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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

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Free MP3 sermons, Bible teaching, and other audio messages on LCM

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Currently highlighted on LCM

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'On Thin Ice' deals with material that will often be considered unusual or weird in nature. The topics are presented here to promote Biblical truth and perspectivenot sensationalism or controversy.



ETs and UFOs deal with the strange phenomenon that is becoming more pervasion to the culture of the entire world and at an alarming rate. Here I offer...

  • My own personal experiences and background on the matter

  • Some notable but little known documented facts and information

  • Simple reasoning that shows that the theory of evolution and belief in the existence of natural extraterrestrial life are codependent on each other, and that neither can exist without the other

  • Various perspective offered by other Christian authors and notable leaders

  • Various perspectives offered by secular scientists and researchers

  • What I believe to be a Biblical perspective

  • A possible scenario showing how this phenomenon could play a central and key role during the final end-time days

Evolution highlights segments from one of my books, The Final Empire. It provides information...

  • On scientific data that show that divine creationism is not only reasonable and sensible, but actually is more scientifically acceptable than the theory of evolution

  • That Biblical Creationism and the theory of evolution are completely incompatible

  • To show that the theory of evolution and belief in the existence of natural extraterrestrial life are codependent on each other, and that neither can exist without the other

  • Various perspective offered by other Christian authors and key leaders

  • My personal Perspective on Evolution

The four sections with the headings, The New Age, The Occult, So-called Psychic Phenomenon, and Religious Phenomenon often overlap due their common true underlying nature. However each section focuses on how specific aspects are presented to the public, which include...


  • Apparitions and supernatural encounters with other beings including...

    • Supposedly encountering various Biblical characters including Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, etc.

    • ETs

    • Spirit guides

    • Ascended Masters

    • Supposedly dead loved ones

    • Supposedly reincarnated humans from the past

  • Ecstatic trance behavior and altered states of consciousness including:

    • OBEs, i.e. Out of Body Experiences

    • NDEs, i.e. Near Death Experiences

    • Astral travel and projection

    • Hypnosis

    • Channeling

  • Obtaining knowledge beyond the natural five senses

    • Supposed Biblical gifts of receiving supposed 'words of knowledge' and 'prophecies'

    • Hypnotic regression (back into one's past, sometimes even back before one's birth and into a time when he or she supposedly existed as someone else in a previous life)

    • Hypnotic progression (into the future to see events that have not yet occurred)

    • Psychic readings, precognition, telekinesis, telemetry,

    • Tarot cards or Ouija boards

    • Reading auras

    • Foretelling the future

    • The martial arts

  • Affecting one health and the health of others by using questionable and holistic approaches, including...

    • Therapeutic touch

    • Biorhythms

    • Biofeedback

    • Acupuncture

    • Psychic healing or psychic surgery

    • The placebo effect


Stretching Christianity takes a look how some attempt to reshape true Biblical Christianity in modern philosophical molds by...

  • Whimsical and unbiblical allegorical interpretation and interpolation

  • The unbiblical practice of taking true Biblical symbolism and typology to forge literal interpretations that are actually contrary to the overall teaching of Scripture

  • Placing modernistic interpretations upon Biblical texts

  • Trying to show and that Christianity and the Christian Bible share the same roots as other religions and holy books

  • Attempting to explain true Biblical miracles and events by the supposed use of ancient advanced technology

  • Using post-biblical writers (Church fathers, ancient historians, and theologians that arose after the first century) to forge Christian doctrine and accepted practice for the church today

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