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Introduction to the ministry of the Robinsons
who work on Carriacou, Grenada, in the West Indies

Missions Statement:

To fulfill the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ:

19Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. (Matthew 28:19-20)

It is our belief that simply teaching the Word of God to prepared, open, and obedient hearts will result in the spiritual rebirth that is necessary to enter heaven. (John 3:3) We also believe that the Lord Jesus has commanded believers to reproduce, in the hearts of others, the saving grace that has been made available only through faith in the person of Jesus Christ and His finished work. Thus, it is also our goal to engage in the ministry of helping disciples of Jesus Christ to become “... fishers of men” (Matthew 4:9) through the ministry of prayer and teaching the word of God. (Acts 6:4)

Walter Robinson II  

Walter and Linda Robinson II (Photo taken in July of 2005)



Walter Thomas Robinson II

Married to Linda Yvonne on July 28, 1973

(Neither ever Divorced)



Jeshua Seth Robinson (Now working in the US and seeking to get into school or college.)

Tabitha Lynet Jarrett (Married)


Click here to learn more about our family



We are involved in making disciples through the local ministry of that is called "Windward Bible Church," in which we have been working since June of 1992.The people in the country of Grenada are 94-96% of African descent. However, we minister to the entire population of all descents as the Lord makes these precious opportunities available.

The leading religion is Roman Catholicism. The respective remaining large religious groups in the nation are Anglican (Church of England), Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals and other Charismatic groups, Evangelicals (Ecumenical), Spiritual Baptist, Mormons, Brethren, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Southern Baptists, and Mennonites. (The last two are not present on Carriacou)

In the last ten years several Fundamental Independent Baptist Churches have risen up in Grenada. However, Windward Bible Church was the first non-ecumenical, independent, and Baptistic work on the island of Carriacou. However, there is now another good independent Baptist work on our fair island.

Windward Bible Church has four regular services per week. Sunday School and Sunday Morning (attendance ranges in teens to high twenties), and Sunday Night and Wednesday night (attendance currently ranges in the teens).

Up until April of 1998, our attendance was for Sunday School and Sunday Morning range in twenties to mid thirties, while and Sunday Night and Wednesday night saw in the high teens to mid twenties. However, our attendance dropped due to illness that kept us stateside on medical leave for a year. We returned to Carriacou on April 12, 2000, and have been slowly rebuilding since.

I enjoy all the regular responsibilities of a pastor including; Bible study and message preparation, conducting regular services, street meetings, visitation, disciplining classes for men, personal counseling, and other outreaches. In addition, I also enjoy writing books. In the past I have also helped some of the other missionaries with advice and expertise in repairing their automobiles, computers, and other appliances. However, since I suffered a stroke on April 22, 1999, I have had to slow down and take one day at a time and do what I can as I am able. I am doing pretty good, but I still have some nagging health problems that hinder me in some ways. You may read our prayer-letters for more information about the health issues.

Besides the normal responsibilities of a wife and mother, Linda home-schools our 13 year-old son, drives a vehicle for services, and conducts disciplining classes for ladies. Our daughter is currently in the US working to help put her self through Appalachian Bible College, in Bradley, West Virginia.

As a family, we regularly have folks into our homes as guests in order to get to know them better and build relationships.

We believe there is a need for many more missionaries to plant independent Biblical churches on our field. Thus, we are praying for the Lord to send others to work with us or start other independent works, with us helping as needed.



We have had the blessing of personally leading several to saving faith in Jesus Christ over the last eight years. These range from children to older adults. Many of these have grown up in the church of their family's tradition, but they admittedly had never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I was examined and ordained at Friendship Independent Baptist Church, Lamode, Grenada, in November of 1992. As far as I know there is no license required in our country of ministry.


Our sending church is also our largest financial supporter. It is Cross Lanes Bible Church and is located at 5442 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes, West Virginia, 25313. (304-776-1619) The senior pastor is Tim Valentine and the assistant pastor is Daniel Berger.

To better familiarize you with this church, Cross Lanes Bible has been a missions minded church since its inception. It has sent teams all over the world, including Fiji, the Caribbean, South America, and also to Carver Bible College and Institute in Atlanta Georgia. It also has several 'home grown' missionaries currently serving in places like the Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Central America, and Guam.


Linda and I have been members of Cross Lanes Bible Church since 1985. We work under both the leadership of Cross Lanes Bible and that of our mission organization. Our mission organization is Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps, which is an outreach of Holy Mount Baptist Church. Holy Mount’s address is P.O. Box 4177, Kingsport, Tennessee, 37662. Needless to say, we are also members of Windward Bible Church.


I was saved in the fall of 1977 and was baptized about one year later. I subsequently was called to preach and served as a pastor for about two years. However, during our ongoing study of the word of God, I came to conclude that the church we were in had some areas of doctrine and practice that was un-Biblical. In 1980, we left this church (Church of the Nazarene) and began looking for one in which we agreed in doctrine. However, we maintained a good relationship with our friends in this church.

For the next two, to two and one half years, we were actively involved in the ministry of two subsequent churches. But, we gradually came to see they had problems in doctrine and practice as well. In 1984 we discovered Cross Lanes Bible Church and found it to be exactly for what we were looking. It was through the ministry of this local church that we met several missionaries and heard several messages that challenged us concerning missions.

After one or two years, Linda and I realized we had never gone before the Lord and made ourselves available to Him to be used as missionaries if He so desired. Not being sure that He did not want us in missions, we began to pray for the Lord to make His perfect will considering this matter known to us. It was in 1987 that we became sure of the call and also the area of the world to which we had been called. We began deputation in 1988, but was delayed one year due to me having to undergo open heart surgery to replace a valve that suddenly failed and plunged me into congestive heart failure. But due to the Lord's marvelous grace, on August 21, 1991, we landed on Carriacou where we have remained without interruption until May 1, 1996, when we left to go on furlough for six months. We returned back to the field the end of October, were we remained until illness required us to make emergency travel to the US on April 29, 1999. As mentioned above, we returned back to our field of service a little less than one year later on April 12, 2000.



I attended and completed a 3 year curriculum at the Raleigh County Vocational Technical Center in Beckley, West Virginia. I completed this at the same I completed high school with a college preparatory diploma. However, my work experience and accumulated training since 1972 would likely provide me with an equivalent rating of Associate or bachelor degree. I have not completed any formal college training or curriculum.


Since 1973, I have worked as an electronic technician for Montgomery Wards (2 years+), the 3M Company (8 years), American Office Systems (4 years), and Modern Office Systems (3 years). My education was furthered through specialized training in each occupation. I went on to complete management training and served as service manager for Montgomery Wards in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, in 1975, until I got the job with 3M. While with 3M I placed in the top 2% of their technicians worldwide in competition and was recognized as a "Grand Master." With American Office Systems I was recognized as the top technician for 1985 and sat on the "Dealers Council" in 1996 which took place on a rewarded cruise in the Caribbean.

My last three years in the secular work place was with a Canon Office Machine Company called Modern Office System—a retail service organization. I served as the service manager and was responsible for all equipment maintenance and repairs, four or five employees under my supervision, inventory control, and technician training. This company serviced a large portion of West Virginia and also portions of Ohio and Virginia. For more information you may look at the page that presents more information about my background.


I have including a rather extensive doctrinal statement elsewhere on LCM's Web site for those who are interested. Just click on this hyperlink: WHAT WE BELIEVE

I hope this page provides sufficient information for any interested. Any that require more information are encouraged to contact me for clarification on any point.

Walter Robinson II

How to contact us:


Send snail mail to:


Walter Robinson II

Hillsborough P.O.

Carriacou, Grenada

West Indies


(473) 443-7764

US address:


Walter Robinson II
C/o Cross Lanes Bible Church

5442 Big Tyler Road

Cross Lanes, West Virginia 25313


(304) 776-1619

Mission Board

Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps


P.O. Box 4177
3121 Ashley Street
Kingsport, Tennessee 37665


(423) 247-1212

Send any correspondence concerning
LCM to Walter Robinson II, webmaster.

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