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Hurricane Ivan Damage to Carriacou Photos - Pictures

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Photos of damage on Carriacou from Hurricane Ivan

Photo (Picture) Essay of Hurricane Ivan Damage to Carriacou, September of 2004

 Note: All of the images on this page are thumbnails that are linked to the larger pictures. Simply click on each picture to see the full size ones. I constructed the page this way to facilitate loading the page faster for those that do not have broadband.

(Click on thumbnail Images for larger photo, then click the BACK or PREVIOUS button on your browser or tap your 'BACKSPACE KEY' to return to this page)

Monday, September 6, 2004
(The Day Before Ivan Came Through Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique)

Robinsons prepare for Hurricane Ivan by securing their rented home


Eastern wall facing the Caribbean (~1 Mile a way)


Eastern wall facing the Caribbean (~1 Mile a way)


Northern wall facing High North


Western Wall


Southern Side with the Veranda

Tuesday Morning, September 7, 2004
(The Day Hurricane Came Through Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique)

Hurricane Ivan Approaching from the East on Tuesday Morning
(Did not take more photos until after Ivan has passed through.)


Looking due east.


Looking east, southeast.


Rain is arriving, portents of things to come.

Wednesday Morning and afterwards, September 8 - 13, 2004
(After Hurricane Ivan Thrashed Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique)

We take stock and survey the damage Around us


Fragments of our roofing material in our yard and our neighbors'.


Our Utility Building is history. (We thought it was going to blow apart or over during the storm)


Linda's flower garden has been blown flat.


Walter and Jeshua trying to  repair a stubborn leak on their rented home a month later


Jeshua and Franklyn Scott help with the roof repairs


Banana tree orchard behind the wall destroyed.


Papaya trees broken and destroyed

Damage To Windward Bible Church Meeting Place in the Village Of Windward
Our landlord, who lives directly across the street, told us that she was very frightened because she witnessed waves of the Caribbean breaking across the top of our building! We are thankful to still have a building. Click here if you would like to help us recover.


Shingle from our roof and other debris in front


View from our landlords veranda showing the damage to the roof


Closer View of our roof's damage


Three to four inches of water in our sanctuary.



Soaked Hymnals and other items stored in one Sunday School Room thirty feet from the rear wall.


Dry items stored in the church office.



Windward folks surveying the damage, "thanking God for life," and exchanging horror stories.


House just below "Gunpoint" at the northern tip of Carriacou that suffered roof damage


Same house with Union Island (St. Vincent) in the background.


Another house right on "Gunpoint"



The previous house and another that suffered roof damage with Union Island in the background.

Overview of The Town of Hillsborough and adjacent Villages as seen from Top Hill and on location


Hillsborough Seen from Top Hill


Prospect Hall From Top Hill


Severely damaged homes in Beausejour


Prospect Hall and Paddy's Enterprises


Road from Hillsborough toward Six Roads as seen from Top Hill




Severely Damaged Home in Prospect Hall


Severely damage business and Home in Hillsborough


Strewn debris in Prospect Hall

Severe damage To Many Homes in
the villages of Bogles and Cherry Hill


Destroyed home in Bogles


Severely damaged home in Bogles


Former Windward Bible Church Meeting Place


House in Cherry Hill undergoing quick repairs


Damage To Homes In The Village Of Belair


Like many folks here, I believe a lady still lives in this house as damages as it is.




There is nothing left of this one but ruble


Many repairs are needed here as well.




This is a very old house that had withered many storms, but Ivan took its toll.

Damage To Homes In The Village Of Belmont
(The Damage to this village is quite extensive.)














Damage To some Public buildings on Carriacou


Princess Royal Hospital in Belair on Carriacou (Damage is to the roof facing east)


The Anglican Church in Harvey Vale lost much of its roof ...


and suffered other damage as well



Hillsborough Primary School (Notice large tree fallen to the south of the school building.)

 The Anglican Church in Hillsborough also suffered some roof damage as did the Evangelical Church also located in Town. They also suffered some internal damage.


Alternate view of Hillsborough Primary School (Was already scheduled for renovations as was the school in Dover that also suffered roof damage)


Damage To Boats
(Windward and adjacent areas have many sailors,
fishermen, and sea vessels by which many make their living.


Several Boats were washed upon shore such as the relatively large Mirfak here in Windward.





Our church building's landlord thought it was going to hit our building, but it finally veered south and missed by about 100 yards.


This boat is also damages and beached in Windward.


This one was blown aground just north of Windward at Jean Pierre.


Damage To Carriacou's Infrastructure and Some That Are Rebuilding It
(These folks are just a few of the heroes that have risen to the occasion and performed remarkably.)


Just three of several utility poles...


... that were broken ...


... or knocked sideways by Hurricane Ivan


The utility people have been working long hours with very little sleep to get all of Carriacou energized and reconnected to the world.


Steven Joseph with Grenlec supervising the repairs.


Raphael Lewis with Grenlec


Lineman working tirelessly in the hot sun


Lesley Olliverre with Cable and Wireless (I love that optimism and smiling spirit.)


Men raising a pole on 'Sixteen Corners" using Carriacou ingenuity (and daring).

As of Monday, September 14, I believe that all of Carriacou has had power restored. The telephone company, cell phone companies, and television cable company are not far behind.

One Carriacou family's survival and restoration story

The Jaffier (jaf fee ay) family lost half of their roof after a gallant and dangerous fight with Hurricane Ivan.



Alvin Jaffier has three children and an aged mother that he provides and care for. His children are Jane, Janet, and Jake.  




When they realized they were about to lose their roof during the storm, the children tied a rope around and a roof lat and held on until they could hold no more. (Upper right photo)





 After much of their roof flew off they retreated to the back of the house and stayed under a bed for protection until the storm ended. (Whew!) 




Alvin proudly told me, "My children are all heroes that deserve metals."

John McPherson, myself (Walter), my son (Jeshua), and Jake Jaffier worked three days putting the roof back on. The Lord gave grace, wisdom, good weather, and protection as John led us until the job was complete. Praise the Lord!

Beautiful Sunset seen after we finished the roof
above on this past Saturday, September 11, 2004

Personal Remarks by the Webmaster of LCM

I am sure that they are many more equally compelling stories that could be shared by the people of Carriacou. To date I am thankful to report that no deaths or serious injuries were reported by any on Carriacou or Petit Martinique according to the Permanent Secretary and Coordinator of Disaster Relief for Carriacou and Petit Martinique, Bernadette Lendore Sylvester! I believe that such is a miracle for which many should be and are thankful.

Please keep the people of Carriacou, PM, and especially those on the mainland of Grenada in your prayers. The wonderful country and people of Grenada are determined and resilient. But all agree that recovery from Hurricane Ivan is going to take a long, long time.

As many probably realize, there are many more photos that could be taken and posted here. Like those that are presented here, some broken images reflect the broken hearts and shattered dreams that are at least put on hold for the time being. Yet, here there is a still a sense of hope and determination to continue and recover. But like the many that survived the hurricane under the most perilous of circumstances, I believe it will take more than the determination of the tough and intelligent people of Grenada to get through this. It is going to take help from many unselfish people and organizations around the world that are able to help -- but must decide to do so.

Lastly, I believe the recovery of Grenada is also going to take the help, grace, wisdom, and provision of  Almighty God. It was not this loving God that did this, though He allowed it for a reason we cannot fathom at this time. Perhaps He allowed it just as He allowed Job to suffer only to bless him many times over after he came through the trail. I do not profess to know for sure. Yet, there are a couple of things of which I know for sure.

First, the Bible describes one who has aspired to become "the god of this world." (2 Corinthians 4:4) About this one Jesus said, The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly." (John 10:10) Thus, the question should not be, "Why did God do or allow this?" The question is, "Why did he spare me?" The answer is that He had mercy and that He loves us.

Second and last, the Bible describes the Almighty God of the universe and characterizes Him as being good and loving. I happen to know this God personally and I am on a first name basis with Him -- just as all His children are. His name is Jesus. If you do not know Him already, I invite you to click on one of the links in our left border that will introduce the biblical Jesus to you. It will also explain His wonderful plan for each person that has been given the privilege to touch this planet with their life.

All the best as I continue to look up to and for Him...

Walter Robinson II
Pastor of Windward Bible Church
and Webmaster of LCM
September 14, 2004

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