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Robinsons' Herald for March 2005

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This page supplies our most recent e·mail
version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald.

It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view) This is about 400k and about two minutes to download with a 56k dialup connection.

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The Robinsons’ Herald
e·mail version for March 2005

Greetings from ‘Next to Heaven’
in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies!

 Greetings from the Southern Caribbean! We are now entering the height of our “dry season.” Yet, the ponds are still nearly full and the island is still green in many places. Even better, most peoples’ cistern still have a good supply of water to hopefully last until the rainy season (also known as the “Hurricane Season”) begins the first of June. Please remember to pray that our water will hold up. We have about 60% of our ~14,000 gallons left. We have been having some unusually good showers for this time of the year. Pray that we will get more.

There are still some relief efforts underway to help the people of Carriacou and those on the mainland recover from Hurricane Ivan. In my previous prayer letter, I mentioned the Pastor of North Gautier Baptist Church (Independent) in Mississippi, Brother Coy Rice. He contacted me after finding our website back in October. He is scheduled to arrive on the mainland of Grenada this Friday, March 25 to prepare for the arrival of a team of twenty to twenty-five skilled workers that are due to arrive on Monday, March 28. As of the writing of this prayer letter, their forty-foot container has arrived on the mainland that contains enough materials to erect ten 12’ X 16’ houses. Pastor Rice is planning to build eight on the mainland and two on Carriacou. The houses are simple and pre-cut, and should be able to be assembled in a few hours by each team. However, for many that lost everything these buildings would be much better than living in shelters, in someone else’s home, or in tents that are sitting on the ground.

Brother Rice had wanted to build twenty-five houses, but enough donations came in to erect only ten instead. As of today, March 22, 2005, they could use some more funds to help them do the job and ship the materials to build the two on Carriacou. I estimate the shipping to Carriacou and the trucking of the materials to the two sites will cost about $400.00 (US$). If any wish to help with this need, they should contact Pastor Rice right away and inform him of their intentions to help. If you wish to help, you may contact him using the following information. Please tell him that you got your contact information from Walter Robinson II on Carriacou:

 Tel: Church (228) 497-2373; Cell (228) 217-2333

Address: 2323 Callie Road, Gautier, Mississippi 39553


Website for more info:

 Please pray much for Pastor Coy Rice and his team, as they will be traveling on the dates stated above. Please pray for their safety as they build the homes and also pray for them as they witness, visit, and hold special meetings on the mainland during their very busy week of work.

 Thanks for praying about the repairs that our home in Meldrum needs in Hurricane Ivan’s wake. By God’s grace, I finally got the last leak stopped by patching it with “flash band.” Yet, the roof still needs the covering replaced, which was supposed to be done this month. I just hope that it is done before the 2005 hurricane and rainy season arrives in a little over two months from now.

Jeshua’s room is still not safe for him to move back into because of the bat droppings that mixed with the rain that ran down his walls. A gracious couple sent us a check to cover the cost of the paint for when we can paint it. But, we hesitate to do it until the roofing has been replaced. The rest of the house is in good shape. As I mention in my previous “Robinson’s Herald,” from what some climatologists and meteorologists are saying, I suspect that this year could possibly be much like last year’s because of the trend that has been taking place for the last five years or so. Thus, we are very eager to get a strong roof installed before hurricane season returns next June. Please pray for the repairs of our home to be completed quickly. 

Things at Windward Bible Church are going okay. As we have, since the fall of 1992, the folks of Windward Bible Church remembered the often forgotten folks in the two nursing homes and the hospital on Carriacou on this past Christmas Eve. We presented some of our Christmas program, shared a gospel message about the true theme of Christmas, and we left gift baskets stuffed with fruits, special treats, and a Bible tract. Please pray for the patrons that heard the messages that they would serve as seeds that will eventually lead to new shoots of the “Tree of Life” growing up in the hearts of each.

On another note, another missionary family (with 9 children) had been attending and helping us since the latter part of 2001. The man had helped transport people, helped with the music and prayer in our services, filled the pulpit in my absence from time to time, and taught teen Sunday School. One of his daughters and their local hired family helper also helped with our children’s classes on Wednesday nights on a rotational basis with Linda. However, this family is now attending and helping with another independent church here on Carriacou that needed their help. We appreciated their help while we had it and now wish the best for the other church.

Attendance at Windward Bible Church has been good. This past Sunday our attendance was down due the other family no longer being with us and transporting others to our services. Yet, we had good services and the attendance was good, all things considered. Three of our older women are not able to attend as they did last year. Two of them have severe arthritis that makes it very difficult for them to get around and sit in services. Another is in the states and has had eye surgery recently. We do not know when she will be back.

Likewise, an older gentleman has been in New York for over a year. He has been helping his son, and is now working and saving to purchase tools and getting experience so that he can reopen his auto repair business when he returns to Carriacou sometime in the future. We have seen some of our young people grow up and move to Grenada where the work had been better until the hurricane hit last year. One went to Texas to begin attending college this past January. Another is hoping to get a job in Grenada. Thus, we now have more children attending that anyone else, though there are a few adults and some that have just entered adulthood. Pray for us as we sometimes struggle with discouragement and the seemingly overwhelming job that lies before us.

We are planning special services this coming “Resurrection Sunday.” We are planning a special time of singing and message, followed up with a fellowship meal after the service. Sunday night we are planning to show the first in a series of movies about end time themes that we hope will draw several visitors from the village of Windward. We plan to give a brief message of explanation and present the gospel after each over the next few Sunday nights. Though many have promised to visit our services over the years, not many from this community have done so to date. We hope the Lord will use these special services to bring many in from the dark. Please remember to pray for the Lord to open the heart s of those enslaved in tradition in the Village of Windward. Pray that the Lord and His heavenly host will help us in “Piercing the Darkness” as the” Pierced One” is presented in the Light of God’s Word.

As I mentioned in my previous prayer letter, our 1987, 4WD Dodge Colt Vista Station wagon stopped running back in November. We now need it more than ever since we are down to one vehicle. I have procured the parts and we hope they will be shipped to us before this week is out. We not only need to pay for the parts, we will likely need to pay duties (~67% of their value and shipping) on them to get them into the country. They cost about $150.00, thus the duties could amount to $80.00 to $90.00 (US$) Please pray for the parts to arrive quickly and that we will have the funds to pay the customs and brokerage fees when they arrive. Also pray that the Lord will help me to get all parts back into the engine and transmission and get it reassembled and running SOON!

As I also mentioned in my last prayer letter, one of our supporting churches sent us a special gift to start a vehicle fund. The balance in that fund is still at $1,000.00. We will likely need around $10,000.00 (US$) to get a used bus that should be reliable and safe that would give us trouble free service for a few years. We hesitate to reach out to other communities because we can barely carry those currently coming in our 18 passenger bus. Our car, when running, carries only four adult passengers and maybe two small children. When the Lord provides for the replacement of the bus, I plan to sell one of the ones we have (probably the car) to get as much as possible out of it. Please pray for the tremendous need of our vehicles to be replaced SOON.

My stats show that my websites are still getting many visitors each day. I expect the number to drop off a bit as the weather in the US and Europe begins to warm up as spring approaches. Even so, the home page of my primary domain ( is now sporting a Google PageRank of “5,” and an Alexa Ranking of 158,000 as of March 22, 2005. That is “decent” for a “religious” website that does not sell or advertise anything. Interestingly, Alexa states that may website has a daily reach of five to ten per million. Global statistics came out back in January that shows that one billion people around the world now have access to the internet. I believe that means that my website has a daily reach of 5,000 to 10,000 each day. Granted, it ain’t Google, Ebay, or MSNCB, but it ain’t hay or something to sneeze at – unless you have hay fever. In more simple terms, it means that 5,000 to 10,000 have the gospel in thirty languages within their reach through my website each day whenever they go online!

My stats show that my website gets a solid 6,000 visitors each month, and on average, each visitor looks at two pages. Each page has links to the gospel in thirty languages. This does not include the tens of thousands that come to my website but backs out before they can be counted as a visitor, or they go to no other page until they leave, regardless of how much time they spend on that page. My web server stats show that the site had 2.6 million hits over the last year. I believe that at least 50% (perhaps up to 70%) were hits generated by genuine visitors as defined immediately above. (The other hits were generated internally within my site or by search engine web-bots that crawl my site often to keep their indexes up to date.) In any case, that means that over 100,000 people each month, or over 3,000 each day hit my site. Again, the links to the gospel are presented on each page, and thirty of my 200 plus pages has nothing but the gospel on them. They get several visits each day from many countries around the world – including communist and Islamic ones.

Strangely, even though I have not made any changes to my website in nearly three months, my server bandwidth, and other stats also show that some four hundred audio Bible teaching messages are listened to or download each month. If some of these were only partially listened to then it means that portions of more than 400 are listened to or downloaded each month. That is like having 400 one-hour long Bible studies in homes around the world each month. These are people that found us and invited us in instead of us finding them and convincing them to let us come in. I only wish I had the resources and equipment to do more in this area.

I had not made any changes or uploaded any more messages recently simply because I have not had the time. The ministry at Windward Bible Church comes first. Normally, the work on both goes hand in hand, but I got behind in editing and posting the messages when I had to go the states for two surgeries last year. Once I got back, we were clobbered by two tropical storms and a hurricane and I got even further behind. I am hoping that I will be able to get caught up by the middle of the year. There are some things in the making that should help make that possible, Lord willing. In any case, please pray for the power and effectiveness of the Word of God being broadcasted through LastChanceMinistries .com and .org, and also

With the Lord’s help, I have been giving messages that have kept me very busy the last three months. After the Christmas and New Years holidays, I began a topical series on Sunday Mornings entitled, The Myths of Modern Christianity. The foundational theme has been 2 Timothy, 4:1-4. Sunday nights we have been going through another topical series entitled, Comparing Contemporary Christianity with First Century Christianity. Both have been very challenging, informative, and rewarding for me personally. In Sunday School we have been going verse by verse through the book of Jude. On Wednesday nights we have been going through the Book of Revelation. I was astounded when I realized that the “Nicolaitans,” that are mentioned in Revelation in the letters to the church in Ephesus (2:6) and the church of Pergamos (2:15) are likely similar to if not the same as the Gnostics that many scholars believe that Jude wrote against in his epistle. What was even more eye opening for me was seeing how the beliefs and philosophies of the Gnostics and Nicolaitans are nearly mirror perfect to that of the current “New” Age cult. Just as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun after all. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) I may share some of it in a separate prayer letter, or you can write and ask me to let you know when I have uploaded the messages to the web later this year.

A young man in his senior year at Bob Jones University is scheduled to do his internship by helping us for a couple of months beginning in June. His name is Matt Templeton, and he is from our home church, Cross Lanes Bible Church, in Charleston, West Virginia. Lord willing, he will be staying with us in our home here on Carriacou. We anticipate that he will be preaching regularly in at least one of our weekly services, teaching our teens in Sunday School, and helping with visitation. We expect that he will also be doing many other things and I am looking forward to his help. I believe his being here and helping us will give me more time to get caught up on some other things that need my attention. Matt had been on Carriacou back in 2002 when he came with a team from Cross Lanes Bible Church. He was a blessing then, and I am looking forward to him being a blessing again. I am looking eagerly for his arrival. Please pray for Matt Templeton as he makes his final arrangements and finishes this semester at BJU in preparing to come and work with us in the ministry of Windward Bible Church.

We are also looking forward to the arrival of another team from Cross Lanes the middle of June. The team will consist of around fifteen, and about ten will be teens. The rest will be adult sponsors or counselors. I believe this will be our fifth team since the inception of Windward Bible Church in the fall of 1992. Please pray for the team from Cross Lanes as they solidify their plans in the weeks ahead in hopes of being here on Carriacou this coming July.

We have many prayer requests to share and they are presented as follows:


1.          We desperately need the roofing on our home replaced before the rainy and hurricane season begins in June. Also, pray that we would not get showers or rain while the roof in the process of being replaced whenever that takes place.

2.          We need to get our old car back on the road. It has been down since late November. I need to pay for the parts, have then shipped down to us, and pay duties to get them into the country.

3.          We desperately need to replace the radiator in our bus. We must constantly watch the temperature gauge and add water to it. It must be replaced soon or we could lose the engine. It will likely cost about $400.00 (US)

4.          The purchase of welding tanks so that I can make several needed repairs to our bus, car, and the bars on our church building.

5.          We need to have a sign made for our meeting place in Windward for Windward Bible Church.

6.          Purchase of several sheets of decorative plywood to replace paneling on the walls that was damaged in our meeting place during the storm and subsequent rain.

7.          Completion of electrical wiring for our meeting place so that we can get our own power meter.

8.          A small desk and chair for my office in our meeting place.

9.          Paint to repaint the concrete floor of our meeting place.

10.      Funds to pay for the purchase of and the duties on two small window air conditioners and a closet shelving organizer that are due to arrive in the container sometime this week with the materials to be used by the team from Mississippi. We must keep one room in our house with controlled humidity to protect precious books, electronic equipment, and recorded media from the salt air and constantly high humidity. We are currently using my office in our home for this. I estimate the total cost at $250.00 (US$).

11.      Funds to build a restroom attached to our meeting place. We need a toilet, sink, pump, and other plumbing necessities, construction of a septic tank, and a small cistern (or tank) to store water caught from the roof.

12.      We need funds to ship 100 hymnbooks that have been provided by CLBC after they got new ones. Many of ours were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

13.      For a few additional churches or individuals to begin to support us until we take furlough next year or in 2007. We would rather take furlough in 2007, but may have to do it in 2006 because of the pressing need of additional support.

14.      We desperately need another family to come and work permanently with us in the work here. We need a man to work as both an assistant pastor and youth pastor. A woman is needed to help in the ministry to young children and help Linda with ministering to the ladies

15.      We will also need one or two families to take over for us when we do take furlough in 2006 or 2007. We will likely be on furlough for six to twelve months. I cannot see how we can take furlough unless we have someone to take over in our absence. 

16.      Ongoing health and continued improvement for me (Walter). I have been doing much, much better. Linda and Jeshua have also been doing well.

17.      For guidance and provision as Jeshua seeks to learn the Lord’s will for his life as he plans to further his education. He is due to finish his twelfth year this year.


Lastly, and as I just mentioned in our prayer requests, we would still like to take furlough in 2006 or 2007 – if the Lord has not returned by then. We really do need more support to bring us up to our set support level. Perhaps you know of a church or pastor that is looking for, or is open to taking on the support of new missionaries – even if it is only temporary – until we take our next furlough. If so, please send me their contact information. Even better, you could put in a good word and recommend us to them. They can find all the information about us they would need at In the mean time, please pray for new churches and individuals to be led to support us to meet our current needs.

The Robinsons on Carriacou extend out deep thanks to each of you that are constantly touching our lives with yours through your prayers and support. We are constantly aware that your regular support and special gifts are often sacrifices made by those who remain faithful in increasingly difficult economic times. We thank God for each of you.


Still looking up for Him,
Walter Robinson II

(For all the Robinsons on Carriacou)

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