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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

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stevenb[1].gif (27053 bytes)

A few years later, during the early to mid seventies, I happen to be be looking through some of the UFO literature I had gathered. I stumbled across one of the silliest notions that I had ever heard. Some postulated that God could have actually been an astronaut from an advanced civilization! I then noticed another weird notion that was presented in some of the my UFO literature. This time the idea was presented that UFO’s could actually be angels!

These notions did indeed seem silly at first.  But when I finished laughing and got over the emotions of possibly being sacrilegious, I took a good hard look at the logic and arguments behind their ideas. They reasoned that if evolutionary advanced beings from another world had visited  Earth a few thousand years ago, they would probably have seemed "godlike" to an unsophisticated people. Believe it or not, these ideas began to appeal to me and make sense.

The people were who were proposing these radical ideas, to my surprise, appeared to be learned people in scientific circles. They were people who sported Ph.D’s and Masters degrees in different various scientific fields such as physics and science.

Some of these people had much more to lose than to gain by making these bold new concepts public. Granted, some of these sincere people were also considered crackpots and lunatics, but some were consider sound academic and scientific types. Some reminded me of others who had gone before in daring to consider the previously unthinkable, and had made great discoveries as a result. People like those who first considered such things as the world being round instead of flat, the possibility of traveling to the moon, or even the possibility of man being able to fly in heavier than air vehicles. And what about the first person to claim the Earth was not the center of our solar system, but instead claimed the sun was at the center. These people not only put their academic credentials and reputations on the line, but in some cases they risked and lost their lives. The ones who suffered the most seemed to be the ones labeled as heretics by the "church."

Like many, these strange new ideas were only considered as possibilities by me, but I wanted to believe. Thus, I began to look for evidence to prove these notions were true. My search began to broaden and venture into other closets of the strange.

Psychokinesis, mental telepathy, and other aspects of ESP began to capture my interest also. These subjects seemed to naturally fit in with the new ideas and notions which were beginning to change my old ways of thinking. In most, if not all, of the UFO magazines, I found ads for books and literature dealing with various things I now call the "occult." Then they were labeled under the more scientifically acceptable term of the paranormal. Merely by reading the advertisements of this literature I was introduced to the concept which said within every human being lay latent psychic powers which were waiting to be unleashed.

I also remember reading some ads placed by some who felt that extraterrestrials, call the "Space Brothers," were sending messages to certain types of individuals by mental telepathy. The messages warned about upcoming cataclysmic changes which were coming upon the Earth and the "Space Brothers" were soon going to come en masse in their flying saucers to rescue certain prepared individuals who would receive them. Even I considered this "far out"—no pun intended. Even though I initially read the ads and snickered, in the back of my mind I seriously wondered.

Like a real student, I eventually began my own private experiments with psychokinesis and mental telepathy. But I did not try drugs to help kick-start my latent abilities. I was scared of putting chemicals in my body. Yet, if I had known how many people discovered them to be a doorway to the paranormal—I may have been induced to try it. But even to this day, I am glad I never purchased a ticket for one of those trips. Too many of those who did found their trip was one way.

Yet, I was now officially hooked by the ideas—ideas that became better known by the the term 'New Age.' Thankfully, I was set free by God's grace through faith in the Biblical Jesus Christ. But before long, New Age Priests and priestesses like Shirley MacLaine were confidently affirming "I am God." Their pulpit was national television, and their congregations were some of the largest audiences imaginable.

Like many of you reading this material, I did not consider something valid unless it was tangible to my mind after personal examination. The Christian Bible was an old book about old dead people and past events in which no eyewitnesses were alive to give me a first hand account of what really happened. Nor was I given the privilege to question these witnesses to determine their reliability and credibility. On the other hand, experiments and reported experiences dealing with the paranormal seemingly supplied that element of personal examination and validation.

As some may image, during my time of delving into New Age practices I began to encounter some paranormal activity in my living quarters. Yet, I did not draw a correlation between these occurrences and my strange activities at the time. I now believe these events were connected. I also believe these occurrences were not merely random paranormal psychic activity. I am now convinced that it was dangerous spiritual activity of the demonic type.

I relate one incident as follows.

I remember having become somewhat fascinated with what made flying saucers able to fly as they did. Reportedly, they had been tracked by radar going up to 30,000 miles per hour. They could stop on a dime or accelerate to this speed and even higher almost instantaneously. At these speeds they could make right hand turns or even reverse direction instantaneously—without slowing down. I reasoned that to figure out how this was done would be tantamount to making the biggest discovery of the century and maybe even the millennium. I also figured a scientific discovery in this area would change all of life on Earth for the better.

One night while meditating on things I had read after researching the electromagnetic spectrum; and also studying wave, vibration, and particle theory; my mind seemed to kick into a gear I had never experienced before. It literally seemed to be working independent of my own desires and controls. It was like someone had turned on a television behind my eyeballs. I seemed to be suddenly deluged with reasonings of relationships between vibration, wave, gravity, and mass. These relationships seemed to not only explain how gravity worked, but also the fundamentals of how to control it.

I was both intrigued and amazed by what was happening. But after several intense hours of this, I literally became worn out. I decided that I had better stop the train of thought and get some rest because I had to go to work in a few hours. To my utter surprise—and to my dismay—I could not stop what was happening! With that realization, my intrigue was replaced by fear. I was literally terrified because I did not understand what was happening. Not only were the thoughts and paradigms not stopping so I could sleep—they seemed to be intensifying. I resisted to the point beyond exhaustion.

As far as I can remember, Linda my young wife, had never seen me cry out of fear—till that night. Even at the writing of this manuscript, I do not remember how this frightening experience ended. I know I was more desperate than I had ever been in my life. And in my desperation I believe I muttered a prayer to a God I was not sure was there.

As a result of this experience, I put away everything dealing with UFOs—for a while.

Revised: January 08, 2008.

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