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Walter and Linda Robinson
working on Carriacou, Grenada

Walter and Linda Robinson II (Photo taken in July of 2005)

Walter and Linda were married on July 28, 1973. They have lived in Belpre, Ohio (1973-1975) ; Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (1975); Beckley, West Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia (1975) ; Institute, West Virginia (1975-1991), and on the Caribbean Island of Carriacou, a possession of Grenada since August of 1991. They have two children, Tabitha (born in March 10, 1979, now married and living in West Virginia) and Jeshua, who is now living and working in Beckley with hopes of getting into school or college soon (born November 13, 1986).

Walter Robinson II

Walter in Study


Walter has been blessed with a wide range of experiences in life. (Click here to read more.) But the most challenging and rewarding has been serving as a missionary carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wonderful people of Carriacou, Grenada.

Some nagging health problems slowed him down some since the winter of 1996. He suffered a serious stroke in April of 1999 and a milder one in February 2002. Thanks to the Lord's grace and power, he has mostly recovered from those. As of August of 2003, he has undergone a procedure to correct what was causing the strokes and is doing much better! He is now getting more into the work that he enjoys. (See prayer-letters for information). He also has a number of other things that keep him busy as well as other interests.

Beginning in August of 2000, he did much of the needed construction on the interior of the facilities at the new location for Windward Bible Church (WBC). He enjoys Bible study and preaching, computers, doing research and writing books and articles on a number of issues concerning Biblical doctrine in general and also on the last days.

From the inception of Windward Bible Church, he has been responsible for preaching on Sunday mornings and nights and on Wednesday nights. He also teaches adult Sunday School and strives to hold a men's weekly time of prayer and challenge each Friday when able. However, sometimes vehicle limitations hinder this. He also visits people in the surrounding community to share and explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like most pastors, he is also responsible for counseling, visiting the sick, encouraging those that are struggling, and dealing with any problems that arise among those in the WBC congregation.

On top of his pastoral duties, Walter also maintains their 4 WD, 1987 Dodge Colt Vista station, the church's 1991 Toyota HiAce bus that has 330,000+ miles on the chassis, his 1979 Honda CX-500 motorcycle, and anything else that breaks. He has also had to build several pieces of furniture for their home and church. Lastly, he is the founder and webmaster of both the Last Chance Ministries and Windward Bible Church websites. He has authored numerous articles, two none fiction books, and is hoping to one day finish a novel series.

Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson

Linda works hard at meeting with the ladies each Friday for Bible study and each Thursday with the children for fun and games and Bible study. On top of that she cooks, cleans, sows flowers, sews clothes, and ..., does just about everything else--but sleep.

The Robinsons live a nice comfortable rented house in Meldrum, more toward the northern end of Carriacou. (Click here to see map.) The neighborhood is also very nice. (Click here to see a VR movie.) We have had numerous guests and often have folks from Carriacou with us for dinner or overnight. We have also hosted three church teams (14 - 20 in number!) that helped us hold special services and Vacation Bible Schools.

Robinsons' Rented House in Meldrem/Belvedere on Carriacou

The Robinsons also has a dog

Robinsons' doggie named, Shadow

Shadow is a sweet heart that cannot get enough petting, hugs, and food. He was just a few months old when he became a part of family back around 1998.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the rest of our website.

Walter Robinson II
May 20, 2006

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