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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Free MP3 sermons, Bible teaching, and other audio messages on LCM

Free MP3 sermons, Bible teaching, and other audio messages on LCM

The Gospel of
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Other Popular

Currently highlighted on LCM

Currently highlighted on LCM

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Learning more about Windward Bible Church

Robinsons' Prayer Requests

Robinsons' Prayer Letters and Periodic Updates

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Learn more about Carriacou, Grenada, including the current
time and weather


Liming by the sea

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Tourist Information
About Carriacou, Grenada

Sunny beaches on Carriacou


LCM's Key Sections
and Links

LCM is a growing website that has many different sections. There is a navigation bar the top of each page that contains Link to each major section. There are also links to subsections and to the next level up. Below is a sample:

Up ] The History of Last Chance Ministries ] [ LCM's Key Sections ] About the Founder ]

Most Requested Links

Gospel Of Jesus Christ ] MP3 Audio Sermons and Messages ] Windward Bible Church ] What We Believe ] Leave Comments ] View Visitor Comments ] Hurricane Ivan Damage to Carriacou Photos - Pictures ] Relief Efforts for Carriacou, Grenada ] ] About Carriacou, Grenada ] Carriacou Tourist Information ] Virtual Tour of Carriacou ] Report Broken Links ]

The LCM banner at the top of each page is also hot-linked to LCM's homepage. Thus, you should never get lost!

Below you will find a description of each section that will hopefully better equip you to find something in which you are interested.

Description of LCM's Sections

  • Site Map for LCM is a page that contains active links to every page in LCM. This page enables one to quickly browse the site by text and go directly to the desired page. This link is supplied at the top of each page.

  • About LCM provides a brief history about LCM and both a brief and in-depth doctrinal statement concerning our beliefs.

  • New on LCM contains links to the most recent updates and additions of LCM.

    Search enables a visitor to look up passages in the Bible, see what it says about various topics, or search it for words or phrases with online facilities. You may also see what the Bible says about various topics.

    • Visitors may also search the entire LCM site for keywords or phrases. Numerous and excellent facilities are also supplied to search the World Wide Web. This link is supplied at the top of each page.

  • About the Founder give the occupational and spiritual background for the creator and webmaster of LCM, Walter Robinson II.

  • Windward Bible Church supplies the history and description of the Robinson family's work on the island of Carriacou, Grenada. A photo gallery is supplied.

  • Spiritual Downloads (Free) describes certain "spiritual software packages" that anyone may download at anytime. Regardless of who you are and where you are, you already have the necessary hardware to make a connection via the heavenly ISP that has unlimited free access. The connect speed is un-measurable and there is more bandwidth available than you will ever need.

    • Currently one of the most frequently visited areas of Spiritual Downloads is, Free Streaming Audio Sermons, Bible Teaching, & Preaching on LCM. It came online and fully functional in December of 2003. We have already had visitors to download or listen to messages from all over the world. I have been especially encouraged to see those from Communist and Muslim countries visit. We also have articles on various religious groups such as Promise Keepers and What is Rastafarianism. As of January 2004, the latter has gotten many hits every day and had been viewed nearly 9,000 in the previous two years, and only God knows how many times before I placed a meter on the page.

  • Digging Deep is a section where those interested may probe more deeper into the Christian Bible. This goes much further than mere cursory reading of the Scriptures. This section will likely require a lot of thought and searching the scriptures on the part of those who wish to participate. If I get enough expressed desire by those who visit the site I may set up an online discussion group. Any who are interested may contact me and state your wish.

    • At some time in the future I also hope to be able to post MP3 audio files on LCM's website that focus on the material presented in this section.

  • On Thin Ice is a section that deals with topics that are very unusual and perhaps at times controversial. Will will cover topics such as:

    • Reported encounters with UFOs and ETs

    • Evolution

    • Postulations about natural extraterrestrial life

    • So-called psychic phenomena

    • Religious apparitions

    • Altered states of consciousness

    • Operation of certain supposed Christian spiritual gifts

    • Allegorical interpretation of the Christian Bible

    • The martial arts

    • And much more!

    I believe a person's personal spiritual disposition--or lack of it--can often shape the perspective of any phenomenon experienced. Moreover, I believe that at times such can also even be causative in the experience. Thus, I am going to utilize polls that in which visitors will be able to respond and submit to LCM for fair and objective compilation. Those results will be then be placed on this site for viewing. Please see our policy on privacy below.

    I also have a place where I will present articles contributed by other who share our doctrine and goals that I believe would be of benefit to others. If you have such material you may contact me via e·mail.

    Lastly, at some time in the future I hope to be able to post 'Real' player files on LCM's website that focus on the material presented in this section.

  • Checking The Prophetic Road Map examines specific current and past events; technological developments; international political events; and evolving philosophies and methods of global currency exchange and economics. We will also present articles about the past fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, both Old and New Testament. All of the above, and more, will be examined in light of the Christian Bible.

    I have three hopes for dealing with this material.

    1. It is my hope that this will help many to properly discern the 'season' concerning the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. It also my hope that many will better understand the Biblical claim that Jesus is coming one unknown day to take to heaven those who have been truly been born again by grace through faith in Him and also His finished work.

    3. That this material will help help each believer understand what I believe to be the urgency of the hour, and our need to live Biblically, righteously, and obediently as servants in the time remaining.

    I tell you up front that there will be no date setting, hinting, or date guessing. Such is unwise, unbiblical, and has no place on this site.

    At some time in the future I also hope to be able to post 'Real' player files on LCM's website that focus on the material presented in this section.

  • The Missionaries' Corner is a section that deals specifically with topics that would likely be of interest and benefit to those currently involved in missionary work, and those who are considering entering missionary work.

  • Technology For Believers (or anyone else for that matter) presents information that I hope will help believers  take better advantage of the tools that are being made more readily available each day. We will also describe and recommend software that we have tried and used and found to be very helpful.   I also address something that probably troubles everyone, proper e·mail and internet practices.

  • Recommended Links is a page where we present links that we believe will complement the goals and areas of focus of LCM. If you come across a website in which you believe I would be interested you may forward it to me via e·mail through our Contact Us page.

  • About Carriacou, Grenada presents information about our lovely field of ministry. There are plenty of sections with thumbnails that link to larger photos. Most pages will load in a matter of few a seconds. I also present numerous links that will be helpful to any who are planning to visit Carriacou. The links include websites that provide factual information about the nation of Grenada, and more specifically, the island of Carriacou. We will highlight the following about our field:

    • Its people

    • Its culture

    • Its churches

    • Its natural beauty

    • Its tourism industry

  • Tourist Information About Carriacou, Grenada. I have selfish reasons for desiring that our island remains a beautiful place that few will ever discover. On the other hand I believe that tourism benefits the island and people by increasing the economy. Thus, we would like to encourage good people to visit Carriacou, Grenada. This link takes you to a page that supplies links to various agencies that can supply information that most tourist would find useful.

    NOTE: We are not, and will not act as a booking agency in anyway. We are not being paid, nor are we receiving remuneration by any businesses or individuals to promote their facilities. We merely present the information for the benefit of those who wish to visit the island and would like to know what is available.

  • Visitors' Journal is where I supply a page for those whose would like to leave comments and some information about themselves. Thanks ahead of time for your participation! This link is supplied at the top of each page.

  • Contact Us is self explanatory. If you desire to be put a mass e·mail list to be notified of changes or additions to LCM you can do so by contacting us.

  • Prayer Requests are just that. You may find that we are possibly facing a hurricane, sudden severe illness or injuries in our personal family or those of our church family, etc. Please check this section frequently and pray accordingly. This link is supplied at the top of each page.

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Privacy Policy

Our policy on privacy is very simple. All who choose to correspond with us in any way will never have any of their information made available to any one else under no circumstances.

Those who respond to polls will have only the information presented in the published results, but the participants' names and e·mail addresses will be kept completely anonymous.

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