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August 2001 Prayer Letter

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wbclogo.jpg (18419 bytes)(This was a hard copy mailing)

August 8, 2001

As Of Today The Robinsons Are
Scheduled to Return To Carriacou!

 Greetings from ‘Almost Heaven’ West Virginia! In this letter we have several praises to offer, as well as a few prayer requests.

We are happy to report that we are now preparing to return ‘home’ to Carriacou! As of the writing of this prayer-letter we now have confirmed reservations to fly out of Charleston, West Virginia at 7:00 AM, on Thursday, September 6. We are scheduled to arrive on the Grenada Mainland at 10:10 PM. We will have to stay overnight, then catch the ferry over to Carriacou the next day.

The Lord has been abundantly helping us in everyway.

During my surgery and convalescence the folks of Cross Lanes Bible Church (CLBC) graciously provided their missionary apartment where we resided from January to June of this year. Many of the folks provided meals, transportation to and from doctors and therapy, and many words of encouragement and prayers for the Robinsons. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the Lord and CLBC for the place to stay and other abundant help.

During the latter part of June the surgeon that repaired my leg informed me that I should be able to plan on returning to the Caribbean sometime in August, but he wanted to see me one more time—“just in case.” He released me from therapy and I began the slow process of continuing to build up my stamina by walking. It went very slow and the distance was short at first. I also had some pain during and after each walking exercise. My leg continues to improve with time, for which we thank and praise the Lord, “The Great Physician.”

On July 24, the surgeon gave me final clearance to return oversea. I am now up to walking 3 – 4.5 miles on as many days I can find time to do so. I do not have anymore pain, but my knee does get stiff after sitting for awhile. The doctor told me that it will take many months for me to get back to normal “as much as possible.” He expects that arthritis will develop anytime from five years on into the future. He also told me that I may have to undergo a total knee replacement at some point in the future. Needless to say,  I am trusting that the Lord will have mercy and bless so that my knee remains pain-free from arthritis until Jesus comes or he calls me home in His perfect timing. Please pray accordingly.

Next, the Lord has provided a very nice three year old gas range (Frigidaire brand) to replace our 30-40 year old model that has largely been consumed by rust. A gracious couple at CLBC approached us and expressed their desire to pay for it. Also, the Love Circle, a ladies’ fellowship group at CLBC, had previously expressed a desire to help us replace it, and have now supplied funds to pay for the liquid propane conversion kit and also help with the cost for shipping the crate that will have to be built. The crate is necessary to ship the range and a few other delicate items we have acquired during our stay stateside. Earlier today the pastor of one of our other supporting churches, Danville Bible Baptist, committed to build the crate and provide all necessary materials. Thanks to the Lord, and to His gracious servants for this much needed cook range and help with the crate and shipping.

Believe it or not, the Lord has also supplied me with a new computer! A gracious friend contacted me to say that the Lord had led him to provide this powerful machine. It is a fully loaded laptop (1 gigahertz Pentium 3, 256 megs of RAM, a read-writable CD-Rom/DVD, 15” TFT Display, port replicator, Office Professional XP software, and more! It is exactly what I need for the more intensive web management and multimedia development that I am doing. Thanks again to the Lord, and to this gracious friend for his sacrificial gift in providing this powerful computer system!

Back in the latter part of June a gracious couple contributed a substantial amount of funds toward our anticipated return travel needs. We also got unusually good rates on our airfare, even though we will have to change planes three times at Dulles/Washington, D.C.; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please pray as we still need some funds to help with the rest of our airfare expense and expected shipping costs and duties on the crate that exceed what has been provided so for. Thanks to the Lord for the good fares and this couple for this sacrificial gift that are making our return to Carriacou possible.

The Lord has also enabled us to set up a quick trip through the south to report to supporting churches that we have not visited since 1996. We have reported to all but one of our other supporting churches late in 1999 and early in 2000. Yesterday, a gracious couple at CLBC committed to make their vehicle available for us to use! Thanks to the Lord, this couple, and the pastors who have graciously made services available on dates that make one round trip possible. We ask that many will  commit to pray faithfully for us as we travel.

Our planned itinerary:

·         Wednesday, August 15, Faith Baptist Church, in Broadway, Virginia (540-896-3864)

·         Sunday night, August 19, Corkscrew Baptist in Immokalee, Florida (941-348-8855)

·         Sometime between August 21 – 24, Grace Bible Church, Leesburg, Georgia (229-434-0170)

·         Sunday morning, August 26, Berean Bible Baptist, Atlanta, Georgia (404-346-7149)

·         Sunday night, August 26, Bible Baptist in Newnan, Georgia (770-253-7175)

·         Wednesday, August 29, at Holy Mount Baptist, in Kingsport, Tennessee [This is also our mission board, Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps] (423-247-1212)

·         Thursday, August 30, return to Beckley, West Virginia

Our congregation on Carriacou is doing okay. We are very thankful for all the folks that stepped in to guide the folks of Windward Bible Church in our absence. Some other missionary families working here on Carriacou have worked faithfully and tirelessly to carry on the work. Thanks to the Lord and all these folks for their sacrificial service on our behalf and on behalf of the believers of Windward Bible Church.

I am now creating new prayer cards and also putting the finishing touches (mixing background music) to our PowerPoint presentation that we are planning to show to our supporters in lieu of slides (which we do not have). It is about 20 minutes long. I am also planning to export the presentation to VHS video tape and on CDs, both in PowerPoint and MPEG formats. The latter is readable by the Microsoft Windows Media Player and Realplayer. We are making these especially for our supporters, but we will also provide them to anyone else who would be interested in seeing the presentation. To view the CD version you will need a computer, and at least a processor with a speed of 400 MHz or better. Slower ones may work, but could be jerky where the graphics are intense. I also hope to make the presentation available on our web site in Realplayer format. Please pray for me to be able to complete the prayer cards and multimedia presentations of our work on Carriacou.

We have enjoyed staying in Beckley since the beginning of June and visiting with many family and friends. We also greatly appreciate my Mother, Lois Holmes, for making room for us and also letting us use her Suzuki station wagon. It was also extra nice to be able to spend time with Tabitha as she continues to work and plans to further her education this fall. We will greatly miss our extended families and are thankful for the time we have had together. Please pray for us as we prepare to say goodbye to all.

Many thanks to all our supporters and prayer partners that have remained faithful through this trying time. Your faithfulness has been a source of continual encouragement in ways that are difficult to express in words. Thank again!


Still looking up for Him as your coworkers,
Walter Robinson II for the Robinson Family

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Revised: May 06, 2006.

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