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Linda Howe says that Jesus Christ is The "Central Focus" of ETs and UFOs

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Jesus Christ: The Central Focus of the ET and UFO Phenomenon?

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

The Final Empire
©Copyrighted 1994
®All Rights Reserved

 In May of 1990 I had the privilege of attending a lecture conducted by Linda Moulton Howe. (Her website is I had learned of the lecture two weeks earlier after listening to Coast to Coast with Art Bell, a radio talk show program on which she was interviewed. I caught the program when my family and I happened to be traveling north through North Carolina on our way back home after participating in a missions conference in Atlanta, Georgia. A day or two after we got back home, I phoned Miss Howe to get the particulars of her lecture.

Two weeks later I drove to Charlotte and arrived a couple of hours before the lecture was to begin, which was to be at 2:00 P.M. Several minutes before the lecture was to begin, the doors to the conference room opened and the people began to go in and take seats. Promptly at 2:00 P.M. a gentleman came out to introduce Miss Howe to the group. He informed us of her impressive credentials and told us that Linda had a master’s degree in communications from Stanford University and had devoted her career to documentaries concerning science, medicine, and the environment. She had also received numerous awards on the local, national, and international levels, including an Emmy award for the investigative documentary production entitled, A Strange Harvest. The gentleman stated that she had also worked as a director of international programming for a series broadcast on 650 affiliates of PBS known as Earthbeat. When he finished the introduction, Miss Howe came to the podium as the group gave her a short round of applause.

There is much that Linda addressed in that lecture. It was rich from the moment she opened her mouth. In my first book, The Final Empire, I have presented great detail about what I heard, saw, and the emotions I experienced as a result. However, I am only going to present a few pertinent points for those who happened to come across this document on LCM. The main points of the lecture that were of most interest to me were as follows.

Miss Howe described one particular animal mutilation incident that she was investigating. As with many other such cases that she had looked into, this one included the reported presence of smallish big headed creatures and craft that most would classify as aliens and a UFO. However, this report included the appearance of another type of creature. The description of this one literally sent a chill down my spine. My reaction was not because of the hideousness of the described creature -- although it was that as she reported it. Instead, I reacted this way because my research indicated that a creature just like this one would likely be seen walking upon Earth one day near the end of the church age. Let me explain.

From some of the material I had come across dealing with ETs and UFOs, I also thought this type of creature had a connection with the UFO phenomenon. I have even documented this notion by accumulating New Age and evolutionary theory material in my files from 1980 to the present. What I found indicated the likelihood of a creature fitting this description existing as an extraterrestrial -- just as Miss Howe had related it. My research suggested -- just as I stated in my book – that some ETs would likely appear to be reptilian, humanoid, or insect-like in nature, and that they would have an apparent leader that would more than likely have a reptilian persona.

At any rate, Miss Howe prefaced her relating this particular account by saying that she was still working on this case and hoped to be able to present it more completely to audiences before the end of the year. She then proceeded to tell us what she had learned so far.

In 1983, a Missouri couple noticed something flashing in the sun in a near-by pasture while they were standing on their porch. They got their binoculars get a better look.

When they looked though them, they were surprised to see something that looked like a metallic upside-down ice-cream cone shaped object sitting in the field. They had never seen it before and did not know what it was or from where it had come. They slowly panned the binoculars away from the object to view the rest of the pasture. They were even more surprised to see two large-headed, smallish, gray beings that are now usually referred a the small gray type of alien. These two creatures appeared to be working down over an incapacitated calf in some fashion. However, that was not all they saw.

As they continued panning the binoculars around the scene, they were startled when they noticed that another creature was also there. They estimated this one at six feet plus in height, but unlike the other two smaller entities, this one had skin that was green in color and also appeared scaly. It had light green eyes divided by vertical pupils. The eyes reminded them of those of crocodiles. To their further amazement and horror, this thing appeared to be staring back at them.

The wife referred to this creature as a ‘lizard-man.’ She was so frightened that she left her husband’s side and went back into their house. The husband continued to watch as the two smaller creatures rose up while seemingly levitating the calf. They then moved into the metallic object. At that point, the husband also left the porch.

I found this account particularly disturbing. It was not that I was surprised, instead it was much like the feeling one gets when one suspects that something bad is about to happen, but does not want to believe it will until it does. That is how this account disturbed me. Later on in this series of documents on LCM, I have shared my perspectives and a scenario that I believe will explain my concerns.

Notwithstanding, Linda continued to present other evidence that covered various aspects of animal mutilations associated with UFO sightings and creatures. Even though I found it all very informative, I was looking for information more pertinent to my own research. My wait paid off in short time.

Miss Howe slowly worked into the next subject matter, and I believe, the key point of her lecture. This is where she shared her claim to have met an Air Force Office of Special Investigations’ (AFOSI) agent at Kirkland AFB, which is located in New Mexico.

I believe a word of qualification is in order concerning what you are about to read. Hands down, the following material is the ultimate in absurdity. This will become apparent as the information is laid out. Nonetheless, I am convinced of the truth, accuracy, and integrity of Miss Howe’s account as she has reported it. I say this with little reservation after considering the material as a whole. I have also taken into account the demeanor and possible motives of Miss Howe, as well as what she has to gain or lose. I cannot be sure, but I suspect that this account would likely have hindered her career rather that helped it.

As I the revision of this document for posting on LCM, it has been over thirteen years since I sat in on the lecture with Linda Howe. From what I have seen, her books, documentaries, and lectures have stood the test of time, and no one reputable has accused her of falsifying her material or being sloppy in her research. I believe she told the truth concerning the following account she related that day in Charlotte.

To best relate this event, I am going to combine portions of Miss Howe’s given accounts from my taped recording of the lecture and also from her book, An Alien Harvest. I do this because I wish to convey Miss Howe’s reported experience with utter clarity.

According to pages 134–137 of her book, the meeting between Miss Howe and the military representative was initiated through Peter Gersten, a Manhattan attorney and Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). He gave her the home telephone number of an AFOSI Special Agent named Richard Doty. Linda phoned the number and talked personally with Mr. Doty. A date was set up for them to meet at Kirkland on April 9, 1983. The date selected was convenient because she was already scheduled to meet a couple of mutilation researchers in Taos, New Mexico on April 10.

During my research, and as indicated in my book, I mentioned a Special Agent by the same name that filled out and filed a complaint form after investigating UFO activity at Kirkland AFB in 1980. This same form was later released under the FOIA. This document related how Sandia Security Guards had reported that a disk-shaped UFO had been seen to land on numerous occasions at Kirkland AFB in 1980.

Starting from page 146 of An Alien Harvest, Linda Howe related the following about her meeting with Mr. Doty.

According to her, she traveled to Albuquerque and Mr. Doty later arrived in a small automobile and picked her up at the home of someone she knew in that city. They then had a short discussion about a mix-up of him not picking her up at the airport.

As Mr. Doty drove to Kirkland AFB, they had a discussion, prompted by questions from Linda that proved to be very interesting and enlightening for her. They discussed an incident that occurred at Holloman AFB, in New Mexico, that some thought had occurred on May of 1971, but Doty asserted that the correct date was actually April 25, 1964. He rather candidly confirmed another incident which reportedly happened April 24, 1964 that involved Deputy Marshall, Lonnie Zamora. Linda was mystified at Mr. Doty’s rather candid conversation.

I may present more information about these incidents here on LCM at a later date, but I want to get to the main account of her meeting with Mr. Doty.

According to Linda, Mr. Doty finally drove up to and through the gate of Kirkland AFB without stopping. He waved at the guards while passing through. After parking and exiting the vehicle, Mr. Doty led Linda into a building and told her that they were going to be using his boss’s office. They then went into a room where she took a seat while he set down behind a large desk.

Miss Howe’s written account of the events of April 9, 1983 are choked full of detail. She described such things as the lock on the door and the position and color of each peace of furniture. It seemed that she was describing the event as one who had lived it and could still see in her mind what she had personally witnessed.

According to Miss Howe, they both took their seats and Mr. Doty got down to business. He told her that A Strange Harvest, her award winning documentary film, came too close to something they did not want the public to know about. In her lecture she said he told her, “... you know you upset a lot of people in Washington with that film when you did it. You came too close to the truth that we don’t want associated in the public’s mind ....”

After some discussion, she asked why extraterrestrials were mutilating animals. He told her that subject had been classified beyond his need to know.

Mr. Doty then got back to her film, which he said had been too close to the truth. He told her that she had been monitored while the film was being made.

After some other discussion, Mr. Doty reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a brown envelope. He then removed several documents from it and stated, “My superiors have asked me to show this to you. You can read these and you can ask me questions, but you can’t take any notes.”

With the papers still before him, Mr. Doty instructed her to leave her present chair and set in one located in the middle of the room. He explained his odd request by saying that someone could possible see through the windows.

Linda was confused. She wanted to know why she was being shown these papers. Fighting her unsettled emotions, she began to read and was determined to remember everything she could.

Linda said that she looked at the documents and recalls that the top page was entitled, “Briefing Paper for the President of the United States of America.” The papers dealt with the subject of unidentified and identified craft and vehicles. However, she did not remember the name of the President or the date. It is possible she could not remember this information because of the shock factor she experienced when she began reading the first few pages of the documents.

On page 149 of An Alien Harvest, Linda also related what she had seen in those documents. She stated that the documents contained information concerning crashed disks in the southwest that had occurred first in 1946. She also remembered other dates that spanned from 1947 to the early 1950s. There were reportedly two different crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. The documents also indicated that someone felt that the crashes had been caused by high power radio waves coming from a U.S. radar facility in the area that had interfered with the alien crafts’ guidance systems. She also recalled that some of the documents indicated that both alien bodies and disks had been taken to special government facilities where the proper analyses could be done. As for the aliens, she remembers that the government had called them “extraterrestrial biological entities” or “EBEs.”

The documents in Linda’s hands went on to describe how a crash in 1949, near Roswell, resulted in the recovery of six aliens. Reportedly, five of the aliens were dead -- but one remained alive. The living creature was taken to a location north of Albuquerque where it was kept for some time until its death occurred on June 18, 1952.

In my book, I presented information and excerpts from newspaper articles that clearly and unquestionably show that the U.S. military admitted that UFOs flew over Washington D.C. en masse on July 27, 1952. This is a matter of public record that any one can see by a visit to their local library archives or through searches on the World Wide Web. At any rate, this en mass flyover by UFOs was supposedly four to five weeks after this alien was supposed to have died. Coincidence?

Whatever the case, the papers Linda was reading in that meeting gave a description of the EBEs. According to page 150, of An Alien Harvest, the documents claimed that the living EBE was “. . . an extraterrestrial biological entity with both reptilian and insect characteristics. [Emphasis mine]”

She continued to relate how the papers had stated that the extraterrestrials had told our people about their own star system and how they had been visiting Earth for 25,000 years and maybe even longer. They also made some reference to the case of Captain Thomas Mantell. (According to old newspapers, Captain Mantell was killed while flying in a P-52 Mustang and trying to get closer to a flying saucer to investigate after being asked to do so by an official in the control tower. This incident took place near Franklin, Kentucky, on January 9, 1948.)

Linda continued to meticulously take the audience though each memorable and significant point of the meeting with Mr. Doty. Again, to me she seemed to be reliving each moment with vivid recall. I truly believe that she was simply and truthfully relating something that had experienced. If she was making any of this up and acting -- again, in my opinion -- she deserves an Emmy for acting.

After talking about a few other things that she had read in the papers, she came to a point in the lecture where she paused. After a few seconds of silence, she stated that what she was getting ready to tell us something that was very difficult for her to relate. She explained by saying, “the truths would affect everything that we would think about, our science, and our religion, and our society, and planet . . . .”

In hindsight, I now believe she was striving to be sensitive to the fact that many in the audience probably held to many different religious persuasions and had different concepts of God and other spiritual matters. But regardless of what was going on in her head, at that point I became both a little uncomfortable and curious. I mean after all, I thought I had already heard some was pretty disturbing information and seen some troubling photos and video tape clips.

Finally, she continued by slowly recounting something else she had read. The document had stated, “All questions . . . and mysteries . . . about the evolution of Homo sapiens on this planet . . . had been answered . . . and the project was closed.”

Evolution is a spiritual matter regardless of the ‘scientific’ terms used to define it. And as I believe you will see momentarily, this lecture later took an unexpected turn toward the spiritual realm -- even though I do not believe Miss Howe originally intended it to do so.

It really seemed that she did not want to discuss this statement further -- for whatever the reason. But as I believe you will soon see, she had more to say about the mysteries of mankind’s evolution being solved. Much, much more to say. And, many in the audience wanted to hear it -- including me.

Linda then directed her attention to something else and spent sometime talking about the ETs reportedly being involved in some kind of DNA experiments with humans -- and the possible implications.

I had also noted this facet of the ET and UFO phenomenon. From what I have seen, it appears to many in the objective know on this topic that ETs either are, or they want us to believe that they are involved in creating some kind of hybrid that is part alien and part human. I have a notion as to why this is so, and I have explained it a possible scenario later in this series of internet documents. There is much to be said on this subject, and perhaps I will do so at a later time.

Linda also discussed some other matters before ending the formal lecture. One of the more interesting and informative aspects actually occurred when the lecture ended. It came out during the question and answer time that followed the lecture.

During the time of dialogue Miss Howe, someone in the audience, who sounded like a young man, told that her that he realized earlier that she had tried to be discrete and not offend someone because of their religious beliefs. Yet, he emphasized how important this matter was to him, and he gently pressed for her to elaborate on what the documents shown her at Kirkland said about the origin of mankind. I think many others wanted the same thing.

After a long period of silence and looking into the eyes of many around the conference room, Linda finally replied by saying, “I will if you guys would promise to tell me -- after I tell you -- what your reaction is to what I say.”

As I remember it, most nodded and many even vocally agreed to do just that.

Linda then said that she was merely going to tell us what was shown her on paper, and she would then expect us to communicate to her what we thought the public reaction would be if this statement were published in the newspapers or presented on the nightly news with Ted Kopple, reinforced by the President of United States, and the Secretary of State, and all the powers to be. Most attending the lecture agreed to share their reaction with her. The following excerpt is what she claims she read in the document, and this is the main reason I have included Miss Howe’s account in my book and here on LCM;

“Two thousand years ago these extraterrestrials created a being to be placed on this planet to teach homo-sapiens about love and peace.”

In the account provided in her book, An Alien Harvest, Linda related the above by saying; 

The briefing paper itself stated that these ETs have come at various intervals in the earth’s history to manipulate DNA in already existing terrestrial primates and perhaps in other life forms as well. To the best of my memory, the time intervals for this DNA manipulation specifically listed in the briefing paper were 25,000; 15,000; 5,000; and 2,500 years ago.

There was also a paragraph that stated, “Two thousand years ago extraterrestrials created a being” that was placed on earth to teach mankind about love and non-violence. [Emphasis mine] [p.151]

 I was dumbfounded when she said this. I forgot about others being in the room as I began to think out loud and speak to her at the same time. Sitting on the front row, I looked her right in the eye and asked, “They’re talking about Jesus Christ -- aren’t they?” She rolled her eyes toward me and quickly replied, “I asked that question at that point. I said, ‘we’re talking about Jesus Christ here aren’t we?’ And the AFOSI agent [Mr. Doty] sitting behind the desk nodded. [In the affirmative]” She then asked us what we thought.

After a few short random comments were made, a man said something like “You’d have a lot of Baptists praying” which brought a lot of laughter from the audience. Next, a woman with a Pentecostal knows-so tone in her voice added, “And Holiness!

Then the young man who had prodded Miss Howe to elaborate on this point in the first place, quietly, yet clearly, spoke up and said, “Actually . . . inside of me, I . . . it doesn’t cause a lot of turmoil and reaction -- it makes a lot of sense . . . .”

After a pause another person, an older mature sounding gentleman added, “. . . But to many, many people it would be very, very upsetting.” There was some other small time chatter heard briefly, then another gentleman said in a country dialect, “It be right much laughter, I think.” And a plain sounding young lady interjected with what sounded like, “It would be in contempt of the church -- would be!” Some random discussion ensued as many in the group discussed whether or not the story about the aliens would be totally rejected or accepted. Some felt the story would be rejected by some but accepted by others.

Linda then added to say that someone had told her that our government actually had in their possession some type of alien crystal device that the ETs had operated and demonstrated for them. Supposedly, this device could prove the ETs’ claims of creating Christ by being able to replay various moments of important Earth history, such as a holographic projection of Jesus preaching on the Mount of Olives.

Miss Howe continued by talking about a number of things. She spoke of reports which indicated the “small gray” type aliens do not always tell the truth. She also said she believed that the most vulnerable spot of Homo-sapiens is their religion. I agree.

As the question and answer session continued, I ventured to ask if any of the documents revealed to her by Mr. Doty at Kirkland AFB -- or any other source -- had indicated that the ETs were planning be bring this created ‘Christ’ back to Earth at some time in the future.

She surprised me by giving me a straight out ‘no.’ Up to that moment, most of what she had said had seemed to confirm that my suspicions right on target. However, as I believe you shall see momentarily, the question was on target, but I asked it with the wrong subject matter having Miss Howe’s attention for the moment.

Linda then proceeded to say that the little ‘grays’ were not the only ET type. Some other documents she had seen related how there were at least nine different alien ET types with three of them having a definite focus on this planet. The others seemingly come and go after getting minerals, water, or whatever.

I asked another question to see if she had more information concerning the “lizard-man” she had talked about earlier.

She said this type or this one had also showed up in Colorado and numerous other cases as well. However, she ventured to say that she did not understand the relationship of this type to the others. But as you will recall, when she initially told the group about this creature seen in Missouri, the small grays were reportedly working with the calf while this creature seemed to have been in a command capacity.

Over two years after this lecture, on December 5, 1992, I had a personal phone conversation with Miss Howe. I asked her if anymore information about this creature had surfaced. She told me it had been reported on numerous occasions in California. I asked her to be more specific about the encounters. She then told me that about six women had been awakened while in the privacy of their bedrooms, only to find this creature present with them. Reportedly, this creature then sexually abused these women to the degree that one woman had scratches left on her body after the ordeal. That was all the information that she had on the lizard-man. She also told me that she was going to included sketches of this being in her next book, which she was in the process of writing at the time.

After more dialogue with the group, and questions or comments about her meeting with Mr. Doty, Linda stated that at times she wondered if the information that Richard Doty had showed her could have been something other than the truth. She candidly indicated this by stating on page 150 of An Alien Harvest, “This is some of the information, or misinformation, Doty and others related about Ebe’s communication. [emphasis mine]”

Miss Howe then gave a synopsis of why she felt she was privileged to see the papers at Kirkland. She believed that for reason still unknown to her, the government wanted to release some of the information to public.

If she is correct in her theory -- and I suspect that she is -- my question is why then after nearly forty years? Were some in the government at that time afraid of or expecting something to happen and they wanted to try to prepare the public for it? Is that why former President Ronald Reagan made several comments to various world leaders and even the United Nations about a possible threat from beings from another world that would force humanity to forget their political and religious differences and unite against a common foe? Could all this have had anything to do with the mega-buck expenditures on SDI or Star Wars years ago, as well as a global defense shield today? Only time will tell.

Linda then began to muse about something that really surprised me. She said another alien type -- the “Nordic” or “Blonde” -- claiming to be from the Pleiades, also claimed to have created Christ. She then paused, kind of leaned back, and made this comment; 

Then you have two extraterrestrial groups -- both claiming to have made Jesus Christ. And what the whole focus of attention about Christ is -- I certainly would like to understand.

 To buttress her concerns over Jesus Christ seemingly being at the central focus of the ET phenomenon, Miss Howe added one other tidbit of information. She told the audience how she had recently been in a conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas some three weekends earlier. At that conference there was a man from England who gave a presentation about some strange circles which had been showing up in some of the open fields in his homeland (they are now commonly referred to as crop circles). This gentleman reportedly showed how the appearance of these circles had gone from 17 cases in 1987 to 280 cases in 1989. (Today the phenomenon is worldwide and the numbers have dramatically increased.)

In either case, the English gentleman reportedly played an audio tape recording of a strange sound that had been recorded in the middle of one of these circles. In addition, there was reportedly about six eye witness reports of strange occurrences in which people that were standing in fields thought they were experiencing unusual wind activity only to suddenly see the deep grass pressed down in a perfect circular form right before their eyes -- even though they saw nothing physical causing the pattern. The gentleman also reportedly said that the people who witnessed the formation of these circles reported hearing a sound much like the one captured on the audio tape.

Linda then went on to say that someone had taken a map of that part of England and drew a line through the 280 coordinate points of the circles, and a huge triangle was formed -- with Stonehenge right smack in the middle of it. As a result, they deduced that someone was trying to make the world pay attention to Stonehenge. They then brought in a psychic or two in hopes that they could shed some light on the subject. Linda said that she had gotten a phone call from England two weeks previous to this lecture in which she was told that one of the psychics had claimed; 

“. . . by the year 1999, . . . Jesus Christ Himself will come to Stonehenge with the “Blondes, the Nordics, the aliens!”

 Miss Howe then explained why she had informed us of all these accounts which focused on Jesus Christ. The following excerpt is what Stanford University graduate, investigative journalist and Emmy award winning producer Linda Moulton Howe said in summing up her lecture; 

I think I am sharing this to try to say to you that there is a tremendous amount of information that keeps surfacing concerning, Jesus Christ, the religious manipulation of this planet, and the various claims of involvement with that between the “grays,” the “Blondes,” and I don’t know what the truth is . . . .

 With this bold note the lecture ended.

For the record, Miss Howe has plainly acknowledged Mr. Doty’s denial of everything about his supposedly admitting to actual contact between the government and extraterrestrials to her. She stated this both in her book and lecture. She says he also denied that he had showed her any so-called briefing papers for the President of the United States. However, Mr. Doty did admit to meeting with Miss Howe on the afore mentioned date in writing. As I have already pointed out, Miss Howe stated she was aware Mr. Doty could have shown her misinformation.

I agree. This is indeed a possibility. But would the misinformation have been given as some type of joke on the part of Mr. Doty, or was he indeed acting on orders from higher up. In either case -- what purpose could be served by such misinformation?

Who are you going to believe? Is it Mr. Doty or Miss Howe? Who has the most to loose or gain by lying? What would be the motive? Who is taking the largest risk over what they are asserting to be true until, or if ever, the true facts do come out?

After the lecture was over a number of people lingered behind to get autographs and to talk personally with Linda. I sat on the left front row of seats hoping to get a moment to speak with her before I started my return trip home. While waiting, I noticed an especially clean-cut young man patiently waiting to talk with her. After everyone else had left, except me, he began to talk to her. After talking for awhile they began to leave together, however, she stopped where I was sitting to speak to me.

I thanked her for the information she had presented in the lecture. I then I recounted her frustration over the UFO/ET and Jesus Christ connection. I then told her that I was a born-again Christian and that I believed that I understood the connection between UFOs, ETs, and Jesus Christ. I told her that my understanding had developed over the previous ten years or so from both studying the Bible and evaluating some of the same type of material she had presented in her lecture.

She invited me to join her and this other young man over dinner where we could talk. Even though I was tempted to take her offer, I thanked her, but declined. I had a considerable amount of travel ahead of me, and I had fairly recently been diagnosed with a serious medical problem that demanded that I got plenty of rest and not tire myself out. Thus, I needed to get home as soon as possible.

But equally, I knew I did not have enough time, nor did I have what I wanted to say properly articulated to explain it in an intelligent manner. There were also some things that I still did not understand enough for myself -- let alone be able to explain it to her. Consequently, I was not sure that this was something I wanted to present to anyone at the time.

I told her that I wanted to think about it for a couple of weeks and perhaps we would talk then. She then demonstrated how interested she was in what I had to say by asking me to put my thoughts on a cassette tape and send it to her. I told her I was not comfortable in doing that, even though she assured me of confidentiality. I told her that if she wanted she could call me in a couple of weeks and perhaps I would be ready to talk then. We said good-by and we all left the conference room.

I hope most can see that Jesus Christ does indeed seem to be the central focus of both the New Age Movement and the ET and UFO phenomenon. However, Jesus Christ is also the central focus of the Christian Bible. And it has much to say, I believe, concerning what is taking place in our time -- including strange involvement of supposed aliens and other worldly space craft with our culture. I believe it behooves the reader to consider what the Bible literally says about Him, and also what He said about the end times. He said much Himself, but he also said much through His inspired apostles.

Walter Robinson II
Webmaster of LCM


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