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Robinsons' Herald for October 2003

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This page contains our most recent e·mail version of our prayer letter, The Robinsons' Herald. It is also available in PDF format for those who wish to print it out. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view)

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The Robinsons’ Herald
E·mail version for October 2003

Greetings from ‘Next to Heaven’
in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies!

It has been much more comfortable here the last week or so. It is has cooled off a bit, 84 – 87 degrees as opposed to the 89 – 90 degrees we had been having since we returned the first part of September. We have also had some nice rain (four inches plus!) that topped off our cistern a week or two back. Praise the Lord with us for the much needed rain, and pray that we will have many more days of rain before the dry season arrives in December. Pray also for us to be spared of any tropical storms that are still forming the Atlantic until hurricane season ends the beginning of December.

Physically, we are all doing okay right along through here. The latter part of August I contacted a cold while in the states that stayed with me as we returned to Carriacou. Once we arrived back home it blossomed into something more like the flu that kept me laying around and mostly in bed much of the next two weeks. I had drainage from my head, a low grade temperature, a sore throat, and coughing that made it very difficult for me to rest the majority of the time. However, it only kept me out of services for one Sunday—by God’s grace.

Once I began feeling better, I began doing some work around the house to get caught up on jobs that have needed doing for quite some time. I put a piece of downspout for our guttering back up that had fallen down while we were in the states in August. We really needed this up as soon as possible because it directed about half the rain that fills our tank. Its location was in a precarious place that made it very difficult to get to with the ladder. We accomplished it with much trembling and prayer.

In the process we took out several old banana trees, which only bare one bunch of bananas and then hang on just taking up space. We also had to remove part of a philodendron tree and killed two snakes. Snakes? Yes, two snakes! They apparently lived in the banana trees and were very unhappy with us for cutting down their homes. They tried to bite us, but after a couple of screams, a couple of jumps back, and a couple of whacks with the cutlass (machete), the two reptiles’ heads were looking up to serpent heaven—without the rest of their slithering bodies! That is exactly the way I like my snakes. Thankfully, there are no poisonous snakes on Carriacou; at least that is what they claim here. But these two had heads that sure looked like vipers to me. (?)

During September I moved my home office into another room in the basement that was graciously made available to us the latter part of July. It took me about two weeks to get the room cleaned up, painted, wired, and the air conditioner installed in a frame that I specially built for one of the windows. Whew! That was job! But the room is much bigger (12.5’ X 13.5’) than the old one (9’ X 9’). The new office also has TWO windows, which are two more that my old room had! I have also built a few shelves and other little projects for the office and other needs around the house. I now need to replace some old wiring from the meter to the house and from our generator. We also need to paint two rooms, hopefully before Christmas as we are able. Our car (1987 Dodge Colt Vista with 135,000 miles) still needs much work and has not been on the road since August. Our bus (1991 Toyota HiAce with 320,000+ miles on the chassis) also has much rust and needs other work. Please pray with me as I look to the Lord for wisdom in seeing to these needs.

About four weeks back, Jeshua came down with some kind of nasty bug. It also seemed like some sort of flu, but the symptoms were very different from what I had. He had a dangerously high temperature, (104+) that alarmed us for a few hours until it came down to a safer level. He also vomited several times and was down in the pants on the other end—if you catch my drift. He became so week the first day he literally passed out and fell on the floor in our living room. Thanks to the Lord, he did not get hurt and was back in the ‘pink’ in three to four days.

However, saying that he was ‘back in the pink’ is a poor choice of words. A week or two later he came down with a bad case of ‘pink eye.’ Here they call it ‘red-eye.’ Grenada and Carriacou have been suffering an epidemic of this affliction for the last month or so. A day after Jeshua contacted it, and after a Wednesday night service, Linda also came down with it. Man, they looked like they had been on a two week drunk! They were very uncomfortable for two to three days. The same time, others in our congregation, and one who also helped to transport our folks to and from services, also came down with it, as well as his youngest daughter. That Sunday I drove our bus to cover both routes, and had to make two trips for each service. But the Lord gave us good services with good attendances. We did missed the piano playing, but and a young lady filled in and taught children’s Sunday school in Linda’s absence. Please pray for the continued good health of all who labor at Windward Bible church.

The first part of October we had our church’s meeting place painted. (See photos on last page) All thinks it looks very nice. Our landlord liked what she saw and had her side of the building also painted using the same color scheme. It has dressed up our church location’s area of Windward, and a number of nice remarks have been made about it. I was especially happy and pleased because we were able to pay for the paint and labor from the church’s treasury that has been showing some steady (however small) income for the last year or two.

We now need to make a sign and get started on putting in a septic tank so that we can build a much needed indoor toilet! We also need to get our wiring job finished so that we can get our own power meter. I had begun the job right before I suffered the first stroke back in 1999. I had been leery about getting on ladders and even swimming since. Now that the CardioSeal device is in place and covered by new tissue to close the hole in my heart, I have been more active in getting some things done. In any case, either I will finish the wiring job, or we will hire someone licensed to finish the job. Even if I do it, someone licensed will have to inspect it to make sure that it meets government specs. There is always something to do here, but considering what we had just four years ago; the Lord has been steadily blessing us. Please pray for wisdom and provision as we look to the Lord to get these projects finished in the near future.

Attendance is holding steady right now, and is up over last year. We have two older ladies that are waiting to be baptized, which I hope to get done before the end of next month. A man that attends our church accompanies me as I strive to go out each week (unless one of us is sick) on visitation in and around the Windward area. We have been privileged to witness to several, but to date, most have remained firmly attached to their traditional church. They admit that they are counting on good works, keeping their churches’ sacraments, and prayer to get them into heaven. When we show them that God’s word insists that salvation is gained by grace through faith or not at all, they too often remain resolute in their faith for their church. It is sad. No church, not even Windward Bible Church or any other true church can save anyone. It is grace through faith in Jesus and His finished work that saves. (Ephesian 2:8–9) So simple. But the Enemy has made salvation complicated and illusive to those he keeps in darkness and fear. (2 Corinthians 11:3)

I say fear because in the past a few here have acknowledged that they know their traditional church teaches and practices a number of things that are contrary to what the Bible actually teaches. But fear of being condemned by the local priest and being ostracized by family and community keeps many from accepting the loving Lord Jesus His way. (John 14:6) For those who dare put their faith in Christ, it takes too many too long to get the courage to follow the Lord in believers baptism—again because of fear of what the traditional church, community, or family may do to them.

We have had families and individuals begin to come, rejoice over the teaching, make a profession of being saved, but later stop coming because the priest, the family, or some in the traditional church have had words with them. Most mature believers are able to stand up against such persecution and pressure, but new babes in Christ too often do not fare as well. I had never seen such a spirit of fear and bondage in action until we first arrived on Carriacou in August of 1991. Please pray daily with me that the spirit of fear and bondage over our location and some in our congregation will be completely broken so that souls will be saved and grown in Christ.  

As always, we are able to be here and reach out to the wonderful people of Carriacou because you care, pray, and support us. Thanks again for touching our lives—and the lives of the precious ones here—with yours.

 Still looking up for Him,
Walter for all the Robinsons on Carriacou

Windward Bible Church
After Being Painted

This is northwestern corner.
(We have the left side of the building.)


Viewed from the front.


 A closer look at the colorful bars.


As seen from the back. We have the right side (last two windows). Notice our natural baptistery.

As you can see, this is a big improvement over the way the building looked formally (see next photo).


Photo taken June 2000 

We now hope to build a septic tank and a bathroom. Lord willing, we plan to add it on the left side of the building (as seen from the street at the front) and just behind the second window. We will need to dig the pit, purchase materials, and pay the labor to have the work done.

Note: This document is also available in the universally accepted standard PDF format for download. Click here to download or view it (Right Click to download, Left Click to view). I am sending the same document via e·mail in text format—less the images. It is my hope that all that desire to do so will be able to view it—and if they desire—they can also print it out with all fonts and images just as I have prepared it. The file size should be around 400k to 500k, which is smaller than other formats. Most computers come with the Adobe Acrobat reader installed. It may download it for free @ if you do not have it. (Note: this is the same format the US government uses to publish its documents on the web.)

If you cannot receive attachments, or you have trouble reading the document in any way, just let me know.

Copyright © 2000 Last Chance Ministries. All rights reserved.
Revised: June 13, 2006.

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