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Who was and is Jesus Christ?

Who was and is Jesus Christ?

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Jesus Christ...
Who was and who is
He, and what did He do?

  • A good man?

  • A prophet?

  • A teacher?

  • A founder of one religion among many?

  •  One Savior among others

  • A Messiah or Christ among others?

  • A myth?

  • A hoax?

  • A liar?

  • A lunatic?

  • An angel?

  • An ascended master that has completed his evolution?

  • An extraterrestrial? (Some my laugh, but others do not)

All the above and more have been postulated about the person of Jesus Christ. But, just who is He, really?

A Word about the basis for our claims about Jesus Christ
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It goes without saying that the historical records of man clearly show that a person called Jesus, the son of Mary, and also thought to be the son of Joseph stepped into the world and left his eternal fingerprints upon it. Most religions of the world also acknowledge his existence in Palestine two thousand years ago. Yet, each also has their own viewpoint as to who He really was and is.

The founder of LCM believes that Jesus Christ is the person that is described in depth by the most thorough and detailed account about him. That account is provided in the Christian Bible. It chronicles His acts and teaching while He was bodily on earth during the first century some two millennia ago. Yet, within the increasingly blurry lines of Christendom there are wide and divergent views on just what the Christian Bible teaches concerning Jesus Christ.

This disparity concerning the person of Jesus Christ did not always exist among true Christians. The increasing various views concerning Jesus Christ arose among those professing faith in Him mostly after the plain sense (literal) interpretation of the Bible had been undermined. This was a direct result of applying the allegorical method of interpretation to the Christian Bible.

To take the Christian Bible at its plain sense means that expressions and context of each passage are to be understood by its simple face value translation. It also means that any biblical passages that in the plain sense indicate a symbolic or spiritual meaning by word and context are to be understood accordingly--not literally.

However, if one uses the allegorical method of interpretation, passages that are truly symbolic or spiritual in context and application may at times be interpreted literally instead--depending upon the predisposition of the individual making the interpretation.

As some may see, a reader of the Bible must either be open to believing that nothing they read in Bible means what it actually says, or believe that it means exactly what it says and nothing else.

It is error if that which the Bible truly deems to be literal is interpreted symbolically. It is equally erroneous if that which the Bible truly deems to be symbolic or spiritual is interpreted literally.

Consequently, I believe the only sure and accurate method is to read the Bible and take it at its plain sense. It is from this perspective that I and millions of other believers view the person of Jesus Christ, His work, and His teaching on how believers are to live today.

Click here to read more about the differences in plain sense and allegorical interpretations.

In-Depth Look at the
Person of Jesus Christ

NOTE: Footnotes are embedded throughout the text that are linked to the Bible references.

Linked footnotes to Bible passages are embedded in the text.  Click on the reference to go to it, then click the back or previous button on your browser until you return to your previous place on this page)

The Nature of Jesus Christ

  •  God to be served and worshipped
  •  Creator
  •  Eternal (past and future)

The Bible teaching is very clear on the unique nature of Jesus Christ. In a word, Holy Writ teaches that Jesus Christ is God.1 It also teaches that Jesus Himself believed He is God, and also affirmed the title of God when it was applied to Him.2 He also accepted worship as only God could.3 Even those who did not believe in Him properly understood Jesus' words that indicated that He is God.4 Furthermore, Jesus' personal testimony concerning Himself indicated that He knew that He is eternal.5 The divinely inspired Word also teaches that Jesus is eternal, past and present, without beginning nor end of days.6

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The Nature of His First Coming

A Sheep Slain Before The Foundation of the World
(As a A Sheep Slain Before
The Foundation of the World)

  • Conceived by the Holy Spirit
  • Born of a Virgin
  • Sinless and perfect
  • Rejected by the world
  • Characterized as a lamb to be slaughtered

Jesus Christ was incarnated into humanity via the miraculous virgin birth. This special birth was carried out by the Holy Spirit enveloping Mary with His presence and power and implanting Jesus into the womb of Mary.7

The method Jesus chose to arrive upon earth enabled Him to indwell a specially prepared human body 8 that escaped the fallen sin nature inherent in every human being. The sin nature became firmly rooted in mankind when our divinely created forefather, namely Adam, disobeyed God and took of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.9

The tree from which the fruit was taken was called the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:16) Even though we know very little about the true nature of the tree and its fruit, the effect upon Adam was profound, permanent, and began to reproduce itself in each and every generation of descendants.

NOTE:Even with current medical science and work in the field of genetics, we know that numerous substances or forces can act upon humans and cause changes at the lowest genetic level. We also know that such effects--or mutations--are harmful, and depending upon the depth and nature of the mutations, the traits of heredity can even be carried over into each successive generation of offspring via damaged chromosomes. For example see May 2, 1997 article entitled, Lab team opens door to male reproductive study by Don Johnston, Public Affairs Office @ online version of "NEWStand Internal Communications Department." In brief the article states:

"The Lab team clearly showed for the first time in humans that chemotherapy for cancer causes some chromosome abnormalities, called aneuploidies, in sperm that could lead to birth defects or abnormal pregnancy."

Also see article entitled Chromosome Damage Occurs to Human Blood Cells
SOURCE: Mutation Research, 301:13-17, 1993, by Drs. M. Balaji, K. Sasikala, Division of Human Genetics, Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University, India. It states:

"The results show that malathion causes a dose-dependent increase in chromosomal aberrations as well as Sister Chromatid Exchanges in human leukocyte cultures....A dose dependent decrease in mitotic index was observed at all concentrations. Hence, our results suggest that malathion is a mild mutagen and at higher concentrations it might cause genotoxicity in humans."

If any conceived child cursed with such defects survives through birth and on to adulthood it could possibly pass the same defects on to its offspring.

It also seems that some passed on genetic defects may be linked to various aberrations in mental processes. The line between mental thought processes and spirituality is currently undefined; yet, the Bible does speak of the process by which those who have been reborn by grace through faith in Christ undergo a mental transformation process.

Romans 12:2

2And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Thus, one could say that there seems to be even some scientific basis for the infection of all mankind from Adam's one disobedient act of ingesting the forbidden fruit as recorded in the Bible. If indeed all mankind was so affected (I use 'if' for sake of discussion), then there was indeed a need for Jesus to utilize a specially prepared human body that would be free from the curse of sin for His inception and ultimate bodily entrance into this world. Such could come about only through the miraculous parthenogenetic (i.e., virgin) birth.

God informed Adam about the future coming of this special event immediately after his horrible transgression.

Genesis 3:14–15

14And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Any student that is familiar with even basic human reproduction knows that a woman does not have seeds, but eggs. Thus, God was informing Adam as to how all mankind would one day be redeemed from the effects and curse of his disobedient action. That would occur when the Messiah would come into the world when a women would deliver a child into the world through a supernatural conception that would circumnavigate human males altogether.  

From His birth Jesus did what on man could. He lived a completely sinless life and also went about performing miracles that only God could. 10   He ultimately suffered death according to God's plan to fulfill the requirement to redeem man's race from Adam's curse and its eternal effects.

Despite His goodness and evident divine nature, and also the foretelling of his first coming in the ancient Hebrew scripture11, He was largely rejected and despised by the world. Ultimately, he was falsely accused and subsequently tortured and put to death by crucifixion. Yet, He never resisted, and in silence He allowed Himself to be put to death. 

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The Purpose of His First Coming

  • The Perfect Propitiatory and Substitutionary Sacrifice
  • Bodily Resurrection

Jesus' death was not merely the result of a miscarriage of justice, nor was it merely the expressed wrath of the religious leaders that were jealous and fearful of Him. Though these emotions were instrumental in His death, they were not the true underlying cause.

Even before the foundation of earth were laid in the first moments of creation, the divine Godhead had already preordained that Jesus would die to do for man what man could could not do for itself. He provided the full payment and satisfaction for man's rebellion against God to redeem man and restore him to the place of fellowship with God that God had intended from the beginning. That payment was made in the form of a substitutional bloody sacrifice that Jesus present in His body that had been prepared for that very purpose.

Jesus' full payment for the sin of mankind was complete and satisfied all requirements, thus He overcame the penalty of sin, which was death. Consequently, death could not longer hold Him and He raised His body from the dead. (John 2:18-19)

Upon resurrection his body was glorified, i.e. transformed from having bloody nature to having a spiritual nature of light. Yet, His body consisted of a transformed flesh and bone and was physically tangible. (Luke 24)

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His Finished Work

  • The salvation of man
  • Bodily ascension into heaven
  • Lay the foundation for His church

Jesus offered His body up as the perfect sacrifice to overcome sin and its consequences. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, Jesus has provided a way for each human individual to accept His substitutionary death and payment for sin by grace through faith. Grace is a gift that is not earned, but can only be accepted when offered (Romans 4:1-5, 6:23, 10:9-10, Ephesians 2:2-9) Faith is simply trusting God at His word. (Romans 10:17, Hebrews 11:1)

Once Jesus accomplished His purpose, and also after He had revealed Himself in His glorified resurrected state, He, God the son, then ascended into heaven to take up His eternal position, which is on the right-hand of God the Father. His ascension included His resurrected and glorified body.

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His Authority and Position in Relation to Mankind

  • One and only mediator between man and God

Once Jesus ascended into heaven He became the divine advocate for all those who would trust in Him and His finished work, and would also openly profess Him as God, their Lord and eternal Savior.

He is the only mediator between God and man. No other person or object need or can act as a mediator or go-between. Any true born-again believer has the authority and constant challenge to introduce non-believers to Jesus and His finished work, but it is Jesus alone who can and will absolve sin and effect the new birth upon any to come to Him by faith.

He is the Lord God, and those who truly trust in Him are also to follow and serve Him. Such service and discipleship is to be motivated and driven by love and thanksgiving for Jesus and His finished redemptive work for man.

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The Necessity of Him and His Work

  • The only way
  • The only Savior

The Bible teaches that Jesus is not one way among many to true spiritual rebirth, redemption, and salvation, but that is the only way. He is the exclusive Savior of all mankind. The Bible also affirms that Jesus' exalted position is unique and unshared with anyone or anything else.

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The Nature of His Future Coming

Lion of Judah
As the Lion Of Judah

  • Personal and Bodily
  • In two stages
  • Characterized as a conquering Lion

In two steps on two separate occasions.

During the first stage Jesus will not actually step down onto earth's surface, but He will only arrive and stop in the upper atmosphere. This stage will take place at least 7 prophetic Jewish years before the second stage, and it will not be readily apparent to non-believers at the time of its occurrence. It will be characterized by the disappearance of perhaps millions of people who may not be readily identifiable as a related group. It will set the final stage for an unparalleled global deception.

In the second stage Jesus will return to earth by the same manner in which He ascended into heaven. That means that He will descend bodily out of heaven onto the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel. (Acts 1:1-11)

The second stage will occur at least 7 prophetic Jewish years after the first stage. Unlike the first stage, this phase will be obvious to all humans still remaining on earth at the time of its occurrence. In this stage Jesus will be confronted by a unified army of humans that have come together specifically to resist Him at this coming. The resistance will utterly fail and all opposing Him will be totally destroyed and eliminated.

Unlike the silent and secret first stage of His next return, in this event Jesus will be characterized as a conquering and mighty lion. He will be accompanied by an innumerable company of powerful and Holy angels, and also an equally large number of believers that had been previously resurrected and already in heaven. Also in contrast to the first stage of the second coming, instead of Jesus remaining silent and being overcome as a lamb, this time the spoken word that emanates from His mouth will be the ultimate instrument of destruction for those who oppose Him. This infinite power was demonstrated in the beginning of the world when His mouth merely uttered words that resulted in the world being created ex nihilo, i.e., 'out of nothing.'

Once the opposition has been destroyed, Jesus will set up a perfect Theocracy in which He will personally rule the world for 1,000 years.

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His Eternal Blueprint

  • He is eternally God
  • King of Kings
  • People to be eternally His People
    • Some to rule with Him
    • Others to enter joyful serve

From the beginning of mankind and the known world God's plan was to engage in loving communication and fellowship with His created intelligent beings known as mankind. Humans will enter the eternal kingdom only by experiencing the new birth and forgiveness of sin by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work. In this kingdom glorified humans will free from a sin nature and its subsequent curses that result in disease and death. Yet, people will still be people with a human nature. They will not be gods--nor will they ever become gods.

Likewise, God alone will have the unique exalted position of being God. People will will lovingly serve and worship God as such.

Glorified believers that have lovingly served the Lord Jesus while living on earth will be rewarded accordingly, and will be given divinely appointed and eternal positions of leadership, honor, and authority. All others will experience an eternal life of blessed and joyful service.

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What Jesus Can Do For You

Simply knowing about Jesus and what He did does very little for people. The Bible states that even the Devil and his angels believe, however their knowledge only causes them to tremble.

19Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. (James 2:19)

Jesus Christ, God who clothed Himself in human flesh, came to earth to provide his body and blood as a ransom for the sin of man. It is now the responsibility of each to accept His testimony, His work, and His marvelous gift. Click to go to the page that can show you how.

One may also read our detailed doctrinal statement concerning person of Jesus Christ

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