half years years later, we are happy to report that Carriacou has remained hurricane free. It is getting more beautiful each year, with new houses and business being added to this wonderful island family. We are seeing more tourist from all over the world each year.

High speed DSL internet service is available through Cable & Wireless, Grenada. Cell Phone service is available well through out the island through Cable and Wireless, Grenada and Digicel Grenada Limited. Both services use GSM cell technology and operate on 850 MHz and 900 MHz respectively. Both also offer limited cell phone based web access.

More roads have been paved or repaved and traveling throughout the island is much better and enjoyable than ever. There are also more new taxis and buses available for travel everywhere, and some are even air-conditioned.

It is also rumored that a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise is going to be built and open for business in Hillsborough soon! This will be Carriacou first American fast food restaurant. I am looking forward to its opening.

The beaches are as beautiful and warm as ever. Come on down for a visit, but be prepared to leave leave a part of your heart behind after your visit.

All the best as we continue to look upward.

Walter Robinson II
Webmaster of LCM
January 10, 2008 

Carriacou has recovered and is open for Tourists

(Updated of September 28, 2004)

As many are now aware, the beautiful Spice Isle Caribbean nation of Grenada suffered a devastating hit by Hurricane Ivan on September 7, 2004. Many lost their lives and many buildings were either totally destroyed or severely damaged. It is also obvious that the tourism industry has been affected as well.

I am happy to report that Grenada's smaller island state of Carriacou is ready to welcome tourists! Power and telephone communications (including internet service) has been restored throughout the island. All streets are clear and open to traffic. All hotels and restaurants are conducting business as usual. The same goes for nearly all, if not all, guest houses, cottages, shops, supermarkets, and stores that cater to the needs of tourists. The beaches are still as lovely as every and the people are still smiling and friendly.

I personally have verified that the Point Saline International Airport on the mainland is open and receiving flights. The same goes for the smaller Lauriston International Airport on Carriacou. The Osprey Sea Ferry is also making daily trips between Carriacou and the Grenada mainland. As of Monday, September 27, 2004 the Grenada postal system (Grenada Postal Corporation)  is sending and receiving mail, packages, and parcels to and from all parts of the world.

If you are wondering if you would be safe and secure here, wonder no more. There was absolutely no looting here and it is as nice, calm, and safe as it was before the storm. Carriacou is the place to visit, not only because of its natural beauty and tropical climate, but also because of the friendly people that live here.

In fact, except for several homes and other buildings in villages all over Carriacou that are obviously still in need of repairs or rebuilding, and some broken trees and brush in various places, it is almost hard to tell that a Category Three Hurricane passed through here some two weeks ago! The resilience of the people here is remarkable. Couple that with God's marvelous grace and mercy, Carriacou is blessed and ready to share its warmth, beauty, and natural resources with visitors.

If you already had reservations to come to Carriacou there is no reason to cancel. If you had reservations to come to the mainland of Grenada, perhaps you can still come Carriacou. But in any case, Carriacou should be a primary consideration if you are looking for nice pristine place to enjoy your vacation.

Lastly, your visit to Carriacou would also benefit the economy and help the people of Grenada recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Thus, you can have a nice vacation while helping this country recover at the same time. Now that's a good deal! Come on down, and -- all the best...

Walter Robinson II
Revised September 28, 2004

Click here to hear a statement by the Honorable Elvin Nimrod about Carriacou's present state of affairs and ability to accommodate tourists.

Hurricane Ivan Takes Many Lives And Does Extensive Damage to The Grenada Mainland.

Much Damage also Occurred
on Carriacou and Petit Martinique

(Most recent changes begin here. Older entries are below.)

Update as of September 28, 2004


  • Special Account set up by Government of Grenada to receive relief funds to help those on Carriacou. (Click here for details.)

  • As of Monday, September 27, 2004 the Grenada postal system (Grenada Postal Corporation)  is sending and receiving mail, packages, and parcel to and from all parts of the world.

Statement by the Honorable Elvin Nimrod
September 25, 2004

(Photo By Jeshua Robinson Copyrighted © 2004, All rights reserved ® by LCM.)

From Left to Right
Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester,
Permanent Secretary for Carriacou and Petit Martinique
The Honorable Elvin Nimrod,
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Grenada
Walter Robinson II,
Pastor of Windward Bible Church and Webmaster of LCM


On Saturday, September 25, 2004, I met with the Honorable Elvin Nimrod, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Grenada and Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester, Permanent Secretary for Carriacou and Petit Martinique at the Ministry Office on Carriacou. In this meeting Minister Nimrod affirmed that Carriacou is more than capable to fully accommodate tourists, and in fact, he welcomes them to our beautiful and calm island.

He emphasized the fact that power and communications are fully restored and everything is under control. More importantly, he stressed that any tourists should be informed that all visitors to Carriacou should have complete confidence that they will be safe and secure here on Carriacou. No looting or rioting has occurred at any time before, during, or after Hurricane Ivan passed through.

Minister Nimrod said much more and answered some questions posed by me in that meeting. His statement and my interview (presented here in MP3 Format) can be downloaded or listened to by clicking on the two designated links below.

(Photo By Walter  Robinson II, Copyrighted © 2004, All rights reserved ® by LCM.)

The Honorable Elvin Nimrod

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Minister of Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs
Minister of Legal Affairs

MP3 Streaming AudioInterview with the Honorable Elvin Nimrod: Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Grenada:
September 25, 2005, Interview with the Honorable Elvin Nimrod about the state of Affairs of Carriacou and the Mainland of Grenada and also the state of tourism on Carriacou in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan - 9 Mins, 1.0 Megs. Streaming MP3 Audio.
 Copyrighted © 2004, All rights reserved ®.

Right click here to downloadRight click here to download. Copyrighted © 2004, All rights reserved ®.

(Click here to learn more about the special account that has been set up by the Government of Grenada to receive relief funds to help those on Carriacou.)

Walter Robinson II
Pastor of Windward Bible Church
& Webmaster of LCM

The State of Carriacou and the mainland of Grenada A little more than two Weeks after Hurricane Ivan
As related to me largely by Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester, the Permanent Secretary and Coordinator for Disaster Preparedness for Carriacou and Petit Martinique on September 23, 2004)

Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester

(Photo By Walter  Robinson II, Copyrighted © 2004, All rights reserved ® by LCM.)

Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester
Permanent Secretary and Coordinator for Disaster
Preparedness for Carriacou and Petit Martinique

Though many of the people of Carriacou still yet have a long way to go in recovering from Hurricane Ivan, much progress has been made. I met with Ms. Bernadette Lendore Sylvester, the Permanent Secretary for Carriacou and PM on September 23, 2004. She informed me that some 400 homes on Carriacou and PM suffered damage ranging from the loss of partial or complete roofs to total destruction. She also looked over the page we have here on LCM that is making the needs of our lovely island known, as well as the great need of those that are still suffering immensely on the mainland. (Click here to read more about those needs and how you can help.)

Yet, Ms. Sylvester also confirmed my belief that Carriacou is now ready to continue receiving visitors and providing a wonderful tourist experience for them. This is not hype or an exaggeration. This webmaster has personally examined the services and the island of Carriacou in general, and I can tell you that I believe that any visitors will be glad they came. Click here to read more about the current state of affairs of Carriacou.

I need not tell you that the nation of Grenada now needs the support and help of people around the world in a very real and pressing way. The dire and desperate state of the mainland is better related by those who have been there and set up websites and web pages to show it. The following are just a couple (Click on each to go to their respective sites):

  In addition to the ways that people can help as spelled out on our Carriacou and Grenada mainland relief and aid page, another way is to visit Carriacou and contribute to the economy as a tourist while enjoying yourself as well. That's a good deal in any book!

On behalf of the people of Carriacou, thanks for your ongoing prayers and expressions of concern and offers of help.

All the best,
Walter Robinson II
Pastor of Windward Bible Church
& Webmaster of LCM

My Observations on the State of Carriacou and the mainland of Grenada One Week after Hurricane Ivan
(September 14, 2004, Carriacou)

By Walter Robinson II, Webmaster of LCM

On September 7, 2004, Hurricane Ivan (category 3) devastated the mainland of Grenada when it's eye passed directly through it. Some news reports state that Ivan was actually a Category 5 when it did so, but that is not official. What is official is that 90% percent of the homes and other buildings were damaged or destroyed and many lives have been lost. As of September 20, 2004, 39 deaths have been confirmed.

I spoke to one young lady on Saturday  morning, September 11, 2004, who was still on the mainland at the time and trying to get to Carriacou. She told us that things on the mainland were so bad that some prisoners that had escaped from the nation's prison during its destruction by the storm actually returned to the prison ruins a few days later. A recent newscast broadcast over the Internet claims that ONE HALF of the homes there were destroyed and many of the people are currently without shelter. It is also reported that all churches and schools in the nation's capital were destroyed. I also understand that some aid has been pledged and some is coming in, but it is not coming in fast enough.

As of the preparing of this page I have not been to the mainland to the see the damage. As far as I know, almost no one is trying to go from Carriacou to the mainland, but many on the mainland are trying to get off and go someplace where they can find the necessities of life. Many are coming to Carriacou.

I have watched with horror and great sadness the Internet video reports of the Grenada mainland. It looks like a cold nuclear bomb was detonated in the air above much of the country. Those that I have spoken to that have came to Carriacou from there tell me that the destruction and personal hardship there is unbelievable. Water and food are reported to be in short supply. Many are without any shelter. Some are sleeping on mattresses that have been laid on the muddy ground under houses or remains of houses that are still standing.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Grenada mainland needs all the help it can get as fast as it can, or many more will suffer inhumanely and could even perish in the aftermath. I fear that disease could take a terrible toll if help doesn't arrive quickly. Thus, this is an appeal to anyone who is able to help to step forward and do so.

My web-stats show that internet traffic to this website has tripled since the hurricane hit. Most of the increase is due to people looking for information about how Carriacou faired during and after being hit by Hurricane Ivan. Thus, I have created this section of LCM to specifically highlight the damage and needs of Grenada's smaller island state of Carriacou. Carriacou is located about sixteen miles north of the mainland of Grenada and experienced hurricane force winds for several hours. I personally know that Carriacou suffered much damage because I live here and have personally experienced it and seen it first hand. I have also received reports that Petit Martinique suffered damage as well.

Many international news agencies have been providing some photos and video of the destruction on the mainland. Thus, it is my aim to provide photos of some of the damage done to homes and business on Carriacou. Click here to go to that page. I hope to add images as soon as possible.

In addition, I am also provided information for those who wish to help the people of Carriacou, as well as the very needy people on the mainland of Grenada. Click here to go to that page.

I also plan to supply my personal commentary in our prayer-letter and update section when I have time. I will add a link to that page from here when it is ready. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for visiting LCM and praying for the great needs of the people on the mainland and the needs of the people of Carriacou.

Surviving Hurricane Ivan

The Robinsons' personal account of surviving Hurricane Ivan. Click here to go to that page and section.

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