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Jan-April, 1999

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wbclogo.jpg (18419 bytes)(Hard copy mailing)

Dear Friends And
Supporters Of The Robinsons

Greetings from Carriacou! Even though the rainy season is not due to begin until June, it has rained heavily on repeated occasions to the effect that our cistern overflowed in late March! What a blessing for which we are greatly thankful to God!

First, I am very sorry that some of you did not get a prayer letter from us the last quarter of last year. Our copy machine had been down since November, but thanks to the Lord’s help and direction, I believe I have recently got it working well enough to get this prayer letter out. Please overlook any black spots and streaks because I still need to replace a couple of rollers and also a cleaning web and blade.

PLEASE NOTE!! Many of our friends did get an eˇmail edition of our prayer letter back in January of this year. If your church has not supplied us with an eˇmail address as of yet, please eˇmail us as soon as possible so we can communicate with you in that manner in the future on special occasions. You may find our eˇmail address on our "Contact Us" page." Once in a while we send out special updates and prayer requests for occasions that often pass before our quarterly prayer letters reach the United States. If your church office does not have eˇmail, perhaps someone in your congregation would be willing to send their eˇmail address to us and act as a go between. Thanks for your cooperation. But regardless of supplying an eˇmail address or not, we will continue to send each a copy of The Robinson’s Herald four times a year.

Thanks for praying for my (Walter’s) health. I am still being treated with antibiotics and depending upon God’s grace to help me through each day. I still have difficult periods when I get very little done physically, so please continue to pray for my health needs.

Sunday morning and Sunday School attendance at Windward Bible Church ranges from the low to mid twenties. Sunday and Wednesday nights are in the high teens and low twenties. We have a family of six that has been attending services for several months. The wife and four children (ages five to twelve) have been the most faithful. The husband attends Sunday morning services about half the time. This is the same man that I wrote about in previous letters who had me to cut his long Rastaman hair locks last year. The wife and two older children professed faith in Christ last year, and the woman appears to be sincerely growing spiritually. The husband; however, still leaves me wondering at times. He is carnal at best, and can sometimes be a downright trouble maker at other times. Please remember to pray for this family to grow in Christ, and pray especially for the husband, and for me to have wisdom in dealing with him. So far none of them have followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism even though I admonish our congregation regularly that this is the first step in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Several others are dragging their feet in this area as well.

Another couple that had been attending Windward Bible Church the last couple of years has been in England for check ups and medical treatment for about three months. They have an Anglican (US Episcopal) background, but I believe the wife was truly born again in one of our services last year. The man also made a profession, but after talking to him on numerous occasions I am concerned about his understanding and sincerity. I am going to have to go slow with him and patiently allow the Lord to work in his life. Please remember to pray for this couple regularly. Just call them the older couple from England as you mention them in prayer. We hope they will be back on Carriacou in the next few months.

There is another lady that normally attends our services on Sunday and Wednesday nights that is also in England for medical treatment. She is an older lady that lives just down the road from us, but she has been in London for about a year. It appears that she will not be returning until sometime later this year. She has to have surgery on her eyes. Just call her Sister G as you pray for her.

Over the years we have had several young adults to move from Carriacou as they seek "a better life." You can not blame them much because the island is not doing very good from an employment perspective right now. Jobs are fairly scarce and unemployment is high. Even though the young adults who leave Carriacou to get jobs have done okay to well materially, most have suffered spiritually in their new locations.

We have never dictated what adults should do in their lives. But in each case before someone leaves to look for greener pastures, we council them to seek the Lord’s will. We also advise them to insure ahead of time that there is a good church where they plan to relocate. I have even told them that I do not believe the Lord would lead a new believer to move to a location where a Bible teaching and practicing church does not exist, just as I have also taught from the pulpit. In each case they have eagerly nodded, "Yea, yea, yea. There is a good church where I am going." But when we ask for more information about the church they suddenly become vague and uncertain. Yet they continue to assure me that a good church is there. I cringe because I know what likely lies ahead for them, but there seems to be no way to get them to see it for themselves.

One young man, I will call him "CC," went to the Grenada mainland to attend the "national college" a couple of years ago. In his case we had repeatedly advised him to attend a good local church that happened to be in close walking distance to his new location. But he did not follow our counsel and went to a main line church where he could be with more people his own age and enjoy social events and activities of a worldly nature. This surprised us because in the past he had told us how thankful he was to learn about the importance of remaining separate from ecumenical worldliness and ungodly ecclesiastical tradition. The last time I spoke with him I gathered that he hardly attends church at all now. When he does go he attends one that is part of a very worldly denomination. He is no longer the person we knew before he left. This young man is extremely intelligent and held great promise, but his love for the world has thus far choked out any fruit the Lord would have produced through him.

A young lady I will refer to as "MS" moved to the mainland last year looking for better employment. While she was with us she was growing gracefully like a flower in rich soil. Unlike so many other young women here, she was pretty, in her early twenties—and pure. She was faithful to services and also helped Linda with children’s Sunday school. We had such great hopes for her. But she recently confided to Linda that she had gotten involved in immorality—and the last we heard—she was afraid that she was now pregnant. She now says, "I wish I had never left Carriacou!"

A young man, I call him "MB," moved to Canada last year to "better himself." He has been going to school, working, saving money, and has even gotten engaged to be married. But the last time I communicated with him, and the last time I heard from him, he was still looking for a "good" church. When I asked his mother (who also attends WBC) whether his perspective bride is a believer or not, she could not say. Please pray for all of these young people to remember their first love toward Christ as they professed years ago.

As mentioned above, most young people here dream of growing up and move overseas to make their fortune. Many will eventually find a way to do just that. This sometimes leaves us feeling as though we are in a transient ministry like some missionaries that focus mainly on military people stationed at bases around the world. Just as the new converts begin to grow and produce fruit, they are often transferred to another location where they may not have the same biblical teaching and encouragement. This can be frustrating and discouraging at times to missionaries—like us. Yet, those who abide on Carriacou need to hear the gospel and be fed—for as long as they are and will be here. What they do with the teaching and training later in life is in the Lord’s hands. But many of the older ones who return from overseas to retire are likely here to stay, except for an occasional trip abroad for health reasons or needing to report back to maintain their overseas citizenship. Thus, it is likely that these are the ones that will ultimately become the pillars of the faith in a church like Windward Bible. Pray that the Lord will lead us to such older ones and that they will be won for Jesus’ sake.

Then of course, there are also the precious, innocent, and lovely children that need the teaching. Many live in environments from which US public social authorities would likely seek to remove them. They often live in one parent homes with many brothers and sisters, but each often has different mothers or fathers. Some are cast off on grandparents or other relatives—and they are sometimes even placed with non-related individuals. Often those who take in the children raise them with all the love and care that they would show their own flesh and blood. But sometimes such children become child servants or laborers. Other times they are abused in ways that would make you sick. Biblical discipline is rarely taught and the children often raise themselves—or they are raised by their peers—profanity, immorality, drunkenness, and all.

Sounds dismal doesn’t it? Sometimes we are almost overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness at the seeming enormity of the task we face—especially when we have physical problems; or when needed appliances, vehicles, and office equipment breaks down; or when some in our congregation seemed to be bent on remaining worldly despite our teaching, praying, counseling, and encouragement to the contrary. But this is largely what leading people out of darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ is about, isn’t it?

Didn’t Jesus say that he did not come to call the righteous, but sinners? The Greek expression translated "sin" in the New Testament means to "miss the mark." In means simply to miss the mark or fall short of God’s character, holiness, His will, etc. Sin manifests itself in people in all the ways I have enumerated in the above paragraphs—and more. So perhaps the work at Windward Bible Church is not struggling anymore than anywhere else. Perhaps we are just dealing with real people who have the real need to learn about God’s grace, His power to help us overcome sin and the world, His faithfully leading his children through dark times, His provision—and His forgiveness for us when we fail.

For example, late in March a young lady (20 years old) who was active in our congregation confessed that she had gotten involved with a young man who was not saved—and she was now pregnant. (This is such a problem here!) She had professed faith in Jesus Christ at a street meeting we conducted in Windward some four years ago. Linda and I both had spent hours upon hours at a time, repeatedly talking with her about the dangers of such relationships over the years. She had experienced several ups and downs and struggles since then, but she finally seemed to be growing and maturing spiritually as a young adult last year. She had even began to help Linda with the children’s Sunday School. Three weeks ago I had the difficult task of going before the church and conveying her remorse and desire to be forgiven for the reproach and shame she has caused. She was graciously forgiven and we are reaching out to her as before, but she is not the happy carefree young lady she was just a couple of months ago. I am very concerned about her. I am also concerned about the child she will bring into the world in the months to come. She is not ready to be a mother as is the case with most young ladies who do not have husbands. Please remember to pray for her. You may call her WS.

In one of our other previous prayer letters I wrote about a young man who had entered studies to become an evangelist. Shortly after we began our studies he began to complain about his eyes bothering him, and he said he could not study beyond just a few minutes each day. His studies had to be put on hold until he can get his eyes checked and probably get glasses. Unfortunately, this same young man has also been pretty off and on in his attendance the last several months. He will be very faithful for several weeks, then suddenly he will miss several services in a row for a week or so and will not volunteer an explanation. I have visited him and talked with him on numerous occasions, and each time he says he simply "decided to take some time off," or he was "discouraged." Even though he sometimes says he is discouraged over not finding work (he is a self-employed carpenter), he often seems nebulous about just what it is that discourages him. He has been like a right arm to me in the past, and had even led our song service and prayer time for each service for several months. But I had to curtail that until he resolves his problems and becomes more consistent. Please remember to pray for the evangelist to be. When he is right he is an encouragement to everyone, but when he becomes unfaithful he becomes a discouragement of the same magnitude.

Linda still makes one to two trips each service to carry people to and from church in our Vista. She often stuffs up to fifteen adults and children into this seven passenger station wagon! Our regular bus driver says his bus is still not ready. I am beginning to wonder if he no longer wishes to run our route for some reason, but does not want to come right out and tell me. Portions of our route are very rough, especially when you have a heavy load.

I still ride the motorcycle to church and often take Jeshua or one of the men home on it to help make more room in the Vista. Our transportation problem can be very difficult and discouraging at times, and I believe it is affecting our attendance. Some people know that they will have to wait at church some forty-five minutes after services are over before Linda can take them home because they know she has to make another trip first. They also know it will be very crowded and hot in our car going to and from the services.

We were not able to get the bus we had mentioned in our eˇmail prayer letter back in January. We simply did not have the funds. It will likely take about $10,000.00 (US$) to get a good bus that will give us lasting dependable service for some years. Until the Lord supplies this we will continue as we have been. Please pray for our safety, the soundness of the Vista, and our transportation needs.

Our property and building fund continues to grow slowly. We are thankful for each gift, yet, we are a long way from realizing our answer to prayer concerning the acquisition of property. We currently have $1,155.00 (US$) in a special account at Holy Mount, and we will need about $54,000.00 in total.

Since November we have had several special church functions. Some twenty-five adults and young people from WBC visited the two nursing homes and hospital to conduct Christmas services as we have for the last several years. We also had a church banquet and New Year’s fellowship on New Years Day. Lately Linda has been getting the children together in two groups on separate occasions for a time of fun and spiritual challenge every month or two. The groups are ages ten and under and ages eleven and older. Two more gatherings are scheduled for the last two weekends of April. The last weekend in April we plan to host a church barbecue, and many of our people seem to be really looking forward to it. These times of fellowship seem to encourage our folks and help bond us together.

Our men’s and women’s weekly Bible studies continues on Thursdays and Friday. I had suspended the men’s Bible study for about six weeks due to health problems and ongoing medical treatment, but have resumed it as of the first part of April.

My goal as Pastor is to teach through the entire Bible to help our people get a well rounded understanding of God’s word. After almost seven years the Lord has enabled me to teach completely through the New Testament and I have started over again in the book of John on Wednesday nights. I have also been blessed to cover much of the Old Testament, but it will likely take several more years to cover all the books. For several months in Sunday school I have been teaching through the book of Proverbs and applying it to everyday events and decisions that our people face here on Carriacou. In Sunday morning services we usually emphasize salvation, grace, and evangelism, and we are currently going through the book of Galatians—the second time in several years. On Sunday night we are going through Jeremiah and are so far learning how backsliding and spiritual disobedience led to the downfall and captivity of God’s people. What applications for the church today! Pray for me as teaching through this book is a real challenge!

Jeshua and Linda are doing fine and home school is proceeding right on schedule. A couple of months ago I began to teach fundamental electronic theory to him on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He seems to be really enjoying it and we both find it very interesting.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers and financial support. We are often amazed at the way the Lord provides. A few months back I reevaluated our support situation. Having been here since 1991, and having been in the work of starting Windward Bible Church since 1992, we now have a full understanding of what it takes to do the job. We are currently some 10-15% under supported, yet the Lord makes a way each month.

More recently a couple that now lives in Georgia notified us that the Lord had led them to start a Bible church in their community of Leesburg. They are good friends that we met years ago in our sending church, Cross Lanes Bible. They also informed us that they were going to begin supporting us as an outreach of their new church. They are definitely missions oriented and I am sure the church will be also. I am happy to report that they are off to a good start and we have great hopes for them and what the Lord is doing with them. We also appreciate their gracious support.

A few weeks after hearing from the above people we were informed that one of our other long time supporting families is taking early retirement and getting more directly involved into ministry. We believe the Lord will use this family greatly and we expect to hear good news about them in the months and years to come. Our prayers will be with them. We are also thankful for the little over seven percent of our total financial support they were able to supply during the past years while the man was employed. We do not yet know how, but we trust that the Lord will supply each and every need for this precious family and ours as well.

Rest assured that we do appreciate your prayers and financial support. Much has been done, but more can yet be accomplished as a result of your faithful sacrifices for Jesus Sake.


Still looking up to Him as your coworkers,
Walter Robinson II

Copyright Š 2000 Last Chance Ministries. All rights reserved.
Revised: June 13, 2006.

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