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This page contains cumulative e·mail updates and e·mail
versions of the Robinsons' Herald for 2006.

NOTE: At year's end, I plan to make this page available in one PDF document if you wish to download and read later.

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You may click on the links below to take you specific dates and events. The most recent documents are at the top.

The Robinsons' Herald for September 2006

July 29, 2006 Last Update from the Robinsons on Carriacou

July 23, 2006 Update on Furlough Planes

The Robinsons’ Herald for June 2006

Special Update for May 2006 - Robinsons Furlough Plans

April 27, 2006 Praise the Lord for Answered Prayer

April 19, 2006 Urgent Prayer Request for a lady in our congregation

Update for April 19, 2006 The Lord gave us a miraculous victory today!

Update for April 17, 2006 Remember to pray for Linda and her court case!

Update for March 21, 2006 - Thanks for praying for Linda & her court case

The Robinsons’ Herald for March 2006

Update for February 25, 2006 Thanks for praying. Walter is doing much better

Update for February 11, 2006 - Please Continue Praying for Walter

Update for February 8, 2006 - Walter is released from the hospital

Update for February 6, 2006 Update on Walter

Update for February 5, 2006 - Requesting Prayer for Walter

Update for January 11, 2006 - Prayer Request for Mom


The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for June to September 2006
Click here to go to that page

This document is three pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is three pages and 90k long and should be less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.


July 29, 2006

Last Update from the Robinsons on Carriacou


Dear friends,


Thanks for praying! We have boat tickets that we plan to use to leave from Carriacou for the mainland at 3:30 PM tomorrow, Saturday, July 28, 2006. Please pray for a smooth ride. Lord willing, we are to stay overnight at a hotel on the mainland of Grenada; then fly on to Barbados; then to Charlotte, North Carolina; then Charleston, West Virginia on Sunday, arriving around 11:00 PM. We are still doing last minute packing and tying up loose ends.


We have been very busy here. Last Sunday we had the blessed privilege to baptize one of the ladies in our congregation. She is a wife and mother of five and in her mid thirties. She made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus many years ago. It was wonderful to see her follow the Lord in identifying with His death, burial, and resurrection to walk in the newness of life! (Romans 6:1-4)


We were equally blessed earlier tonight (Saturday), when we had the opportunity to pray with the above-mentioned woman’s eighteen-year-old daughter, who was not sure about her salvation. At her own initiation and request, and with tears in her eyes, she listened eagerly and intently to the gospel, asked a few questions, and then expressed her deep desire to pray to make Jesus her Lord and Savior! It was a blessing to the Stolls and us.


Linda and I hope to get at least a little sleep tonight as I pack up my “office” and cloths. I am tired, and my eyes are red and burning from many late nights and early mornings for the last few weeks. We held our vacation Bible school the first week of July, and sixty-two children attended on the forth and last day. Many of them indicated that they had received the Lord Jesus at the last challenge! Please pray for their growth and understanding to grow.


This week we installed our new 7-kilowatt LPG generator, and it is working great by God’s marvelous grace and help. What another tremendous answer to prayer! We had to do some unexpected work on the brakes our new bus, but the Lord helped and we completed them the next day. Our old shed that was twisted by Hurricane Ivan (2004), then knocked down and over by Hurricane Emily (July 2005) is finally taken completely down. The yard looks good, and we were finally able to track down glass and replace four panes that were also knocked out by Emily last year. Many other things have been accomplished here recently, and we are very thankfully and weary. Please pray for our stamina and health as we complete packing tonight and tomorrow, and for our trip to West Virginia. The itinerary was provided in our previous update.


Much of what has been done recently was accomplished with the gracious and tireless help of the Stolls. Bill and Ruth have been a blessing and tremendous source of encouragement to us. Please pray faithfully and daily for them as they take over completely in our absence. I believe our people have already adopted them as part of the family of Windward Bible Church.


Please pray faithfully for our folks as well. Some have told us that they will miss us very much, and we have told them that we will miss them as well. I cannot explain it, but leaving this time is particularly painful to me. This is our home, and the people here are our friends. Everywhere we go, people great us by name, and we know many of them by name. Most desperately need the Lord, and many of these are now beginning to show an openness to our message and work after we have been here for fifteen years. Some have told me how they have been watching, and how our continually coming back after serious illness and injury in the past meant much to them. Our island home is more like a large community where everyone knows everyone else. The people and place have won our hearts in ways I never thought possible. I fear that tears will fill my eyes when we leave on the boat tomorrow. Many of the adults and teens in our congregation have told us that they are planning to see us off at the jetty. Please pray for us all.


We spoke to our landlady about our old meeting place, which is still unusable. We also spoke to another man about possibly renting a different building in another location between our home in Belvedere and the village of Windward. Please pray for the Lord to bear witness as to what He desires us to do and where He wants us to do it.


I hope to provide a more in-depth update or Herald as soon as I can. However, I will likely be out of e·mail contact for one to three weeks, or perhaps longer. I must send my computer in for repairs right after I arrive in West Virginia. Please pray that HP will get it back to me in three business days and completely repaired under my expressed extended warranty. One of the problems was supposed to have been repaired back in January when we had to make an emergency trip to the US for a death in the family.


We always depend upon the prayers of our friends and supports. This is a special need of prayer for every aspect of this trip and two very important unspoken requests.


We will like stay with my mother for the week or two. I am not sure after that. We also still need a vehicle to use to get around. We currently do not have one available, and we cannot afford to buy one that would dependable enough to transport around the country on furlough reporting to supporter and visiting new churches.


Mom’s (Lois Holm) number is 304-252-1027. Tabitha’s (daughter) is 304-253-0395. Lord willing, I will update our contact information when I know more about where we will be staying as our base while on furlough. I hope to respond to personal e·mails as soon as I can. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Thanks ahead of time for your prayers and consideration. We are looking forward to seeing ya’.


All the best as I continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II


PS: Please excuse any typos. I believe my mind went to bed a couple hours ago without me and left trying to write this by myself!


July 23, 2006

Update on Furlough Planes


Dear Friends of the Robinsons,


We are planning to travel to the mainland of Grenada on this coming Saturday, then stay overnight and fly on the US the next day, Sunday, July 30. We are then scheduled fly out of Grenada at 10:45 AM, and arrive in Barbados at 11:35 AM. From there we are fly out at 3:05 PM and arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina at 7:47 PM. We are to leave Charlotte at 10:05 PM and arrive into Charleston, West Virginia late that Sunday night. Lord willing, we will be arriving on US Air, flight 2454 at 11:02 PM. Tabitha and her husband are planning to meet us there and then take us to Beckley were will spend a few days resting and seeing family, and sending my computer in for repairs.


We are not sure where will be staying as our base of operations yet. Things are very tight for us right now, and that is something that limits our options. However, we do have some options available, and I am praying for the Lord to show me exactly where He desires us to stay and be used most effectively by Him. I hope to make that decision in the next couple of weeks.


Things to pray for:

  1. Unspoken

  2. Final preparations, packing, tying up loose ends, and helping the Stolls to be prepared to take over when we leave.

  3. Faithfulness, encouragement, and growth of our folks at Windward Bible Church in our absence.

  4. New people being saved and becoming a part of Windward Bible Church in our absence.

  5. Safety in travel.

  6. A dependable vehicle to use.

  7. The right place to abide and use as our base of operations while on furlough.

  8. Meeting anticipated and non-anticipated extra expenses while on furlough .

  9. New contacts and the scheduling of new meetings in tough economic times for everyone.

  10. Increased monthly financial support and prayer support.

  11. Physical Checkups, new eye-glasses, etc.

  12. Good health.


I hope to send out one more update before we leave Carriacou. It should contain more information on how to contact us. In the mean time, use the info at the end of this update.


If anyone is so led, he or she may send any gifts to Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps and earmark it for “Furlough Expenses.”

Thanks ahead of time for praying. We are looking forward to seeing each of you in person and enjoying the fellowship! Thanks also for your past ongoing support and prayers.


All the best,

Walter Robinson II


Walter II or Linda Robinson

Hillsborough P.O.

Carriacou, Grenada

West Indies

Tel. 473-443-7764 (Overseas Grenada direct)



Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps

P.O. Box 4177

Kingsport, Tennessee 37662

Tel. 423-247-1212



The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for April to June 2006
Click here to go to that page

This document is three pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is three pages and 97k long and should be less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

Special Update for May 2006
E·mail version for May 2006
Robinsons finalizing furlough plans

This document is two pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 109k and less than one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

April 27, 2006

Praise the Lord for Answered Prayer


Dear Praying friends,


I am very happy to report that young sister in now back on Carriacou with a clean bill of health!


As you may recall, she traveled to the mainland (of Grenada) on Tuesday of last week (April 18, 2006). She then had blood work done on Wednesday. She also took the initiative and had CAT scan on Thursday as we had advised her. She was pleasantly surprised when the people informed her that the CAT scan showed that she has no tumors or lumps!


At first, it seemed that the young lady was afraid to get her hopes up. However, after speaking with me over the phone, the doctor then performed a physical examination on her. He also confirmed what the CAT scan had indicated – she no longer had any lumps! He then told her that there was no need for her to get an ultrasound because the CAT scan was much more definitive and conclusive.


She then saw the oncologist on Saturday as we had encouraged her to do so. After he review the CAT scan report and the recent report by the doctor who examined her, he told her that she appears to be fine and no further action was needed. As a precaution, he wants her to come back in three months for a follow up.


We are rejoicing with our young sister in Christ. Last night, in our Wednesday night service, she shared what the Lord had done for her with our folks. Our numbers were down, but most of the nearly twenty adults, teens, and children that were present began to clap in joy and praise to God for what he has done.


Last year, a doctor had examined her and detected a very definite lump about the size of a golf ball. The doctor took a biopsy of that lump and later informed her that the report from the lab showed that the mass was cancerous. He recommended that she seek immediate treatment at that time. I believe the Lord has graciously, and mercifully granted a miracle for her. Each of you that helped by praying for her during this trial has participated in and been a part of this miraculous answer to prayer.


It is truly and joy to be part of such a wonderful family that has such a gracious and powerful father. AMEN! PRAISE THE LORD!


All the best as I continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II


PS: I am sorry that I did not contact you before now, but our young sister remained on the mainland over the weekend and had asked me to wait and allow her to share the wonderful news with our family. Thus, I waited until now to inform everyone else. Thanks for your understanding.



April 19, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request for a lady in our congregation


Dear praying friends,


I have an urgent prayer request on behalf of a young lady in our congregation. (I will keep here anonymous in this online version) This young lady that has gone to court with us each time and waited to give her testimony on Linda’s behalf. But, as I related in our update about the trial, the Lord worked it out where her testimony was not needed.


In any case, this lady is 27 years of age and was diagnosed with breast cancer early ‘last” year. We did what we could to encourage her to get treatment right away. Largely due to fear, she kept putting it off to follow up. It seemed as though she was in a state of denial. We told her that cancer does not normally go away on its own, and the longer she goes without treatment the worse the prognoses is. Yet, she did not seem very interested in doing anything at that time. However, she had more problems earlier this year that made her go to the doctor again. After he physically examined her, he told her that he now felt lumps in both breasts. This frightened her into finally seeking treatment and she asked us, and the church to be praying for her.


The Lord led me to make a few phone calls to people in the government here. They in turn advised me to contact the liaison of the ministry of health in Grenada to get help for her. When I informed the liaison about her, she became alarmed, and immediately took steps to get our young lady on the fast track to see an oncologist. She then told me that the oncologist is in Grenada only on a rotational basis every three to five weeks, and if she did not see him this time, she would not have another opportunity to do so until the middle of June. After the trial today, we hugged our young sister as we watched her board the Osprey Sea Ferry to travel to the mainland. She is scheduled to have a cat scan at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, April 19. She is also scheduled to have blood work done on Thursday, and then see the oncologist on Saturday, April 22.


Please be in constant prayer for this young sister in Christ from this point on. First, she does not have much money on hand if the government does not fully cover her needed treatment. Furthermore, and as I understand it, she could undergo surgery this weekend or early next week. Linda and I have seen growth in her since last year. She is a hard worker and always ready to help us when work needs to be done, whether it is for us as a family or for Windward Bible Church. This young lady also has a five or six year old daughter. For personal reasons, she has chosen to not let her daughter and the rest of her family here know what is going on at this time, even though we have counseled her otherwise. Thus, she is going through this mostly on her own.


I wish there was more we could do to help. If we could afford it, we would travel to the mainland and be with her for any possible upcoming surgery, but financially, we are not able to do that at this time.


I am personally praying for the Lord to have mercy and work a miracle for this young lady. I am also praying for her to experience the Lord’s peace and grace, regardless of the Lord’s will in this manner. Most receiving this letter know the implications of delaying diagnosed breast cancer treatment. Please pray accordingly for her. We have seen the Lord work many miracles in the past, including the outcome of Linda’s recent court case.


I plan to keep you undated as we get more feedback from our sister in need.


Thanks ahead of time for praying. All the best as we continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II


Update for April 19, 2006

The Lord gave us a miraculous victory today!



Dear Praying Friends,


I apologize for taking so long to get this update out. After the trail today, Linda and I were tired and sleepy. Thus, we came home, ate a bit, and laid down to take a nap. I woke up about 10:00 PM!


For those that are interested in the short, sweet, and straight to the point version, I am thrilled to report that the Lord has worked marvelously in our midst! Linda was found not guilty of the charge of “driving without all due care and attention in court today!” (By the way, I now gather that the charge of “driving without all due care and attention” is more akin of the charge of reckless driving in the United States.) Read on if you desire the longer version that shows how it was very evident to us that the Lord worked through the magistrate and gave us victory.


Now, about the court hearing today: Right up until the last ten minutes or so, it appeared as though darkness was going to prevail. The expert police officer recounted the facts in a way that made it look as though Linda slid 55 feet instead of the actual 22 feet. The police prosecutor then tried to convince the magistrate that a good driver would have been traveling much slower on that road due to the wet condition. In addition, the expert police officer’s report made it look as thought the collision occurred 8-12 feet “before” the turn, instead of actually “in” the turn. It seems that using photos of the accident scene and diagrams is not the norm here. It also seems the police form their conclusions based upon where the vehicles come to rest after the accident!


Our lawyer made several good points, such as the police officer only charging one person instead of allowing the court to hear the evidence and then deciding who was at fault. This was a good point because at the scene on the day of the accident, the investigating officer issued both the other driver and Linda a notice of intention to persecute, but he ultimately only charged Linda. He also related the evidence in a way to suggest that the other driver could have done more on his part to avoid the collision. He also did not address the fact that Linda’s statement at the scene, in which she estimated her speed at 20 – 25 mph instead of 15 – 20 mph, was due to her being under duress and very shook up at the time. He also did not point out that after Linda had given her statement at the scene of the accident, Linda had asked the investigating officer to change that part of her statement, but he had responded to say that he recorded that her reported speed was “approximately” 20 – 25. Yet, that was the very point he focused on when he decided to charge Linda alone for causing the accident. Our lawyer also did not emphasize that Linda impacted the other driver some eight inches on his side of the road because Linda had slid straight into the turn as a result of braking hard to avoid hitting him who was well onto her side of the road when he came from around the turn.


After our lawyer had made our defense, the magistrate seemed to fixate on the fact that the point of impact was a few inches on the other driver’s side of the road. It seemed to show that she too was more interested on where the vehicles had come to rest after the accident, instead of the events that led to the accident. I prayed silently. Linda was also praying silently.


At that point, the magistrate began to relate a personal experience in which she had to brake hard in a slippery turn that nearly resulted in her hitting a bus coming from the other direction. She went on to explain that she did only what any other driver would have done, and that she had not been driving without all due care and attention. Even before our lawyer had a chance to call our witness to testify on Linda’s behalf, she stated something like, “This seems to be an ‘accident’ (emphasizing the last word).” She went on to say that the evidence did not prove to her that Linda had been driving “without all due care and attention.” The magistrate and our lawyer quietly and simply seemed to come to the point they thought that there was no need for the hearing to proceed any further. However, the police prosecutor sought to convince the magistrate that the accident occurred because of Linda not driving properly. He continued to due so for five to ten minutes, and it appeared that the magistrate was considering his words. I essentially prayed for the Lord to take the wind out of the prosecutor’s sails, and about a minute later, he took his seat and rested his case.


The magistrate then gave her verdict, which I did not fully understand at that point. She then concluded the hearing, and officials closed the court for the day. Everyone then began to quietly pack up their paper and briefcases as they prepared to leave. I finally leaned over and asked our lawyer if we had won, and he quietly smiled and replied, “Yes, we won...”


The other man, with whom Linda had collided, and his wife had been sitting right behind me, and were obviously upset with the magistrates rendering. Right before they left court, the man pointed out that he had estimates of nearly $3000.00 US worth of damage for his 1973 vehicle. The magistrate curtly replied, that is a civil matter. He then asked if he could suit us in civil court, and I did not hear the reply from the magistrate. They then left before we could get up out of our seats.


If you recall, the day before our case came before the magistrate back in February, our insurance company finally gave us the option to accept full liability and settle with the other party out of court. Even though we believed that the other driver caused the accident, we considered that it might be more prudent to settle out of court to avoid attorney fees and a possible conviction, and ensuing fine and criminal record for Linda. Yet, when I tried to contact and settle out of court, his wife informed me that he would not even speak to me and insisted on forcing the matter to be heard before the court. He had nothing to gain personally, but it seemed to me that he simply wanted to force Linda to be convicted in public and be given a fine. It was at that time that we decided to fight because we had nothing to lose. I am now thankful for his intimidating behavior, stubbornness, and arrogance.


In any case, for us it seems like a dark oppressive cloud, which had been hanging over us for six months, has finally been displaced by the bright and warm sunlight. It is so refreshing; it is hard to put into words.


Due to the outcome of the trail, we are now responsible for fixing our own bus. I believe we can get our bus repaired for about $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 in parts and labor. This sure beats paying $300.00 for our deductible for repairing the other party’s vehicle, likely paying $100.00 to $200.00 in fines, and having a chargeable accident on record that would make the insurance premium for each bus increase by at least $300.00 per year for the next several years. (All values are in (US$.) We are also thankful that Linda will not have a criminal record here.


We praise and thank God for His faithfulness and mercy. Thanks to each of you for faithfully standing with us throughout this entire trail by your prayers.


All the best as we continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II


Update for April 17, 2006

Remember to pray for Linda and her court case!


Greetings from Carriacou,


This is just to remind all of our friends that Linda’s court case is due to be heard and likely concluded tomorrow (Tuesday, April 18, 2006). The judge will likely take her seat at 9:00 AM (9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time).


Last month, when the judge finally began to hear our case, the other man lied on the stand to say that Linda was traveling at least twice the speed she was truly traveling. It is apparent that he is bent on using any tactic possible to get Linda convicted of driving “without all care and due attention.” He has also not admitted to being on her side of the road, which caused Linda to lock up the brakes, slide straight into the turn, and ultimately collide with him. This seems like an attack by the Enemy to harm us and the work here. Getting insurance on our bus (which expired today) would likely double if we were to lose. I assure you, in most services we definitely need both buses to transport our people to and from the services of Windward Bible Church.  


Please pray for the Lord to provide for us, guide the judge and our lawyer, and to grant Linda an acquittal of the charge against her. Also, pray for the Lord to help Linda remain calm and have peace throughout the entire proceeding.


Thanks ahead of time for your prayers. I hope to send out an update after the hearing which will include a brief update on what has been happening here recently.


All the best as we continue to look up to Him,

Walter Robinson II

Update for March 21, 2006

Thanks for praying for Linda and her court case!


Dear Friends,


Thanks to you that have been praying. Thanks also for the notes and for forwarding our message on to others to elicit their prayers on our behalf as well.


We arrived at the courthouse here on Carriacou at 8:20 AM. We spoke to the lawyer a little after 9:00 PM. As I expected, he could not guarantee anything, but he did tell us that he believes we have a good chance.


While the other driver was being cross-examined by our lawyer on the top floor of the legal and judicial center of Carriacou, I was outside and down on the ground below as instructed. Strangely, while I was waiting to be called in, the investigating officer who levied the charges against Linda also told me not to worry. He said that it could easily, “go either way.”


The case is far from over yet. I was sequestered, outside when the hearing began. Yet, from some of what I could see outside, it seemed the hearing began when the other driver was put on the stand by the prosecution to build the case against Linda. However, from what I was told later, our lawyer went after the other driver like a pit bull. It is obvious that the other driver is willing to say whatever he can to get Linda convicted. If she is convicted, he gets his vehicle fixed by our insurance company and his insurance premiums will not increase. If Linda wins, he will need to pay his deductible and for the repairs of his 1973 Land Rover. His insurance would likely double as well.


In any case, he told the court that he thought Linda was traveling about twice the speed (30 mph) she was actually going (~15 mph). Linda said that he also claimed that she was either talking on her cell phone, or she had her cell phone in her hand when the accident occurred. He also claimed that he saved Linda and all the other passengers lives because our bus would have gone over the hill if it had not collided with his! All this is a bold-faced lie. When the accident occurred, there was another lady riding up front with Linda, and six or seven children riding in the rest of the bus. None of them even came out of their seats or were even shook up.


Our attorney confronted the other driver accordingly. While our attorney was cross-examining him, the other driver’s true character began to come out. It is hard to believe the number of people, that we did not personally know, who have come to us and told us about various run-ins and complaints that have had with this man.


Anyway, the other driver was the only one examined and cross-examined today. Another lengthy hearing took place before ours. It was a learning experience for us. However, it took so long that they did not have time to finish our case. It is supposed to be continued on April 18, 2006. Sigh!


Today, before the hearing began, we had to give the attorney a check for $280.00 US, which was supposed to be the total fee. We now fear that they may ask for the same amount next month when he has to return to complete out defense. In addition, our witness, the other lady that was riding up front with Linda, needs to go to the US for surgery right away, as I mentioned in our prayer letter sent out yesterday. We told her to do whatever she can to get to the US as soon as possible, and we meant it. She is long overdue for the surgery. Yet, her absence will likely weaken our case.


Thanks again for praying. As you can see, there is still a tremendous need for ongoing prayer concerning this and the other items I mentioned in the “Robinsons’ Herald” that I sent out yesterday, and posted on our website.


We do not like the idea of fighting this out in court in public. Nor did we want to get a lawyer involved, because frankly, we do have the money for him. But, some police officers here and even the response of the magistrate at the hearing last month seemed to indicate that we needed one. Lastly, but more importantly, I think of:


Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety (i.e., salvation or victory). (Proverbs 11:14) Thus, and after much agonizing in prayer, I took it as the Lord’s will to get a lawyer.


Lastly, please drop me a quick note to let me know if you did not get two e·mails containing our prayer letter yesterday. I truly need to know if my new Gmail account is reliable. Just to double check, I am sending this update out using both accounts as well. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


Please pray accordingly and thanks ahead of time for your ongoing prayers.

Walter Robinson II

The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for January to March 2006
Click here to go to that page

This document is four pages in length. I have posted it on a page by itself. Click the link above to go to that page.

It is also available in PDF format where you can see and print it out in my preferred newsletter form. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is four pages long and 136k long, and should take about one minute to download with a 56k dialup connection.

Update for February 25, 2006

Thanks for praying. Walter is doing much better


Dear praying Friends,


Thanks for praying. I am feeling much better, though I have a ways to go to get all my strength and stamina back.


As you may recall from e·mails that Linda sent out, early on Sunday morning, February 5, I had to go to the hospital because of excruciating pain in my lower left side abdominal area. I had never experienced such sudden and intense pain in my life! I groaned so loud they could hear me all over the hospital. They had to give me an injection of a strong painkiller on three separate occasions to help me cope. It basically almost knocked me out, which was fine with me. I was feeling so bad I would have been tempted to ask Linda to hit me the head with a two by four to help me cope!


The doctor originally suspected that I might be experiencing a kidney stone. By Tuesday morning, the pain had been reduced to bouncing back and forth between being uncomfortable to somewhat painful. They released me to go home and prescribed that I get a couple of test done on the mainland (of Grenada). However, the two hospitals on the mainland were either booked up or out of some items needed to perform the tests at that time. Linda went ahead and scheduled me to have them done at one hospital on February 24, which was yesterday.


However, after being out of the hospital a few days, the pain changed and moved into an area that reminded me of something I had experienced in the past. I contacted a friend in West Virginia, who is also my family doctor, and spoke to him about my condition. After listening to me explain my symptoms, he suspected that I was likely experiencing diverticulitis instead of a kidney stone. He recommended that I begin a regimen of Flagyl, an antibiotic that is used to treat that condition. I began taking it on Friday, February 10. Four or five days later, I noticed an improvement. I finished the medicine this past Morning, February 20. I have not had any pain or discomfort since Sunday, February 19, though I still have periods of weakness, nervousness, and bouts of nausea from time to time. But, the improvement continues.


The Sunday I entered the hospital, I had instructed Linda to transport our folks to Open Door Independent Baptist Church located in Beausejour. Pastor John McPherson and his wife, Karen are good friends of ours, and they were eager to help in any way. In each of the services anywhere from 15 to 25 folks from Windward Bible Church attended the services at open door. I was encouraged by our folks’ faithfulness. Last Sunday, February 19, we held our Sunday morning and Sunday night services. Sunday morning was difficult, but I got through it with God’s grace. Sunday night was easier for me. This past Wednesday night, I felt almost back to normal, except for the lack of some strength and stamina. Yet I felt much better than Sunday night after the service was over. I even drove one bus to help with the transporting of our folks to and from the service. I was also encouraged by our folks’ attendance. There were 31 present! We normally do not see those kinds of numbers during the annual Carnival week here on Carriacou.


After I returned from transporting our folks back home that Wednesday night, February 22, I spoke to my doctor in West Virginia. After relating my present improvement, he advised me to not lift any thing heavy and take it easy for the next two weeks, which I am endeavoring to do. I sleep quite a bit, probably because I slept very little at night from the time this began three weeks ago. I also suspect that the antibiotic my have been causing some insomnia as well. In any case, if I over do it I get weak, and shaky (nervous), and perspire quite a bit. However, after asking my doctor about me taking walks, he told that it would be good for me as long as I do not over do it and as I can tolerate it. I also told him that I was thinking of holding off on the scheduled tests to see how things go. One of them required a complete and very uncomfortable “clean out,” and then a likely rough trip over the sea to the mainland and back. Besides, the tests would not likely show anything if my problem had been caused by diverticulitis. He agreed that that would be okay since we are planning to take furlough later this year in July, Lord willing. At that time, again Lord willing, I can get a complete check up. Thus, I cancelled the tests that had been scheduled on the mainland and left open the option to have it reschedule.


Thursday, February 23, I went for a slow three-mile walk, and did quiet well. It felt good to get out of bed and out of the house into the open air and sunshine. However, a couple people from our church came by last Saturday (the 18th) to help Linda paint one of the bedrooms upstairs that had sustained much water damage from hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Emily (2005). They have been doing all the work. However, some the foldout windows and their frames were broken in the last storm. Since then intermittent rain would blow into the room past the plastic we had put up, and streaked the newly painted walls. Thus, yesterday (Friday) Linda “asked” me to work on the windows to see if I could repair them so that she could seal the windows better. I was able to do it, but afterwards I was spent and had to lie down and sleep for a while to recover. I had planned to hold men’s Bible Study, but I cancelled it. I feel better today (Saturday).


I am slowly getting my diet back to normal and sleeping better at night. We plan to hold services here tomorrow as normal.


I also plan to get out a more detailed prayer letter in the next week or two to provide more information about us, the work here, and our plans for our upcoming furlough. Thanks for praying and please continue to do so on our behalf.



All the best as I continue to look up for Him,

Walter Robinson II

Update for February 11, 2006

Please Continue Praying for Walter


Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,


Thanks so much for your prayers for Walter. Since leaving the hospital, he has had much discomfort ranging from some discomfort to down right painful. Right now, there is a question to whether the problem is diverticulitis or a kidney stone. Please continue to pray that this problem will clear up soon.


In His Service,

Walter and Linda

Update for February 8, 2006

Walter is released from the hospital


February 8, 2006


Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,


Thanks for praying for Walter. He was released from the hospital yesterday. He experienced some discomfort during the evening hours, but rested off and on during the night. He is scheduled to have an IVP and an ultrasound done February 24 on the mainland. Pray that these tests will diagnosis the source of his pain.


Walt sends his thanks to all for their prayers, notes, and calls.


In His Service,

Walter and Linda

Update for February 6, 2006

Update on Walter


February 6, 2006


Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,


            Thanks so much for praying for Walter. Yesterday evening was calm, but this morning around 3:00, the pain was heading for high gear again. After being medicated, he was able to sleep for several hours. Later today, the doctor started him on an antibiotic. He seems to being feeling somewhat better; pray that he will continue to improve. The doctors are talking about him taking an x-ray and sonogram to see if there are kidney stones, where they are located, and to find out if they are passable. Walt is aware that he could have diverticulitis or colitis. Pray that the right decisions will be made by everyone.

            Thanks for the encouraging notes that many have sent for Walt. He has appreciated each message.


In His Service,

Linda and Walter


Update for February 5, 2006

Requesting Prayer for Walter

February 5, 2006

Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,


I ask your prayer for Walter. He awoke Sunday morning around 5:15 a.m. The left side of his stomach was in a painful knot; thinking it was gas or a little worst, he tolerated the pain for a good thirty minutes. The pain intensified so we went to the Princess Royal Hospital. The doctor examined him and thought the pain could be caused by kidney stones. Walt was give pain medicine, started on an IV, and admitted to the hospital. The pain was excruciating off and on until about 4:00 p. m. About this time, he started feeling better. Pray that if the problem is kidney stones, he will pass them quickly. If it is not stones, pray that the doctor will diagnose the cause of the pain.


Thanks in advance for praying for Walt.


Also, thanks for praying for Walt’s mom; she is during better and for my mother who is taking one day at a time.


In His Service,

Linda and Walter

Update for January 11, 2006
Thanks for Praying and Please Pray for Walter's Mom

Dear Friends,


Thanks for praying everyone! We arrived back on Carriacou about 10:30 today, Tuesday, January 11, 2006. Lord willing, I will provide more of an update for you soon.


For now, I am requesting that you remember to pray for my mother, Lois Holmes. She is scheduled to have surgery to correct an ongoing chronic illness she has been struggling with for over three years. She has at least two intestinal fissures that have refused to heal even with much treatment and therapy. She is scheduled to go into the hospital (Raleigh General Hospital, Beckley)  to have the procedure done on an outpatient basis on Wednesday, January 11, 2006, at 12:00 Noon. This was scheduled today (Wednesday) after mom was examined on this past Monday. She is 72.


The doctor has told her that she will be in severe pain for at least two weeks after the surgery. Please pray that the procedure will go without complications and that there will be no other problems to discover during the examination that will take place during the procedure. Lastly, pray that the incised sights will heal up quickly without infection. She has been having bleeding, severe pain, and fighting infection for over two years.


It is late and we are tired. Thanks for your prayers ahead of time.


All the best as I continue to look up for Him,


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