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I Met A Man Who Stumbled Onto Area 51, In The Mid 70s?

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I Met A Man Who Stumbled Onto Area 51, In The Mid 70s?

Many excerpts on this page and subsequent
section of LCM were taken from my book;

The Final Empire
©Copyrighted 1994
®All Rights Reserved

My experience at Green Bank in the early 70s had wet my appetite, and it piqued my interest in UFOs and ETs. Over the ensuing years I would at times become bored and began to lose interest in the topic. But it always seemed that inevitably something would always occur that would boost my interest level back up. One significant event is as follows:

During my employment with 3M I made several trips to St. Paul for training at the 3M Training Center. On one of those trips I had a strange encounter of my own. I admit that I cannot remember exactly when this occurred because it has been some twenty-five years ago, and maybe even longer. Yet, I strongly believe that this happened either in the summer of 1973 or 1975. In either case, this is what happened.

I was in St. Paul for training and I was rooming with another technician from another part of the country. This gentleman had recently gotten out of the United States Air Force. While we were engaged in general conversation, the topic of UFOs came up somehow. He then told me a chilling story about a special government air base situated somewhere in the deserts of Nevada or California. I believe it was Nevada, but I cannot really remember which since this event happened so long ago. This is what he told me.

While he was still on active duty, one day he took a jeep and went into the desert to look around. He had accumulated some leave time and simply wanted to get off base. He went on to recount how he had come upon a certain location and suddenly found himself in the middle of the desert facing armed MPs. They stopped him and firmly told him that he was in a restricted area and he had to leave immediately. They also looked at him as though he had just stepped on their last nerve. He immediately obeyed.

When he returned to his base he discretely asked around trying to discover what he had come upon out in the desert. Eventually, he was told that the location he had ventured into was actually a base where extraterrestrials would come and go in their space craft!

I can still recall how serious this gentlemen seemed. He also seem somewhat frightened as he quietly related the story to me. His solemn demeanor and attitude convinced me that he had told me a true story. It also seemed that what he had seen -- or something else connected to the topic of UFOs bothered him -- but he would not say more on the subject. I eventually forgot about what this man had told me, and gave it no further thought for several years.

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