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Prayer Requests for the Robinsons

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Prayer Requests for the Robinsons on Carriacou, Grenada, in the West Indies

Walter and Linda Robinson II (Photo taken in July of 2005)

This page provides current and updated prayer requests for the Robinsons and their work with Windward Bible Church. This section is divided into the following four sections:

NOTE: LCM does not have a page where the public can list prayer requests. There are website devoted to that purpose. If you came to LCM for that purpose I suggest that keep looking for one using that various search engines available. Please do not post prayer requests in our Visitors' Journal. They will be removed as they often can cause problems for us. Thanks for your understanding.

The Webmaster

Current Praise and Prayer Requests
Ongoing Prayer Requests
Support Needs for the Robinsons
Urgent Prayer Requests



Current Praise and Prayer Requests


(Beginning with the most recently posted)

March 20, 2006

Ongoing Request for Prayer Needs

1.    (Revised.) Car is running again, but I still need to correct a engine leak and a transmission problem. (I hope to complete repairs and offer it for sell ASAP, Lord willing.)

2.    (Praise, Ongoing, and revised) We need to sell our old bus or recondition it. We must constantly watch the temperature gauge and add water to it because it needs a radiator. It must be replaced soon or we could lose the engine. Linda recently had a brake line to burst while she was taking folks back home on a Wednesday night. She was able to get stopped with the Lord's help. I replaced the lines and we are using it once again. However, it now looks so bad from the November accident it is not likely we are going to get much out of it if we sell it. It would also cost us much to get it repaired and fixed up. Thus, we would like to be able to purchase another bus outright and sell this one for whatever we can get. We will need to about $10,000.00 US to get another used bus that should give us trouble free service. A new one would cost about $35,000 tp $40,000. Buy the way, the bus the Lord provided us with last year is running fine. It is also beautiful. See for yourself!

Click on thumbnails for larger Image

It is a 1999 Toyota Hi Ace, 19 Passenger "Bus." It is powered by a 2000 cc engine that gets 15 to 17 mpg.

Thanks again for those that helped. We praise and thank the Lord for it!

Click here to check out our transportation (i.e., 'bus' ministry.

3.    (Ongoing.) The purchase of welding tanks so that I can make repairs to our vehicles and the security bars on our church building.

4.    (Ongoing.) We need to have a sign made for our meeting place in Windward for Windward Bible Church.

5.    (Ongoing.) Purchase of several sheets of decorative plywood to replace paneling on the walls that was damaged in our meeting place during the storms and subsequent rains.

6.    (Ongoing.) Completion of electrical wiring for our meeting place so that we can get our own power meter.

7.    (Ongoing.) A small desk and chair for my office in our meeting place.

8.     (Ongoing.) Paint to repaint the concrete floor of our meeting place.

9.     (Revised) Funds to pay for the purchase of two small window air conditioners and a closet-shelving organizer arrived in April. We must keep one room in our house with controlled humidity to protect precious books, electronic equipment, and recorded media from the salt air and constantly high humidity. We are currently using my office in our home for this. I estimate the total cost at $250.00 (US$).
(We received these items in April. So far, the church that purchased these items and shipped them to us have not told us how much we need to pay, though I have phoned the pastor and asked twice. I am currently waiting for his response.)

10.  (Ongoing.) Funds to build a restroom attached to our meeting place. We need a toilet, sink, pump, and other plumbing necessities, construction of a septic tank, and a small cistern (or tank) to store water caught from the roof.

11.   (Urgent and Revised.) For a few additional churches or individuals to begin to support us until we take furlough around July of 2006. We may have to take furlough sooner because of the pressing need of additional support as explained above.

12.  (Ongoing and Urgent.) As explained above, we desperately need another family to come and work permanently with us in the work here. We need a man to work as both an assistant pastor and youth pastor. A woman is needed to help in the ministry to young children and help Linda with ministering to the ladies. They would also help in our transportation ministry.

13.  (Praise and Revision) Pray specifically for Bill and Ruth Stoll as they look to the Lord for support so that they can come to Carriacou the middle of June and relieve us for furlough in July. Pray also for another couple or individual to be led to come and work with them. Either one could help for the entire year, or two for six months, or four for three months each.

14.  (Revised.) Ongoing health and continued improvement for me (Walter). I have been doing much, much better concerning the health issues that were treated last year. However, in February this year I began suffered with what doctors believe to be either a kidney stone or diverticulitis. Off and on I have some discomfort in my lower left abdomen.  Linda has also been doing well. My back has been doing much better the last few months. (Please remember to continue praying for this need, and especially for the Lord to strengthen my back and heal it and also to clear up the discomfort in my side.)

15.  (Revised - Ongoing and urgent) For guidance and provision as Jeshua seeks to learn the Lord’s will for his life as he plans to further his education. He finished his twelfth year and is now looking forward to attending college. He is interested in medicine – specifically dentistry. He is considering a couple of schools at this point, one located in Huntington, West Virginia, and the other in South Carolina. His mind is not yet made up and he is still seeking the Lord leading and provision.

16.  (Ongoing.) As was predicted, this hurricane season has broken many records. Some on the mainland and on Carriacou still had not yet recovered from damage and destruction from last year, and now they are contending with damage and destruction cause by Hurricane Emily. Please pray that all of Grenada will be spared from another direct hit from hurricanes and tropical storms this year.

17.  (Revised - Praise and ongoing needs) Proper repair of our meeting place for Windward Bible Church in the Village of Windward. Roof is covered once again, but looks iffy and still had a leaks as the middle of March.  We have much work to do yet by way of painting and some wall repairs.

18.   (Praise and Revised) A couple has committed to supplying a new standby generator for our home (made in the 1960s). Our old one is worn out and burns one quart of oil every one to two hours of operation. They are planning to purchase a a new Briggs and Stratton “7KW Remote Start Home Backup Generator.” This is not a luxury for us when the current goes out for long periods after a hurricane or for other reasons. We need it to keep our refrigerator cold and to supply water to our house by the electric pump. It also enable us to keep our internet connection up so that we can maintain communications to the states during emergencies. We do not yet know what it will cost to ship. But we estimate the import fees will be about $700.00 US. Pray with us as we look to the Lord to supply this for us.

December 2003

LCM is now supplying audio message in MP3 Format

We have begun to post Audio Messages in MP3 format recorded in our services at Windward Bible Church (and in the future we hope to feature other speakers and occasions as well). Now you can attend our services virtually! Click here to go to that page.

Please pray that the Lord will lead people to that page and to the messages that will be used by Him in the lives of many. This is truly a wonderful time with many opportunities to reach the world with the word of God!

October 2003 We have listed many praises and prayer requests posted in our prayer letter. Click here to read.
August 6, 2003 Praise! The Lord graciously provided for Walter to undergo the CardioSeal procedure! Click to here read about it.

February 17, 2003

Walter suffered a health setback. Click here to read about it.
October 15, 2002 Tropical Storm Lili hits Carriacou and other Windward Islands. Because of the large number of requests, it is more efficient for the reader to simply view our prayer letter. Click here to read that update.
October 15, 2002 Robinsons traveled to Puerto Rico in July for the CardioSeal Procedure, but the new hospital administrator cancelled it without warning or explanations.

Team of 16 from Cross Lanes Bible Church comes to Carriacou and conducts Vacation Bible School and special services the latter part of July. Click here to read about it.

Since March 2002 Walter is waiting to undergo a new catheterization process to close up a congenital defect in the upper chamber of his heart. A gracious doctor and hospital administrators in Puerto Rico are making arrangements to do the procedure the latter part of May or the first part of June. Please pray that he will remain stroke free, and that all preparations will be completed soon.
February 2002

Walter suffered another cerebral event because of an abnormal opening in his heart (a congenital defect) early in February, but mostly recovered from it over the next couple of months.

Since August 15, 2000
Renovations on new location in Windward for WBC.
Completing the wiring, getting it inspected, and getting our own meter
Painting the walls
Painting the floors
Removing rust and painting the burglar bars
Painting the exterior
Making more pews
Making desk, storage cabinet, and shelves for the office of WBC
Making storage cabinet and shelves for the house



Ongoing Prayer Requests


(Beginning with the most recently posted)

  Robinson Family

Health and protection for Walter, Linda, Jeshua, and Tabitha (working in West Virginia)
Increase in financial support
Increased prayer support


Prioritizing and proper management of time
Personal growth and walking in the Spirit
Message preparation to feed the flock
Winning of lost
Encouraging those struggling
LCM website development and maintenance
Good articles submitted by others for LCM
Making needed vehicle repairs
Begin holding Bible studies for men and teenage boys
When all else is up-to-date work on editing and completing my books in spare time (I have heard people talk about this 'spare time' but I am wondering what it really is!) smilewrysmll.gif (1100 bytes)


Personal growth and walking in the Spirit
Bible study preparation for women and children
Prioritizing and proper management of time
Teaching Jeshua in homeschool


Personal growth and walking in the Spirit
Maturity as he proceeds from childhood to teenage adolescence
Learning to be responsible and following through

Windward Bible Church

Personal growth and walking in the Spirit
Increased numbers
The salvation of souls
Growth of new believers
New believers Seeing their need for Scriptural Baptism
Dependable and prompt transportation to and from services
Another family to work with the Robinsons


Support Needs for the Robinsons


(Beginning with the most recently posted)

November 2003 Current Support is now at ~72%. We are hoping to make contact with new churches during a planned furlough in 2005. Please pray with us as we seek new contacts. If you have a church to recommend, please click here to send the information in an e·mail to the webmaster of LCM,  Walter Robinson II.

NOTE: If your e·mail composer does not open when you click on the link, you may get our e·mail address from our 'Contact Us' page. Thanks ahead of time.

August 2000 Determined that current level of support is at 80% of need due to fuel cost increases that has affected nearly all areas of expenditures necessary for conducting the work on Carriacou, Grenada.

For real examples click on sample costs that links to our section that supplies more specific information about living and working on Carriacou.

We are also incurring an increase in rent for our church facilities, as well as increased costs for the utilities.

April 2000 Current Support level at 90% of need. This was while stateside as we prepared to return to Carriacou, Grenada.




(Beginning with the most recently posted)

January 6, 2001 Robinsons scheduled to travel stateside on January 8, 2001 so that Walter can undergo anticipated knee surgery. See last update for details and stated needs to address in prayer
December 30, 2000 NEWS FLASH

Walter Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident On Christmas Eve! See December Prayerletter for details


We are truly thankful that Joyce lost most of her strength before she arrived. Thanks for praying!

We did have a pretty good downpour and a rather sudden burst of high winds that passed through Sunday at about 3:15 PM Atlantic time, (3:15 PM Easter Daylight Saving Time.). The high winds did not last long, but the rain really gave us a good soaking. It also cooled things down which is a refreshing change. The only problem we have encountered thus far was a power outage that lasted only about an hour. PTL again!

Some animated satellite images indicate that another, perhaps larger burst may come through anytime from now (7:00 PM) until about midnight. That image is located @ Interactive GEOS 8 Satellite for the Caribbean. More images can be found @ Interactive GEOS Satellite Images for the Caribbean. We are still getting a few bursts of gusty winds and showers.

We will be watching the weather and praying for continued rain. Carriacou was pretty dry for this time of the year, and some of the ponds were low. Therefore, the rain is a true answer to pray also!

Something tells me that the weather my be pretty rocky for the duration of the hurricane season that lasts through November. Please keep praying for us and the weather till the season is over!

With some hesitation and reluctance we canceled all services for today. It looks likes we made the right decision.


Some good news!

As of 4:00 PM this afternoon, (Saturday, September 30, 2000) it now looks like what is left of tropical storm Joyce will pass through our location tomorrow (Sunday) morning at about 8:00 AM. The storm was downgraded yesterday from a hurricane to a tropical storm (which was still bad) due to some disorganization and decreased winds (50 MPH) that began on Friday night. BUT, earlier this morning it had showed sign of getting better organized and its wind speed (60 MPH, [74 is hurricane]) and intensity had increased. It was expected to become at least a Category 1 hurricane some time later today.

It now looks like it is still loosing its strength and organization. (PTL! The Saints are praying, and prayer is being answered) Yet, the storm is looking more and more like the center of the storm may pass directly over us!

The good news is that a tropical storm is typically not too destructive. It still can be bad and dangerous, but not nearly as intimidating as a hurricane. Also, even though it is not expected to do so at this point, Joyce could begin to regain strength once more later today and tonight. SOOO, please kept praying!

At this point I do not know whether I will have services tomorrow. We are still expecting wind gusts and hopefully some rain—the latter we truly need anyway.


If the storm does begin to increase in strength again please pray that we can make contact with ham radio operators in the following locations:

  • Beckley, WV (Daughter Tabitha and extended Family, tel. 304-252-1027, cel. Phone 304-575-3740)
  • Charleston, WV (Home church 304-776-1619, Pastors Tim Valentine [304-776-5953] and Daniel Berger [304-776-7746)
  • Kingsport, TN (Holy Mount Baptist Missions Helps [Mission Board of Holy Mount Baptist Church] 423-247-1212, Pastor Jerry Musick, 423-349-4156)


Pray for us as we make preparations to deal with the approaching storm.

Linda went to town to purchase some extra nonperishable foods and to fill up the car. If the storm begins to increase in intensity once more I will disconnect our downs-pouting that goes from our gutters to our cistern to prevent mud and possible germs and other contaminates from getting into our water supply due to high winds.

Thankfully, way back in 1991 we were able to setup an old 5000 watt RV generator in our home shortly after we originally arrived on Carriacou. It stills seems to be in pretty good shape and is hopefully ready to provide power for us if the local system goes down. It doesn’t smoke very much, but it does have a leaking main seal and blows a lot of oil. But, I believe it would enable us to at least run our refrigerator enough each day to keep things cool for us. I may also put some plywood over or eastern walls of our home and church, (MUCH WORK!)

If things do worsen I will also remove our tools and all electronic equipment for our church location in Windward. That brings me to another area that needs prayer cover.


Windward Bible Church is now located in the Village of Windward, which is on the northeastern side of the Carriacou. The building literally sets right on the shore. The foundation of our eastern wall (right behind the pulpit area) actually sets right at the sea’s edge. You can click on this link and it will take you to the area of our website (LCM) that has photos that you can view on line. This makes the building subject to damage from any storm surge or waves above 6 feet. Photos of our church location in Windward

I am also concerned about many of the low lying areas of Carriacou, namely, Hillsborough (the business and government center), Harvey Vale at the southern end, and Windward the location for WBC. There are many businesses, dwellings, and roads that are vulnerable to storm surge damage that could occur. You can view all of these areas if you go to our Carriacou Points of Interest section of LCM at Points of Interest.


Pray for the Robinson’s safety, and the safety of all our people, and the people of Carriacou in general. Our home telephone number is 473-443-7764. Our cell number is 473-407-2803 (This may allow us to place outgoing calls even if the local system goes down.) The church’s number is 473-443-8105.


We always appreciate notes of encouragement and concern, and those that insure that people are praying for us. But as you can probably image, we are not going to be able respond to very many today and tomorrow.

See these links for up-to-date information: National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center, Lowe's Storm2000 Hurricane Central, Terrapin Hurricane Reporting Center

Click this link for information about Carriacou's rather sparse past hurricane history.

September 28, 2000 Hurricane Joyce looks like it may be coming this way! Please pray that Carriacou would be spared. We do need rain, but not the damage and destruction from a hurricane! We are praying that the storm will do just as some have predicted, and that is to continue due west toward us and then veer north and go up and around us. IF Joyce does do this the people on the islands north of us will also need your prayers. For your information, Carriacou is located at 12°30'00 North Latitude and 61°27'00" West Longitude.

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